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Ganti:Okay! First, :54 lagcheck. Next, I do believe that's everyone except Meany and Rail... And there's Meany.

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Ganti::55 at :56. Ah well. It is Thursday, July 29th. The moon of Change is a Waining Half, The moon of Creation is a Waining Cresant, and the Moon of the Mind is a Waxing Gibbious. A Voilant Mistral is blowing from the east, but none of you can take advantage of that.

Ghostwish:Now on to sports


RAM:Voilant is actually a French word, so maybe he did mean that.

Ganti:You are attempting to put Gonzoles to rest, or at least break him out of his self loathing. To do this... You're trying to track down and kill "The Beast" that has killed most of his crew. You have identified the culprit: A gibbering mouther. Having delved deep into the cave system the crew was hiding in, you have come to a fork in the road: Two paths, both leading down, split here. One leads down quite sharply, and the other leads down at a more gentel angle.


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Ganti:And yes, Voilant is what I ment. I got it off a random weather generator.

Kiera: (( mistral, noun. 1) A strong cold north-west wind in southern France and the Mediterranean. ))

Kiera: (( so no, you cannot have a voilant mistral coming in from the east :V ))

* Meany fish-slaps Arc.

Ganti: (( Oh hush. ))


Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"So, comrades, which way is the beast? Down, or up? I for one think we should check the path leading up first, for it is always easier to fall back when you can run downhill, da?"

Kiera: (( if you mean wind, say WIND. I swear, give some people a thesaurus and they'll use the stupidest words... ))

Kiera:"...they both go down, Kaz."

* Kiera ¬_¬

Meany:Damnit Rin.

Meany:Look what you did.

Kiera: (( gonna grab a drink, brb ))

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Then the one that goes down less. easier to retreat up gentle slope, than one where only healer comrade has any hope of making speed, da?"

Liatai:Augh. Headache.

Liatai:Gonna try to catch up.

Alth:"Well, a'body wha kens aboot this mad rocket bugger shuid tell us ken whaur it likes tae live."

Aurixsauriv:"I second Kas' notion."

Alth:"Like, does it lik' tae bide doon or wey down?"

Liatai:Sorry. Trying and failing to help the dog up the stairs.

Liatai:I'm here now.

Drayco is disconnected.

* Meany pats Lia.

* Meany gives tea.

Kiera: (( right, back. anyway, as I recall, the noise was coming from the lesser of the two slopes, and we were going to set the trap about where Alth is standing now. aaaanyway. ))

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Or, perhaps comrade ghosty capitan can help us, by scouting ahead, when most assuredly it cannot touch him, da?"

* Serafina Cloudrunner rolls her eyes. "I can manage just fine on steep hills, thank you. But the point stands, if this is gonna be our ambush point, we should check down this passageway --" She points to the southern one. "-- just to make sure nobody's coming up on us from behind."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"The burbler's not moving, it can wait a while. Let's go."

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Drayco is disconnected.

* Gonzalez looks at Alth. "... I do not know. I have never been this far. The beast... it generally came to us. We were more interested in finding ways to keep it away from us then in tracking it down and offering it easy meals."

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Liatai:Please pardon, I'm not IC yet and being distracted. Ow. I will never be a night shift worker.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras whispers: kaz was meaning that as you can fly, your the only one who would have any speed up the steep hill

Drayco:Try to load up the cave map and I get barraged to hell by errors!

RAM:>:* Meany proclaims that Liatai is a firebender.

Kiera:"Blair? Whilst the other two are scouting ahead, let's get those charges set up."

Meany:Rising with the dawn.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:check your java?

Kiera: (( make sure you're using java 6 not 7, mm. ))

Meany:Java 6 is what you need.

Drayco:Auto-update won't connect with its certificate.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Must we scout down unkown passages, comrades? there could be things far worse than the beast wereafter down passages it dare not tread."

Sharpshot4321:Had that exact same issue. You can't use java 7.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:don't auto update if your gonna use maptools

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:have to go and manually get java 6, then tell it to use java 6 and not 7

Railock is disconnected.

Sharpshot4321:Good luck dealing with java. I've spent WAY too much time fixing that crap.

Drayco:Told it to disable java 1.7, so...

Drayco:Fuck it, I'll just sit on the airship map.

Liatai:Aaaaagh. Frack. I'm gonna go AFK for a moment. Need to hunt down some Advil.

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Reit, lets see haur... remote detonated charges..." Lord she's got a lot of pouches.

Railock has connected.


Kiera:Elves: secretly descended from kangaroos.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( :16 at :15 ))

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( :16 at :16 ))

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( Not :15 ))

Railock:last line I saw was Drayco: Auto-update won't connect with its certificate.

Alth:Alth sighs, flexes his wrist.. and then picks his teeth with the blade that pops out.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Must we scout down unkown passages, comrades? there could be things far worse than the beast wereafter down passages it dare not tread."

Kiera:"Pssht, more like it's too stupid and lazy to go look for itself."

* Blair Mac Cionaodha eventually pulls out a buch of small boxes... then stops. "Ur we tryin' tae kill thes hin', ur collapse a cae oan top ay it?"

Liatai:Ugh. Never again with Coca-Cola. I always feel like crap the next day.

Alth:He stuffs the blade back, and looks back at the group. "I say we juist pick yin 'n' go."

Alth: (( what did liasilly do? ))

Kiera:"If we can kill it by collapsing the cave on top of it, that works just fine. As long as we don't get trapped down here."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Just kill it. We collapse the tunnel, and we won't be able to do what we came through the skyrift to do in the first place. And that's explore.

Drayco:I'd say that she can't process caffeine very well...

Liatai:Went to a midnight movie premiere and drank Cherry Coke. The caffeine withdrawal headache is messing with my nerves and mood.

Alth:"I micht be losing mah mynd bit ah think th' short yin is right!"

Drayco:Seriously? From one Coke?

Liatai:Movie-sized Coke.

Liatai:And yes. I'm aware my caffeine tolerance is laughable. =w=#

Drayco:Wow... Don't try drinking anything with alchohol.


Ghostwish:dafuq does booze have to do with caffaine? For all you know, she could drink me under the table.

Liatai:But right now I feel like my head's being squeezed, so I ask that you keep the laughter to a dull roar, mmkay? Owww. Mom's TV shows were too loud for the headache to handle... =w=; *brick'd*

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Just note this comrade. there isn't much food for it to eat. so anything still alive down here left, is something that the beast could not handle, and is most probably, overpowered by. So explore if you must, but be careful of danger. da?"

Gonzalez:"I would like to be able to see it's corpse, not just watch it get burried in yet another cave it. It survived the last one, after all."

RAM:Aww, poor Lia.

* RAM offers asprinz.

Alth:"Oh fur mah lugs, we're starting tae git intae clashmaclavers 'n' assumptions! Let's gang already!"

Kiera:"The sooner you get done scouting, the sooner we can spring our little trap. Go on, get to it."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Right. Come on. Let's just get a quick look down this passage, then, and make sure nothing's laying in wait."

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Reit. directional short-range incendiaries, nae sonic devastators."

Alth:Sneakidy sneak sneak sneaky!

Blair Mac Cionaodha:She puts away the boxes and pulls out a bunch of... other boxes. Crimson ones, this time.

Drayco is disconnected.

Alth:"Well, weel, whit dae we huv here?"

* Serafina Cloudrunner peeks down the tunnel. « 1d20+13 = 15 + 13 = 28 » lowlight Spot, « 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 » Listen check...

Blair Mac Cionaodha whispers: You don't hear anything, but you see a really twisty tunnel.

Drayco has connected.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Looks like a really twisty tunnel. Goes deep."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"We should probably check it out later. But I don't hear anything."


Meany:Great Grandpa had a grievance.

* Blair Mac Cionaodha busies herself with setting up the incindiaries.

RAM:Imma run and grab some dinner real quick. Be back in 20.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( Gang? Pokeypokey. ))

Alth:"Right, let's back up."

Kiera: (( waitin' for da scoots ))

Liatai:This scoot needs to go AFK for a bit.


Liatai:Be back in a few. Need to relocate.

Meany:I have fish food.

Meany:By which I mean a fish sandwich the size of my face.


Meany:Changing settings on a game.

Meany:Not distracting self.

Meany:Nothing to be alarmed about.

Meany:And done.

Ganti:What are we waiting on?

Meany:Liatai to return.



Knowledge(Dungeoneering) check!

Liatai:Look, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can.

Ganti:Not you fault Lia.

Liatai:Opening up a room in the house means moving at least one or two heaters.

Meany:It's okay.

Liatai:I think I'm back, though. As long as the cat stays out of trouble.

