Clan Une'jysuneEdit

"The Clan of the Bouquet."


1,455 years (Tri-wing for 40 years.)



Clan Strength:Edit

62 Members.


Une'jysune set the beginnings of his clan's birth in motion several hundred years ago, over many centuires after DMFA canon. He spent many years pushing science forward, both through financing and actively contributing to the field. Mixing it in certain areas with magic, he developed several mathematical formulas, that when applied with magic, and in some cases alchemy, produced effects which would normally only be possible by Cubi several thousand years older, or more magical Creatures. One of these effects was the ability to artificially inseminate any creature with the facilities to house a fetus, provided he had genetic material from two donors with the same number of chromosomes. He became very rich, very quickly by making use of this talent.

After using his powers to secure a suitable number of descendants, Une'jysune ascended to Tri-wing status, somehow assimilating the energy directly from an active super volcano. The caldera of this volcano became the seat of Une'jysune's power, using his great wealth to turn it into a strikingly beautiful city.

Clan QuirkEdit

Due to being descended from a Quaor wing-type cubi, Une'jysune and his clan all have this trait. However, the actual clan quirk is that all Une'jysune Cubi have purple markings. Their wing tentacle heads are those of swans.

Clan StrengthEdit

Une'jysune and his clan are doing well. Despite being so new on the scene, they are rapidly making allies and enemies with their ability to guarantee a population increase for depleted Clan and Creature populations, thus making genocidal wars incredibly difficult. The Clan is slowly expanding, having little time to produce further members due to clogged schedules.