RAM:Tall order there, Lia.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"All right, here's what we've got. There's a twisty tunnel going deep into the island that way, but I can't hear anything, so I think we're good. Might be worthwhile to explore later."

* Kasnok Strautraugvuras locks the cat int he kitchen with alth

RAM:Alth wouldn't stand a chance.

* Kiera nods. "Might well be. How're the charges coming along, Blair?"

Blair Mac Cionaodha:"Directional incendiaries hae bin placed. noo if fowk woods gonnae-no standin' oan them, we coods finally gie thes shaw oan th' road."

RAM:"He's holding a THERMAL DETONATOR!" D:Kiera:"Right. Now for the fun part."

* Gonzalez looks down. "... Not like they're going to hurt me."

Gonzalez:But he floats back a little anyway.

Alth:"Allright, bonny sure th' bas is up north. Let's git going."

RAM:...Crap, anyone know where I can find some different font codes that'll work in Maptools?

Serafina Cloudrunner:"All right. Let's go." She starts forward... then looks back at Alth. "... How're you going to get past the charges?"


Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"In case they aren't enough...if you aren't a front line fighter, back up further down the tunnel comrades. Let those of us who can keep it off you, da?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"When we come back running. I can fly over them, you can't."

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" I've got th' detonatur." She waves it around for emphasis. "As lang as he doesnae end up tryin' tae engage th' damn hin' in hain tae hain Ah can bide until efter he's pest them tae sit them aff.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"...." « 1d20+2 = 11 + 2 = 13 » Int check, as she tries to parse that statement. >:.

Alth:"No kinch thare! ah will be racing shorty 'ere tae git awa' frae it."

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( As long as the idiot doesn't attemt to fight the thing in hand-to-hand, I can set off the charges AFTER he's passed them. ))

Alth: (( I've got the detonator. As long as he doesn't end up trying to engage the damn thing in hand to hand I can wait untila fter he's past them to set them off. ))

Hyuuint:((no promises)

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... All right. Then let's get going."

* Serafina Cloudrunner starts off -- then holds up a hand.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... I'm about to do something stupid."


Serafina Cloudrunner:"Alth?"

Kiera: (( famous last words _> ))


RAM:Nope, damn.


Serafina Cloudrunner:"...." Sigh. "Can you hold onto my gear while I'm transformed." =w=;


Alth:He blinks. And blinks again.

RAM:One more try...

Alth:"Lady, did ye skelp yer heid or something?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"I know," she groans, "but you're the only one here." =w=#

Roland:((Dot. Dot. Dot... A Review by Axeman13.))

Alth:"Allright, braw, braw, juist be quick aboot it!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"I could go back and give it to Kas, but that'd be leaving you to get into trouble by yourself."

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( I can see the font just fine RAM. ))

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:yes but you'd be sure to get it back that way

RAM:Really? It doesn't show for me.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras: (( nor for me ))

Roland:((I'm not seeing anything different about his font.))

Alth: (( same ))

Kiera: (( looked like a default font to me as well. if you installed it without restarting maptool, it won't display until you... well, restart maptool. :E ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+5 = 8 + 5 = 13 » Control Shape check... "Besides, if you don't give it back I can always sic Kas on you -- sch -- !"

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+5 = 7 + 5 = 12 » Again!

RAM:No, I'm trying to get Segoe Script to show, but no luck.

Alth:"Pah, ah juist think ye'r mad rocket fur daein' this. Howfur am ah suppose tae ken if ye'r in trouble?"

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:but seriously, if it's not a common font everyone has, theres no point

RAM:It's a standard Windows font.

* Serafina Cloudrunner takes 20. =w=; "You'll know. Listen for the squawking."

Ghostwish:... um... two cents on that.. I chose segoe script because it is -extremely- difficult to read. I hope you're not planning on using it often. |P

RAM:Really? I had no problem reading it.

Ghostwish:It's very wavy, yet very condensed.

Kiera: (( you are not everyone else XP ))

Blair Mac Cionaodha:<fontname fontname="First order">Test

RAM:I'm trying to find something fancy, and Segoe Script is the best I have. =3=

Blair Mac Cionaodha:... Nope. Didn't work.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:its not standard if only one person had it show up for them

RAM:It's the same one we've been using in Greedverse for The Voice.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( I suddenly can't remember what the thing for fonts is. ))


"0" For whisper.



Meany:I think Ganti's configuration is messed up.

Tasher:"Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3."

Serafina Cloudrunner:Eventually, with a clinking of chainmail, Sera shrinks, and an owl wrestles its way out of the mess.

Meany:It asks for a value of the words.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:I saw that

RAM:Same. Maybe I'm just using the wrong coding?

Tasher:"Clearly, mortal, you are inferior."

RAM:Ghost, shoot me the code for it?

* Ghostwish shoots RAM.


Meany:I'm using Arc's formula.

Ganti:For what?

* Serafina Cloudrunner ruffles her feathers, then looks pointedly at the gear, then at Alth.


RAM:Ah, there's the problem.

RAM:"I wasn't putting a space between Segoe and Script."

* Alth carefully gathers up the gear, and then waits, crouched and patient.


Meany:Got it.

* Kiera leans against the wall, waiting for the scouts to get done. :T

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:btw. this should of been done before we started. can we now get back to killing alth? I mean gibbering mouthers?

RAM:"Anyone read this one?"

RAM:Hmm, nope, that one's no good.


Ganti:Come on gang. Focus. I want to get this island wrapped up so we can get RAM introduced.

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+19+4 = 20 + 19 + 4 = 43 » Move Silently, « 1d20+10+4 = 4 + 10 + 4 = 18 » Hide check... The owl glides forward, pushing off the cave wall as a perch.

RAM:"This'll work for now."

Meany:Do you need a move silently check while flying?

Ghostwish:you know, actually, segoe script isn't as bad as I remember.. maybe it was just adjusting to it.

RAM:And yes, sorry for the distraction. :B

* Serafina Cloudrunner peeks around the corner.

RAM:Continue, minions!

* Serafina Cloudrunner waves a wing toward Alth in a 'come on, follow me' fashion.

Serafina Cloudrunner:-- and then holds up the wing in a definite 'STOP' gesture.

Alth:Alth freezes, his gaze sweeping north.. and he nods.

Serafina Cloudrunner:She's looking straight north... and I suppose the GM is typing narration.

Alth:We're so dead.

Alth:I'd say dibs on your stuff but I've already got it.

Gibbering Mouther:And you see it. Barely. It's a hidious brown ooze, with mouths and eyes sprouting and vanishing at random. You think you see a face that you recognize appear, but it dissapears as quickly as it appears. As soon as it notice you, it begins babbling in a million, high pitched voices.

Gibbering Mouther:You here a high pitched gibbering. It goes streight from your ears to your mind and does something unpleasant there. DC13 will save or be confused for « 1d2 = 2 » rounds.

Alth:« 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 » Will save! +2 against enchantments!

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+9 = 1 + 9 = 10 » Will save.. but isn't it out of range *BRICK'D*

Alth:Sweet mother of luck.

Gibbering Mouther: (( Yes, it is. ))

Roland:Don't worry alth. I will make sure to bury you properly... by pitching you over the edge of the island.


* RAM once bypassed an entire encounter against a Gibbering Mouther and four Deathknights by one-shotting the Mouther. :B

Gibbering Mouther: (( Just barely out of range, but I just punched the macro so you knew it was starting to babble. ))

Gibbering Mouther:To say it surges forwards... would be a blatent lie. It's moving a bit faster then you thought was possible for an overgrown slime-mold, but it's still not terribly fast.

* Serafina Cloudrunner waves a wing toward Alth and the passage behind them, then takes flight, zipping around the entrance and making a ruckus to keep its attention!

Alth:So, initiative, or shall we simply narrate that an elf and owl make like two oddball bats out of hell and lure it back?

Gibbering Mouther:Just Narate.

Alth:Sorry Sera-sweety, but your tail feathers just got yanked on as Alth grabs you and runs back with you!!

Serafina Cloudrunner:Hoot! Hoot -- AWK! >:O

Gibbering Mouther:It's definitly in persuit. Very slow persuit, but it's still following you.

Alth:"Oie! Oie! Tis coming!"

* Serafina Cloudrunner continutes to raise a ruckus, struggling to get free of Alth's grip. >:O

Alth:"Now quit owling aroond 'n' caw back intae a short person!"

Alth:"Be canny, that thing stairted muttering 'n' daein' something richt strange."

Serafina Cloudrunner:=v=;

Gibbering Mouther:After what seems like a small eternity, The beast finally rounds the corner!


Serafina Cloudrunner:HOO! HOO!

Alth:"Uglier than sin, ain't it?"

Blair Mac Cionaodha:As soon as the monster is in range, Blair pushes the button on the detonator! « 25d4 = 71 » in the cone. DC 15 reflex for half.


Serafina Cloudrunner:.....

Serafina Cloudrunner:Hoo. ovo;

Gibbering Mouther:« 1d20+4 = 5 + 4 = 9 »


Gibbering Mouther:For all that you've heard about how vile and hard to kill these things are, watching it BOIL AWAY in the blast makes it seem much less intimadating.

Roland:((Alllllright ladies and gentlemen. I hope you brought your tickets cause its time for the show you've all been waiting for. Alth eats the crispy mouther.))

Serafina Cloudrunner:The force of the blast buffets the owl backward down the tunnel, straight into Roland. Ovo


Aurixsauriv:Why am I in the back?

Aurixsauriv:I didn't mobe.

Alth:I.. I think it just got vaporized?

RAM:Because you're small and squishy.

* Kasnok Strautraugvuras just braces himself and barely rocks back on his heels

* Kiera whistles. Then wrinkles her nose a bit at the smell. Roasted mouther smells foul.

Aurixsauriv:I'm also a blaster right now, with spells with -limited range-.

Gibbering Mouther: (( Because you weren't moving yourself when everyone was told to move back. ))

RAM:You're still squishy.

RAM:You go in the back.

Alth:"You ken, efter seeing it in body, ah dinnae think a'm particularly keen oan trying tae sloch it."

Aurixsauriv: (( When we did I was in the front. ))

Aurixsauriv:"Good. Maybe you'll live longer."

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Are you sure alth? I've seen people eat many things that are utterly disgusting to look at or smell. This could be the holy grail of alchaholics everywhere, snd you'd never know without trying, da?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+9 = 7 + 9 = 16 » Reflex save --

* Serafina Cloudrunner barely avoids getting tangled in the hem of Roland's cloak, but a very bedraggled-looking owl indeed waddles up to the party.

Alth:"Right, mibbie, bit that thing hud mair een 'n' mooths 'n' wallies than it did flesh."

* Serafina Cloudrunner nudges Blair's boot.

* Blair Mac Cionaodha blinks. " 'at... wisnae quite whit Ah expected. lest time Ah ran intae a body ay those it was much mair trooble. ay coorse, Ah didne hae time tae sit a trap fur it 'at time..."

* Serafina Cloudrunner gives the elf an approving nod. =v= d

* Blair Mac Cionaodha pats the owl.

Alth:"Oh, richt, A've git her stuff."

Alth:"Going tae huv tae gie th' lassie some privacy."

Roland:"... your giving it back? Its much too warm for the hells to freeze over."

Alth:"Don't worry, tis ainlie fur a 'short' while." The elf says, and laughs.

* Serafina Cloudrunner huffs, then waddles a little farther down the tunnel to get out of the line of sight.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( :29 lagcheck? ))

Alth:The elf promptly sets everything down.. but then holds up the journal, grinning with a mischievious glint in his eyes.

Serafina Cloudrunner:>:|

* Kiera idly wonders exactly what's going through Gonzalez' (spectral) head right now, after his 'nemesis' got toastified so... overwhelmingly.

Serafina Cloudrunner:The party hears a loud squawking and a buffeting of wings as an owl begins attacking Alth's boots. >:E

Serafina Cloudrunner:Business as usual.

Gonzalez:It's kinda hard to read Gonzalez's expressions, but he seems VERY suprised.

Alth:"Och! Och! Awlright! Awlright!" He says, and drops it, but wait- did he already write something in it? That ninja.

Serafina Cloudrunner:Hoo. =w=

Serafina Cloudrunner:One transformation sequence later, a halfling reapproaches the party, flipping through her logbook irritably and mumbling.

Alth:Hells he wrote a lot. How'd he do that? But it's all in elven.

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:probably all about the gloris of alchahol

Sharpshot4321 is disconnected.

Kiera:"Right, so. That's that taken care of. What was next on our agenda? Anyone remember?"

* Serafina Cloudrunner finally sighs, closes the book with a clop and a muttered resolution to do something unpleasant to that elf. "Thank you, Blair." She then looks over at the wraith.

Aurixsauriv:"Sending an undead to final rest?"

Aurixsauriv:"I admit I don't know how to make that sound...more politically correct."

Alth:"Halpin' em to is next stop."

Sharpshot4321 has connected.

Aurixsauriv: (( Yo. ))

Sharpshot4321:internet went out :/

Sharpshot4321:working now

* Blair Mac Cionaodha nods to Serafina. " Glad tae dae it." She looks to Kiera. "Finish explorin' th' cae system an' 'en move oan tae th' next islain."

Sharpshot4321:but I can't use google >.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Right. But first... Captain Gonzalez?"

RAM:And be quick about it!

Gonzalez:"... Yes?" He sounds fairly stunned.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Was that the only beast you knew of in these tunnels?"

* RAM is getting antsy!

Alth:Alth does a quick search about. Any sign of treasure?

Gonzalez:"That was the only one, yes."

Gonzalez: (( Not where you're standing! ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Well then. Consider that maddening creature dealt with." The halfling stows her book. |3 "Would you like to accompany us while we look through the rest of these caves, or have you understandably had enough of them?"

Gonzalez:"... It would be my honor to acompany you, little priestess."

Alth:"Let's gang fin' tis treasure!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"All right, then. Your choice." She points north. "There was a huge room where it was hiding up there. Let's get that one looked at first, then those twisty tunnels."

Kiera:Awaaaay we go~!

Aurixsauriv:Sau trots behind the elf.

Ghostwish whispers: Never ever let me drink anything with cane sugar in it again. =3=

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Makes you wonder who dug such a place. This cavern's big enough to be an airship hangar."

* Kasnok Strautraugvuras keeps to serafina's side

Aurixsauriv:"Perhaps it was such a hangar."

Alth:"Aye. Stowed wee freak?"

Aurixsauriv:"And the mouther killed the crew before it could be used?"

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:any reason I'm suddenly back in the back again?

Gonzalez:Which one?

Aurixsauriv:Rubber band'd.

Roland:same ^

Kiera:Because you're slow, fatty! Next time, try a salad! >:|

RAM:You're slow.

* Kiera looks around. "Yeah, this doesn't look natural at all..."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"The edges of the cavern are so... square, too. This can't be a natural formation."


Roland:I was behind kiera, then suddenly was yanked back to the npcs

Aurixsauriv:Sau cracks open his book.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 13 + 11 + 0 = 24 » Knowledge Geography check!

Aurixsauriv:What knowledge can I learn about the rock structure of this cave?

Alth:"I dae nae lik' this steid. It's sae... Unnatural."

Liatai:I'd think Dungeoneering might help, too, but that's just me.

Roland:I'm always whispering ganti first on what I can and can't do with dungeoneering. It takes a bit.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( No clue. ))

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Indeed it diz! probably wasnae th' moother, they tend mair towards creatin' tunnels..."

Ghostwish:gah, brb, bio, given Liatai drone-control of Alth

* Serafina Cloudrunner looks up. How high is the ceiling in this cavern?

Kiera:These walls, man. Perfectly smoothed? Rough-hewn? Etched by acid, cut with tools, or what?

Aurixsauriv:They were chipped away by the hip-bones of unicorns.

Meany:*all of the bricks((

Roland:did you try a spot check? >.

Roland:That face doesn't work when one of the eyes keeps vanishing ..

* Kiera checks herself for spots. Nope. No cheetah markings here.

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" E'en if we dornt fin' anythin' else thes trip, thes aloyn is worth it!" Blair gestures to the massive cavern.

Liatai:You can try x. baybe?

Liatai:Or >.o , or >.e

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( ... Not good. :53 lagcheck? ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:That's actually a good question. What do the walls of the cave look like? Are they smooth? Rough? Brick? Mold-covered? Decorated, plain?


Liatai::53 at :54

Kiera: (( :x ))

Roland:It came from mars, the lag attack edition

Ganti: (( ... I had no plans for this thing other then a big empty place for you to fight the Mouther. Also, :54 at :58 ))

Roland:if this is where the mouther is...


Roland:is it spot or search to try and find exposed mineral vains?

RAM:That means enough faffing about and get to the next island already! >:O



Search check!

Roland:for dem minerals

RAM:General rule of thumb, if you're actively looking for something it's Search.

Kiera: (( Alth would never let us leave without finding the treasure. Even if that treasure is just mineral rights. XP ))

Ganti:Yeah, you don't find anything.

RAM:Spot is more of a passive/reactionary thing.

Ganti:And suddenly I'm no longer lagging.


RAM:Search: "I'm looking for something."

RAM:Spot: "Hey, what's that over there!"

Kiera:Shinies, shinies, wherefore art thou, shinies... Search check: « 1d20+2 = 16 + 2 = 18 » !

Aurixsauriv:Assisting Kiera.

Aurixsauriv:Improvised search.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+4+mod = 16 + 4 + 0 = 20 » Intelligence check!

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Well, if it's empty, we can come back and get a closer look later. Come on, let's go check out those tunnels."

* Kiera seems to be busy looking up and down an exposed patch of... something.

Kiera:Int: « 1d20+2 = 20 + 2 = 22 »


Aurixsauriv:+2 from my aid.


Kiera:That wasn't a Search check.

Aurixsauriv:24. :V


Ghostwish:back, but time to feed doug. :3

* Kiera stands there, deep in thought, looking at the reddish-hued vein... "Oh, what did it start with... h? Hmm... hm! Hematite! Iron ore! Blair!"

* Blair Mac Cionaodha looks over at Kiera "Aye?"

* Ghostwish is going to go throw a salad together for dinner. semi-afk, will pop in to check from time to time

* Kiera waves her over, gesturing to the reddish stain.

Roland:((Gm lagging again or we waiting on something?))

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 12 + 11 + 0 = 23 » Knowledge Geography check!

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Ooh, huir uv a braw!"

Kiera:"It may not be gold, but it's better than nothing."

Aurixsauriv:"Found some copper."

Aurixsauriv:"Hmm...What do you need to mix with iron to make steel?"

Roland:((Do I need to make a int check to answer that?))

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Hah! gold's nae as valuable as fowk seem tae hink. it's a braw conductur, sure. an stoat medium ay trade. but by itself it's nae worth aw 'at much." She looks over at Saur: "Carbon!"

Aurixsauriv:"But carbon is in everything."

Aurixsauriv:"How do you find carbon just by itself?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Coal."

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" It needs tae be smelted usin' th' reit proportions ay coal ur charcoal!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... You think this place might've been a mine?"

Aurixsauriv:"I'll look around for some of that, then."

Aurixsauriv:Sau checks around the walls for such a source of carbon/coal.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+4+mod = 12 + 4 + 0 = 16 » Intelligence check!

Kiera:"Not like any mine I've ever seen. And sure, gold isn't worth a whole lot by itself, but throw on a couple of gemstones and rich folk go crazy for a nice bit of jewelry, eh?"

* Ghostwish munches on salad.

RAM:Smelt it into GP. :B

Roland:"Not like it matters. Everything we find here is just a larger share when we sell the mineral rights."

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" Mebbe. it's unusual tae see mair 'en a body type ay metal thes close together unless a body ay them is aluminum."

Aurixsauriv:"No carbon I can find."

RAM:Yaaay you found stuff now quit faffing about and move forward so I can joooooooooiiin! *flails*


Ghostwish:*raises explosion proof shielding*

* RAM turns the shielding into C4.

* RAM detonates.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Well, there'll be time later. Come on, let's go."

Roland:must. resist. urge. to. spout. mining. knowledge.

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" That's only foond in compoonds. rarer 'en hens teeth, it is!" Which isn't saying much. Especially not after that insane sorcerer created that fast breeding species of chicken that actually HAD teeth.

Kiera:Then Blair figures out how to refine bauxite into aluminium and the value of it drops overnight. Nice job breaking it. Anyhoo, away we go!

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Come on, then, let's tell the captain."

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( Going back to the ship, or going to explore the twisty tunnels? ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Tunnels first, or going to see the captain?"

Ghostwish: (( which one will keep ram from joining for longer? *all of the explosions!!* ))


Kiera: (( you are in a maze of twisting little tunnels, all alike... ))

* RAM pelts Ghost with C4.

Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( That was the Joke I had planned for it. ))

Kiera: (( back to the ship then :V ))

RAM:Sorry if I'm being impatient but I'm soooooo excited! :D

Liatai:Gotta duck AFK, gave Ghost botting rights.

Roland:welp *insert half assed reason* got to go, we will pick this up next week ja?


Blair Mac Cionaodha: (( Okay, that's one for back to ship. Any others? ))

Serafina Cloudrunner: (( back to the ship. YOU OWE ME RAM-SON ))


Serafina Cloudrunner: (( I blitzkireg into roland's decision and change it to back to ship. ))

Blair Mac Cionaodha:Okay, three back to ship, one don't care. Back to ship it is!

Blair Mac Cionaodha:Change maps to "airship" please.

Ghostwish:okay, but only because you asked nicely.

Kiera:To the meeting room!

RAM:I'll kill a tank for ya, Ghost. :B

Roland:((*hangs a little sign on the wall that reads "Roland's corner"*))

Roland:((Did we pick up a ghost as a new crew member???))

* Elisavet Michelakos raises an eybrow at Gonzalez, but otherwise doesn't react. "I assume you've finished exploring the island?"

Roland:"Not entirely. There was a path we did not explore and some evidence of intelligent design. There could be more down that way."

Elisavet Michelakos:"Is that so?"

Elisavet Michelakos:"Very well, what did you find?"

Kiera:"Blair's incendiary charges were more than enough to dispose of the creature. We found a large chamber, probably artificial in nature, and some ore veins. Then we came back before we did something stupid, like get lost in the lower tunnels."

* Roland humps at that last part.

Kiera: (( ew :T ))

Roland:don't think i spelled that right..


Liatai:Humph, maybe?

Roland:humph? X(

Roland:something, you get the idea.

Ghostwish:canine duty, brb

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Captain, may I introduce Captain Gonzalez of the crew that preceded us here."

Elisavet Michelakos:"Very well. It's enough that we can probably sell the map of the island for a good price. A few spots of interest, some fairly worthwhile mineral recources, and a decent idea of what sort of threats there are." She stops, then turns to Gonzalez. "Pleased to meet you. I am Elisavet Michelakos, Captain of the Icarus."

Gonzalez:"Pleased to meet you as well. I... was not expecting those who rescued my crew to be of such renown."

Aurixsauriv:Oh right.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Speaking of which, sir, whenever you're ready I can show you to your crew."

Aurixsauriv:We're the new minions.

Elisavet Michelakos:"Flattery will get you in trouble."

Gonzalez:"... That would be nice, little priestess."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"All right. I'll be outside. Come talk to me when you're ready."

Ganti:... Okay, as no-one seems to be willing to RP with the Elisavet, I guess we should get Gonzalez re-introduced to his crew and move on.

Kiera: (( sorry, exhausted over here :x ))

Ghostwish:Iiiiii.. can't think of a thing.

* Serafina Cloudrunner knocks tn the medbay doors, then opens them for the wraith. .... Well, he's incorporeal, so it doesn't matter, but good to be polite.

* Gonzalez enters cautiously, looking around. "Gomez! Fester! Wednesday! You're... All right?"

Gomez:"Captain! Good to see you again! And yes, we're doing pretty well. Fargus is still breathing, but we're still able to walk."

* Serafina Cloudrunner checks on the ill patient while the captain has his reunion. « 1d20+10 = 2 + 10 = 12 » Heal check, fuss fuss.

Gonzalez:"I see. That's good. That's good. I... I thought I failed you."

RAM:You are all HIV aladeen.


Alth:"When dae we git paid?"

Wednesday whispers: He's recovering. A few weeks and he should be fine.

Glitch has connected.

Wednesday:"You didn't fail us, Captain. You SAVED us."

Ganti:ETC, ETC.

Elisavet Michelakos:"We get paid at the end of the job. No sooner, no later.

Elisavet Michelakos:*"

Glitch:holyfuckdamn. There's more people connected to this server than there -ever- has been for Akellon. O.o

Ganti:Okay, everyone good to go on to the next day?



Ganti:Er, island?

Ganti:And good.


Aurixsauriv: (( Sorry. ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:Yep. Sera's going to be hanging out in the medbay, keeping an eye on the newly-undead... but she does pass by the resident kobold for a moment.

Aurixsauriv: (( Been running around, helping great grandparents. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( *fans self* ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:".... Sau, don't suppose you have another charge of that language spell, do you?"

Aurixsauriv:"Not prepared today, sorry."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"The stupid elf wrote all over my notes again -- tch. Fine. Thanks anyway."

Glitch:newly undead? o.o


RAM:I'll be able to translate it! :D



RAM:Ready! :D

Ganti:Okay, it is Saturday, july 30th! The Moon of Change is a waining crecent, the moon of Creation is new, and the moon of the mind is nearly full. As you near the second island, signs that things are WRONG become to show. It should NOT be this dark. Or this cold. Despite the fact that it's high noon, the sun is barely peeking above the horizon. Knowledge Arcana please!

Alth:Knowledge who in the what now? (only has local)


RAM:I see what you did there! D:Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 5 + 11 + 0 = 16 » Knowledge Arcana check!

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+4 = 16 + 4 = 20 »

Roland:aaaaand im being dragged away. brb 10 mins max

Ganti:Meany? Lia? Poke?


Liatai::58 lagcheck

Kiera: (( ...they rolled their checks, and sharp is AFK ))

Ganti whispers: It's the Dead Sun. Not good, not good at all. It's a sign that SOMETHING big is breaking free of it's prison. For it to be this intense said beings minions must be quite common on the island...

Roland:semi back, but being dragged away again in a min

Ganti::58 at :00

Serafina Cloudrunner:".... Dead Sun."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Not good. Something bad is going on. I don't remember the stories that well... but..."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Something big is breaking free of imprisonment, and whatever it is, it's probably got a lot of minions on that island."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Stay alert. And just in case, if any of you start feeling soul chill, speak up ASAP. Got it?" >:|

Ganti:As you get closer, you begin to see that despite the darkness the sky is GOLDEN. Knowledge arcana or Knowledge religion.

Roland:gone again

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+4 = 14 + 4 = 18 » arcana, « 1d20+6 = 13 + 6 = 19 » religion

* RAM is getting giddy~!

Alth:"The hell's bells urr ye oan aboot, shorty?"

Aurixsauriv:"What's a soul chill?"

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 6 + 11 + 0 = 17 » Knowledge Arcana check!

Kiera:Don't look at me, I'm busy making sure we don't crash into anything. |D

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Remember the cold feeling in the air when we went to that abandoned temple? The 'brood fever' the high priestess talked about? Cured by sunlight? THAT whole thing?"

Ganti whispers: Empyrean Sky: A blessing from the Good Deities. Generaly employed when something is going wrong and needs to be fixed by force of arms. It grants a boost to all good-aligned characters. (+2 moral to attack and damage, +4 to skill checks.)

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Ugh, I swear you guys would be dead ten times over already. Remember it this time!" >|

Serafina Cloudrunner:".... But THAT'S unusual. Look."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"A Dead Sun, but an Empyrean Sky." She points at the golden color of the heavens.


Serafina Cloudrunner:"It's a sign from a benevolent deity... usually when something's going horribly wrong and it needs to be fixed by force of arms. It's supposed to grant power to those that uphold their cause."

Roland:((We change map?))

Ganti: (( Not yet. ))

RAM:Not yet.

Roland:"... we are landing on an island where someing big and bad is breaking free for... what again?"

Ganti:As the Icarus begins it's final approach, you see... another airship already there?!


Ganti:Spot checks!


Kiera:Oh boy.


Spot check!

Kiera:Spot check!
 1d20+1 = 13 + 1 = 14 »

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Because there's a problem to be fixed." « 1d20+13+4 = 16 + 13 + 4 = 33 » Spot check

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+3+mod = 10 + 3 + 0 = 13 » Wisdom check!

Aurixsauriv:"Is there. Um."

Aurixsauriv:"A short-list of things that can produce this effect?"

Aurixsauriv:"Something I can look up?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:Because I'm not sure if the DM gave this out, if you're Good-aligned, the Empyrean Sky grants you a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls, and a +4 on skill checks.

Aurixsauriv:Sau is furiously fliipping pages in his big book.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"What are you talking about?"

Roland:"Are you going to demand we fix every 'issue' we run across?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Shut it, Roland, this is big."


Aurixsauriv:"Let me rephrase, then."

Aurixsauriv:"Historically, -what- has produced these kinds of effects before? Is there a pattern?"

Aurixsauriv:"Is it possible to research what specifically we're dealing with to know how to kill it?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"What effect are you talking about?"

Kiera:From up front: "You know what else is going to be big? The impact crater we're going to make unless someone who actually knows how to fly this thing puts us down safely!"

Ganti whispers: It's flying a flag with the symbol of Bran... and something else! Give me a knowledge (History) or Knowledge (Arcana)

Alth:"Well dinnae keek at me!"

Roland:"I have already crawled down one cave for you priestest. I am not Alth but I will not keep jumping off bridges for your concience."

* Serafina Cloudrunner throws up her hands. "I don't know! I just know it's big and the gods are involved. Get ready!" « 1d20+4+4 = 20 + 4 + 4 = 28 » Knowledge (arcana)

Aurixsauriv:Sau slowly looks up from the book.

RAM:...So, I gotta ask.

Aurixsauriv:"Dead Sun."

RAM:Why is Cthulhu still chilling in the ship? :B

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Well then, Roland. Why are you here?"

Aurixsauriv:"What has produced it in the past, is there a pattern?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"You took this job to explore the skyrift. This is an island in the skyrift."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"So we're going anyway. Deal. Might as well do some good while we're there if we can."

Ganti whispers: It's an elite taskforce of some sort. Word has it they answer to SAMARA himself. Who is known to only answer to Bran. Whatever is happening is BIG. VERY BIG.


Ganti:Oh yes. And the island is mostly temple and you can feel a chill right through the walls of the ship. You don't want to go out there without some form of protection...

Serafina Cloudrunner:"..... Besides, we're not alone."

Kiera:Where're the hazmat suits?

Aurixsauriv:"Also yes, I know that 'great evil being unbound', but what -specifically- did it?"

Aurixsauriv:"Dragons? Demons?"



Serafina Cloudrunner:"Look at that ship. Some kind of elite taskforce made it through here. One than answers to Samara himself." (DM help me out here.) "And Samara answers straight to Bran."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"I HAVE NO IDEA, WIZARD, I TOLD YOU!" >:E

Ganti: (( Help you out with what? ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:Who the heck is Samara? ^^;;;;

Ganti: (( Samara the Eternal? Samara the Archmage? Last surviving Archmage in existance? Legendary lich? ))

Aurixsauriv:"You don't need to shout. So. We have to go fight an evil we know nothing about, in terrain we know nothing about."

Aurixsauriv:"This is not a good tactical situation."

* Roland mocking voice "Its ok. We have to explore anyway."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Don't you mock me!" >:E "Besides, aren't you two arcanists?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"When are you ever going to get the chance to talk to agents of the last living Archmage again in your lives?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Well, last existing archmage."

Aurixsauriv:"I'm sorry, who?"

Aurixsauriv:"I'm from the jungle, we didn't get news on who is whom."

Alth:"Eh, a'body studying that magic crap is plain crazy."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"SAMARA THE ETERNAL, idiot!"

Aurixsauriv:"I barely knew the major non-jungle gods when we met up."

Elisavet Michelakos:"... Blair? Do you have any more information on what this 'Dead Sun' is?"

Aurixsauriv:"That's it."

Aurixsauriv:"I'm not talking to you anymore Serafina Cloudrunner, until you decide to start acting like a civilized young woman."

Aurixsauriv:"Good day to you."

Aurixsauriv:Sau walks of.


* Serafina Cloudrunner twitches. "I swear you people are going to make me grow feathers."

Alth:"Wahnt meh ta 'old yer stuff agin?" The elf asks witha grin.

Aurixsauriv:Meanwhile, sau finds another spot on the deck to look at the island.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 11 + 11 + 0 = 22 » Knowledge Geography check!

Roland:"You seem to do that well enough to yourself." joins sau in the leaving.

Aurixsauriv:Makin' a map.

Blair Mac Cionaodha:« 1d20+15 = 18 + 15 = 33 » Knowledge religion check.

Kiera:Remind me not to let any of you handle the diplomacy. :T

Serafina Cloudrunner:"How by Yasalia's sextant do you not know these things -- ugh. Stupid wizards. How does a cloistered acolyte know more about their important figures --" Mumble grumble grouse.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"What the hell would they have us do? Sit on our thumbs?" >:E

Blair Mac Cionaodha:A look of horror passes over her face and she rushes to a porthole to check. " Aye, that's th' Deid Sin aw reit. Th' Broodspawn ur breakin' it... an' we dornt hae fisila Tae shut them doon thes time..."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Frack, I knew it."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"What can we do?"

Alth:"Why, git doon thare 'n' loot th' steid, o' course!"

Alth:The elf grins.

* Blair Mac Cionaodha swallows nervously. " Fin' it whit they want thaur. An' make sure 'at they dornt gie it. In an' it."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Sounds pretty straightforward."

RAM:Onward then!

RAM:Into the foliage!

Blair Mac Cionaodha:"Most ay their attention shoods be oan Samara's Irregulars, sae if yoo're cannie, ye shoods be able tae gie pest them."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Someone collect the wizards, then, before they catch their deaths."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Bundle up, ladies and gents. This is gonna get interesting."

Alth:"Hells bells.." Alth mutters, looking for the nearest cold weather gear...

Blair Mac Cionaodha:" I'll teel Mannes tae ready th' ship fur supportin' bombardment an' gie mah armur ready. "

Blair Mac Cionaodha:She rushes off.

Serafina Cloudrunner:... come to think of it, is there cold-weather gear on the ship?


Hyuuint:one scarf. To share

Liatai:... I hate to say this... especially with Ram waiting... ^^;

Liatai:But I'm starting to fade. ^^;;;

Mannes Bezuidenhout: (( Mm. ))

RAM:D:RAM:But it's not even 9 yet!

Alth: (( could we get to where we're gonna find him? ))

Alth: (( this game typically only goes to about 8 or 9 ))

Kiera: (( maybe if we stop faffing. I'm half-asleep over here. :T ))

Ganti: (( We ARE where you'll find RAM. ))

Aurixsauriv:Scarf get.

RAM:If you guys would just hurry up and get on the island. =3=

Aurixsauriv:Also forking over a map to the Alth.

Alth:"Whot?" He peers curiously at the map.

Ganti:New map availible. Frozen Temple.

Aurixsauriv:"That's the island from what I can see. Cardinal directions marked, landmarks keyed, and a grid to measure distance."

* Kiera gets geared up as well. Let's go... iunno, save the world or something.


Aurixsauriv:Save the skywhales.

Meany:I can't see anything.


Meany:I should probably change spells.

* Meany gets to that.

Kiera: (( I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'mook' _> ))

RAM:I can't seen anything either!

RAM:Shit's broke!

Alth:Doublie click your icons in the map explorer

Glitch:(Lia's fading? Aw darnit, wanted to ask for some help on a little brainstormy idea when Skylands was over...)

Kiera: (( get an audience token down here, pronto ))

RAM:I have no icons in the map explorer.

Kiera: (( audience token deployed :v ))

RAM:Ah, much better. :3

Ganti is disconnected.

RAM:D:Kiera: (( ...ohdear ))

Liatai:Glitch, please, ask me in the morning. That late-night movie night, while it was a good movie, has screwed with my sleep -- hooboy. ^^;

Glitch:lia; okay. ^^;



Ganti has connected.


Alth: (( WB! ))

Alth:Alth looks around, rubbing his hands together and breathing on them. "Bloody pumpin' cauld here.."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Skeletal warriors... could be on Bran's side, or on the enemy's. Be on guard."

* Roland pulls his cloak tighter. he... might be shivering? Hard to tell.

* Kiera is largely unconcerned by the cold weather. Being covered in fur has perks! :3

"Well let's hope they are on our side, then."

RAM:...Well that's interesting.

Blair's "Armor":... Parents calling. AFK breifly.

Roland:Don't worry RAM, your character might join us.. maybe... next week certainly... or the week after...

Alth:Yeah how's next month looking for you?


Roland:Might be able to book you in June?

* RAM mauls.



* Blair's "Armor" stomps forward without any fear. " Awrite! Ye lot ur wi' samara's irregulars, reit?"

Human Necromancer:"By Bran's Engine! Steam Armor!"

Alth:Alth has no problem with letting the lunker go first.

Kiera:Here's hoping the grease doesn't coagulate and freeze the joints up. :V

* Serafina Cloudrunner adjusts so her holy symbol's on the outside of her cloak, but lets Blair do the talking.

Elven Necromancer:" Ye dornt say!"

Kiera:"More elves?"

Alth:"Pah 'n' they're likelie religious nuts juist lik' a' th' others."

* Glitch loads new map...

Glitch:...well I guess Ganti beat me to adding the Icedales Cult to his game. :B

Glitch:...though it also seems you mashed them with Rivadis. :B

Blair's "Armor":" We waur oan an exploration voyage when we saw th' deid sin. As a follower ay Bran, Ah coods nae ignair it, especially nae wi' ye haur. Ah brooght some aid, includin' a cleric ay Yasalia."

* Serafina Cloudrunner shoots a glare at the party's arcanists, but then tries to draw herself up and look proper. |

Serafina Cloudrunner:>|

Aurixsauriv:Still not talking to you until you learn to act like a civilized person. :T

Human Necromancer:"Oh? Excelent! We think the broodspawn are massing for an attack. When they do so, we should be able to blast a path. Send your comrads into the temple! It used to be a stronghold of Fisila. Something... or someone important was here. Find out what or who, and what happend. That information SHOULD let us beat back the Dead Sun and restore the worlds proper order."

Serafina Cloudrunner:Fuck you too, Sau.

* Roland ignores the priestest

Alth:"now juist hauld yer horses a second!"

Alth:"How muckle ur we bein' paid?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"You're all being paid in negative soul consumptions and negative disease."

Human Necromancer:"Does the ability to breath anything other then Artic Chill appeal to you?"

Alth:"Eh, ah kin settle fur that. This time."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"How do you people live with yourselves, really." >| Grumble grumble.


Roland:"One day at a time."

Kiera:"Alth? Remind me to negotiate for hazard pay. This is getting ridiculous."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"You signed up with pirates, what did you expect?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"An exploration to Fuzzy Kitten Sunshine Land?"

Roland:"To be getting paid. Like a pirate."

Broodspawn:As if the mention of them was a signal, a living wave pours out of the ruined doors of the temple.

Alth:"Oh sae noo yi'll waant mah financial advice, eh!?"

Alth:"Talk tae me later."

Alth:"We'll discuss mah fees."

Kiera:"Nevermind that, incoming!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"-- Here they come! Let's get ready to go!"

Alth:"The hells is that!?"

Aurixsauriv:I can't see anything. ^^;

Kiera:Hooray for low-light vision?

Aurixsauriv: (( I have darkvision. ))


* Kiera readies her weapon of choice. Too late to back out now...

Broodspawn:These monstrosities looks like a mad artists rendition of an orc, if said artist had only the barest understanding of what a humanoid was supposed to be shaped like. This monstrosity is eight feet tall). Where it's arms should be, there are instead massive claws, as if someone had ripped the limbs off a praying mantis and stuck them on instead. It's maw, for there is no way that can be called a mouth, is unable to close all the way as it is filled with jagged fangs that remind you of broken obsidian. It's three eyes are glittering, multi-facited things. It's entire body is a strange azure that glitters when the light hits it. It appears to have been carved out of a single massive gemstone.

Roland:((Same, I see nothing and I have darkvision.))

Serafina Cloudrunner:"That's what you're fighting to not become, dumbasses."

Alth:"Yeah weel ye best rammy solid lest ye become th' shortest demon thay have!"

Kiera:"Being sane and alive are all well and good, but you really need to work on your negotiation and people skills."

Human Necromancer:"Forwards!"

* Serafina Cloudrunner growls, but draws her pistol and follows the mechanical armor.

Human Necromancer:As soon as the two forces collide, the reasoning for Bran's forces become clear. The skelatal warriors are all but immune to the beings claws and bites. Said beings realize it quickly, and exhale a chokeing black mist... That does absolutly nothing. A sudden detonation of flame in the middle of the path disorents the broodspawn.

Human Necromancer:... Clearing a path to the temple. "Go! Quickly! We'll hold them."

* Serafina Cloudrunner doesn't wait for the rest of the party. Off through the snow!

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Everyone here? In one piece?"


RAM:Nope. :B

* RAM notices a distinct lack of giant steamwork armor.

RAM:Or room for it to fit. :P

Kiera: (( note size of mech vs size of corridor :B ))

Kiera:"Kaz! Up front! Keep moving!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+19 = 2 + 19 = 21 » Sera pricks up her pointy little ears, trying to detect anything over the clamor of battle...

Ganti:The once fine marble floor is covered in thick sheets of Ice, making it a little tricky to stand. This was, indeed, once a great temple. You can see ruins of it's former finery everywhere. Here a priceless tapestry reduced to little more then shreds. There a smashed statue. Over their ruins of a stained glass window.

RAM:Assholes. >:E

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Open door ahead."

Hyuuint:gotta go all.

Hyuuint:Thanks for the show, thanks for inviting me Ganti, and see ya'll later


Alth:"Where's th' mad rocket elf in th' armor?"

Ganti:The temple is errily silent. You think they all rushed out to fight.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Probably out there fighting."

Hyuuint is disconnected.

Kiera:"Corridor's too narrow. She's probably blocking the door to stop them coming back on us."

Aurixsauriv: (( ...Railock? ))

Aurixsauriv: (( You awake? ))

* Serafina Cloudrunner continues to pad along, holding her pistol ready.

Ganti:And it's not an open door. It's a SMASHED door. It was obviously once the doorway to the main alter and congregation room... But now it just leads to rubble.

Kiera: (( he's connected, but hasn't said anything in a long while :x ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:"There's another door ahead."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Two doors."

Alth:"Whacha see?"

Aurixsauriv:"Door down the hall."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Empty. There's another smashed door down this way -- lemme check the far door here."

* Serafina Cloudrunner peeks through the smashed part of the door... « 1d20+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 » Spot check, add +8 if low light.

Ganti whispers: It... leeds to more icy temple. A large pile of frozen debries is more or less immedietly after the door. You don't think you could get past that...

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Debris. This passageway's blocked. So north we go."

Kiera:Peekin' round the corner

Serafina Cloudrunner:"More tapestries. C'mon."

Teeny Rin:wait for meeeee~

Ganti:Give me a spot check.

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+9 = 4 + 9 = 13 » Add 8 if lowlight.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+3+mod = 10 + 3 + 0 = 13 » Wisdom check!

Kiera:Spot check!
 1d20+1 = 19 + 1 = 20 »


Spot check!

Alth:« 1d20+3 = 6 + 3 = 9 » Spot

Serafina Cloudrunner:Don't forget the extra +4 if you're Good-aligned!

Serafina Cloudrunner:It was added into Sera's check, but just making sure.

Liatai:...... come to think of it...

Ganti whispers: One of those tapestries looks... almost intact! And you don't think you see as much ice around it as you do everywhere else.

Kiera: (( pretty sure that's only you that gets it XP ))

Liatai:Do we have any other Good-aligned folks -- XP

Roland:hmmm, nope

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:me

Roland:... really?


Kiera:There's an alignment field in the stats. Use it. We are not psychic.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... That tapestry over there.. It looks almost intact."

Aurixsauriv:Oh wow.

* Kiera nods. "Aye."

Aurixsauriv:Look at all the fucks I give.

Aurixsauriv:How they just rain from the sky.

Kiera:What bit you? :T

Liatai::O I SEE A FOX

* Liatai is brick'd.

Aurixsauriv: (( What feels like an oncoming ear infection. x-e ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Ow. ))

Liatai:Ow indeed >.e

Kiera: (( 'I feel like crap' is no excuse to take it out on other people XP ))

Liatai:Go see a doc, get yourself some antibiotics, man. D|

Aurixsauriv: (( Yes it is. ))

Ganti: (( One that's ahead. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Ghost uses all the time. ))

Liatai:... Granted...

Aurixsauriv: (( I don't have a doctor. =3= ))

Ganti: (( And no, you're not. CN. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( They get mad when I don't give a shit what they say about my health. ))

Liatai:I've kind of been doing that this session, too, but I have an excuse, Sera's a bitch. *BRICK'D*

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+2+4 = 20 + 2 + 4 = 26 » Search, search, search the tapestry!

Kiera:Search check!
 1d20+2 = 13 + 2 = 15 »

RAM:Epic search.

Kiera:Searchssistance? :v

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+4+mod = 10 + 4 + 4 = 18 » Intelligence check!

Aurixsauriv:+2 to searching.

Aurixsauriv:Enjoy it.

Ganti: (( :28 lagcheck ))

Alth:« 1d20+13 = 14 + 13 = 27 » Search!

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:search assist (Search Check : « 1d20+Search+IntMod = 9 + 0 + 1 = 10 »)


Search check!

Kiera:Guys I think she found it we can stop rolling assists |D

* Liatai has both a cat and a dog snuggling with her. Happiness. |D


RAM:Hi ShadowCocoa!

Ganti:Okay, now that everyone's close to the Tapestry, you can see that yes, there is dramatically less ice there, and the tapestry does look pretty intact.

Serafina Cloudrunner:Any hidden doors?

Kiera: (( it's a trap-estry! :v ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:And what does the tapestry depict, anyway?

Ganti whispers: Ayup! There's a secret door there.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Secret door." Sera pushes aside the tapestry a bit, fussing around behind it. "Let's see if we can't -- Alth, you're good with locks and stuff, help me out here."

Alth:Alth comes over, and has a look see.


Alth:« 1d20+13 = 8 + 13 = 21 » Search!

Kiera:'ave a butcher's, guv.

Ganti: (( :34 lagcheck? ))

Liatai::34 at :34

Ganti:The tapestry depicts... an elf woman who's eyes shine like the sun defeating... Something. It's got the claws of what's outside, but the rest of it is missing.

Ganti:And :34 at :35.

Alth:"It's nae trapped." Alth says, and tries the door.

Alth:"Och." Oh, he's going for his picks.

Alth:« 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 » Disable Device!


Alth:That's some elven cursing.

Alth:« 1d20+11 = 9 + 11 = 20 » Disable Device!

Ganti:That did it! As the door slide open, a blast of warm air hits your face.

Alth:"Och, whot?"

Alth:"It's warm!"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Well that explains the melted ice..."

Kiera:"...fancy. Someone wanted this place kept safe alright."

Aurixsauriv:The lizard is all up in that.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Now what's in here that they kept heating going all this time for...?"

* RAM cracks his knuckles.

Alth:"Or someone's bin keeping a fire?"

Kiera:"Lead on."

Serafina Cloudrunner:The halfling's grip on her pistol tighterns, and she pads into the corridor.

* Roland relaxes a bit as the warm air washes over him

Ganti:The corridor beyond is warm and comfortable unlike the rest of the island. No ice coats the floor, and it's nice and bright. You think you're beginning to see what the temple was like back when it hadn't been taken over by the broodspawn.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Dead end...? No, not after that entrance." « 1d20+6 = 15 + 6 = 21 » Search check!

Alth:« 1d20+13 = 5 + 13 = 18 » Search!

Kiera:Search check!
 1d20+2 = 18 + 2 = 20 »

Ganti whispers: The corridor suddenly comes to a stop!

Ganti whispers: Searching?


Aurixsauriv:My token is invisible.

Glitch:Hmm, looks like fogbroke a bit. :B

Aurixsauriv: (( Yeah. ))

You whisper to Ganti: Yep, searching the corridor for hidden doors and such.

* Glitch sees a little ahea--

Alth:Any doors?

Liatai:I think the DM is lagging.


Ganti: (( ... Can anyone other then me see the corridor? ))

RAM:I can see it!

Kiera: (( I'm sitting on the audience token XP ))

Roland:((I see the corridor i am in.))

Aurixsauriv: (( That's all we see. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Just a corridor that ends when the vbl cuts off. ))

Ganti whispers: Yup. There's a door there all right. Whoever made this spared no expense getting the best. (Was a DC of 25. you barely nailed it.)

Ganti::42 at :43, by the by. Was just typing up a responce to Lia.

* Serafina Cloudrunner tries the hidden door.


Roland:time for the shuffle.

Kiera:Of course. :T

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Locked. Alth, come on, your turn."

* Serafina Cloudrunner attempts to squeeze against the wall of the narrow corridor to allow the elf to pass.

Alth:« 1d20+11 = 1 + 11 = 12 » Disable Device!

Kiera:Oh dear.

Alth:Oh man that's a LOT of elven cussing.

Ganti::47 lagcheck.

Ganti:Ahhaha. NO.

Alth:Can I try again? :3


Alth:« 1d20+11 = 17 + 11 = 28 » Disable Device!

Serafina Cloudrunner:... don't you use Open Lock to open locks, not Disable Device -- *brick'd*


Alth:........ shit. XD

Kiera:I could pick it with the ol' bastard sw-- nevermind~


Ganti:That did it!

Alth:Well, it's the same modifier. XP

Glitch:Serafina Cloudrunner: ... don't you use Open Lock to open locks, not Disable Device -- *brick'd*

Alth:Alth blinks a few times..

Glitch:You know, I was wondering about that! xD

Glitch:Thought it was a houserule or something. xP

Alth:"I see. A fox?"

Meany:This is Alth on that natural one.


Serafina Cloudrunner:"A fox?"

???:A statue of a fox!

???:A very, very lifelike statue!

Serafina Cloudrunner:"-- Might be a guardian. Be careful."

Kiera:"This is what they were trying to protect?"

Alth:He cautiously approaches, keeping his rifle trained on it..

???:There are four crystals around the room, each one directing a beam of light at the statue.

Aurixsauriv:Sau looks at the crystals.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 5 + 11 + 4 = 20 » Knowledge Arcana check!

???:And at the base of the pedestal, leaning up against the side, is a MASSIVE sword, easily longer than any one of you are tall.

Kiera:Ooh, light beam puzzles!

Roland:((Im stuck under Kiera and I can't find the map thing to reselect my token X( ))

Glitch:Equip Mirror Shield!

Roland:((Thank you.))

Kiera: (( get your own corner, you hog ))

Kiera: (( >:| ))

Alth:"What's up wi' a' thae mad rocket lights?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Awful lifelike for a statue of a five-tailed fox."

???:The lights converge on the blade, on which they converge and extend to the statue.

???:What do you do? :3

Kiera:"Mmh... maybe the sword is some.. .magical... god-slaying sword, or something?"



Ganti:Ayup. They're definitly magic. Preservation? Healing?

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:"Magic! should I kill it before it is free comrades?" he moves forward drawing axe

Meany:Just something that might be funny.

???:Oh, and I should mention...

Ganti::53 lagcheck?

Glitch:gantilagcheck at :53

Serafina Cloudrunner:"How would you kill a statue -- besides, the broodspawn were after it, so I have the feeling it's something they either wanted gone or wanted to control."

Roland:((SOMEONE likes Sif.))

???:The blade of the sword is a deep green color, with a stylized fox etched into the blade. Anyone here have any knowledge of bladecrafts? Or just materials in general?

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Sau... Any ideas about these crystals?"


Alth:"Aye, 'n' pure, keek at it! Ah cuid sell a bawherr o' art lik' that fur a braw penny!"

Aurixsauriv:I can't answer that until the GM answers me, and I wouldn't answer you anyway. ^.^

???:It should be noted that anyone with a sense for magic can tell; the light coming from the crystals?

???:Magical, and divine in nature.

Ganti: (( ,,, And you wonder why I say you're CN at best. ))



Kiera:Sufficiently advanced technology 83

Ghostwish:brb one sec

Aurixsauriv: (( Yeah, I can be neutral good and still be pissed at people. ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Oh for the love of --" Sera rolls her eyes and peers at one or two of them herself. « 1d20+8 = 10 + 8 = 18 » Knowledge (arcana), « 1d20+10 = 3 + 10 = 13 » Knowledge (religion)... Was it ever said what this was a temple -of,- anyway?

Ganti: (( :53 at :56. Ayup. Lagging. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Furthermore, I haven't done anything chaotic all game. ))

Roland:I vouch for Sau not needing to like being called an idiot))

Ganti: (( :54 at :57 ))

RAM whispers: You can tell that whatever the statue is, the beams of light are holding it in place, and seem to be...regenerating it, albiet incredibly slowly.

Serafina Cloudrunner:".... slow regeneration... and confinement...?" Sera's brow wrinkles, and she approaches the statue.

RAM whispers: They are being focused through the blade. If you were to disrupt that, you could probably break the hold on the statue.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... I'm not a vet, but let's see here..." « 1d20+14 = 8 + 14 = 22 » Heal check. Does the statue fox appear to have any injuries?


Roland:"Wasn't it you who said there was some big evil trying to break free?"

RAM:None that you can tell.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Whatever's going on here, it's being focused through that sword."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"..."

Kiera:"Iunno, doesn't look evil to me."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Well, if you're that worried, I can put your minds at ease if you give me fifteen minutes or so."

Roland:"Because evil has a set look."

???:The ECKSBAWXHUEG sword. I never got an answer, BTW. Anyone here with any knowledge of crafting materials?

Serafina Cloudrunner:"I just need to meditate a little."


Serafina Cloudrunner:Awful talkative for a statue, aren't you -- *brick'd*

Roland:not unless GM lets me stretch dungeoneering a crap ton

Kiera:The only person who might know is busy fighting things out front.

Ganti whispers: Yes, they are magic. They're divine magic, preservation, maybe. Maybe healing. And the temple is to Fisala, the elven sun goddess.

Kiera:"Sera, I'm not sure we have fifteen minutes to play think-about-the-statue. Not with the fight going on outside."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Fifteen minutes to prepare a spell, Kiera, not play think-about-the-statue."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"But you do have a point."

* Kiera is trying to put that as politely as possible. XP

???:Well, since this is my thing here, I'll let you stretch dungeoneering for ir. Make a roll!

Aurixsauriv:I'm starting to think she's a misandthrope.


Roland:what really?

Serafina Cloudrunner:Good isn't always nice, bucko, you said it yourself.

???:Yes, really. Gonna roll, Roland?


Knowledge(Dungeoneering) check!

Aurixsauriv:Two people stating a similar opinion with two radicallly different responses does tend to get that reaction.


RAM:...Crap, who plays Roland? I need to whisper? ^^;


Aurixsauriv: (( ^ ))


Meany:I'm Sau's player, for future ref.

Ganti::05 lagcheck

Roland:And I'm secretly Santa's elf


Roland:"Soooo, Alth. You think you can sell this right?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Given this is a temple to Fisilia, and the warmth... I'm more inclined to think this is a sleeping guardian than a deep evil."

Ghostwish:sorry, got called afk

Alth:He nods, grimming.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Especially since there's a regeneration spell on the crystals. Why would Fisilians want to regenerate a deep evil?"

Aurixsauriv:"Who is Fisilia again?"

Aurixsauriv:"Maybe this evil had a legitimate medical condition?"

Kiera:"Maybe it's one of those ones that gets free if it dies, so they have to keep it alive to stop it from escaping?"

Ganti::05 at :06! Much better.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Elven goddess of the sun. Her clergy were the ones to stop the Broodspawn last time."

Roland:"Or it might use negative energy, and is being injured constantly."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Did you people pay no attention to the High Priestess and Giles, honestly." Sera tch's.

* Serafina Cloudrunner inspects the sword. « 1d20+2 = 5 + 2 = 7 » Int check, for untrained knowledge.

Serafina Cloudrunner:AP « 1d6 = 1 »

Serafina Cloudrunner:-- D'oh, add 4. I forgot the sky.

??? whispers: Hmm, I'll give ya a bone.

??? whispers: The sword is crafted entirely out of Adamantium.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Adamantine..."

Aurixsauriv:"No, not really. I'll be honest, he was forgetable, and I don't think I'd recognize him if I saw him again."

??? whispers: Yeah, that. Adamantine. Excuse my horrid spelling. :B

Serafina Cloudrunner:"I don't know, if I'm being told about mortal peril that's hot on my heels, I pay attention, but maybe that's just me." >:\

???:Lia, make a Knowledge (Religion) check on the sword?

Serafina Cloudrunner:"... Well, loot or guardian, either way it's going to need to be moved." « 1d20+10 = 11 + 10 = 21 »

Ghostwish:gyah back again catching up

Aurixsauriv:"There is always mortal peril in everything that is ever done."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"We can't take this whole crystal array with us."

Ganti: (( 25, actually. You forgot the sky again. ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:No, I added the sky.

Alth:"Worthless bloodeh' goddess.."

Ganti:Oh, right!

* Ganti headdesks.

Aurixsauriv:"It all blends together into the basic assumption of someone being out to kill you for some reason, so why would I remember it beyond that?"

Roland:"We take the sword, split it 6 ways?"

??? whispers: Knowing the materials used to craft it, and seeing the engraving, you recognize it as being the legendary blade Ragilronyo, The Blade of the Fox, wielded long ago by a powerful servant of Fisala.

Kiera:"This is not the time to be arguing about loot, guys." :I

* Serafina Cloudrunner growls, pushing upright. "You people are impossible some --!!" Clatter. Clink.


* Serafina Cloudrunner freezes, looking down at the blade... or where it used to be. She bumped the hilt with her knee when she stood up.

Roland:don't worry. its pretty hard to mess up that metal.

???:For a split second, nothing happens.

???:Suddenly, you are all blinded by a bright flash of light, eminating from the statue!

???:The light shines for a second, then fades.

Roland:I hope thats not a sunlight spell for sau's sake.

Ghostwish:ack, afk again

Aurixsauriv:Sau stares.

Aurixsauriv:"That's some good shinee."

* Serafina Cloudrunner screeches, covering her eyes with her hands. Owl eyes and brightness! Ow!

???:Once you are all done blinking the spots from your eyes, you see that the no longer a statue.

Aurixsauriv:Never stopped looking.

???:Instead, you see a, azure-colored fox, five long tails swishing behind it, having a long, luxurious streeeeeeetch atop the pedestal.

* Kiera blinks, twice. Huh.

* Serafina Cloudrunner finishes rubbing her eyes, then blinks.

Serafina Cloudrunner:And blinks again.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"..... Okay is that fox blue, is anyone else seeing this or have my eyes gone wonky."

???:It opens its maw to let out a drawn out yawn, shakes, and finally opens orange eyes, which settle on the party.

Roland:people people. lets focus on whats important here. What happened to the sword? *bricked*


Aurixsauriv:"Good to see you're not dead."

???:It sits, and cocks its head to the side. It is wearing what appears to be an armored breastplate, with coverings extending down its legs, and set in its forehead, directly over the third-eye chakra, is a brilliant orange diamond set in gold.

???:It blinks a few times, its gaze sweeping slowly over the assembled group.

???:Once it's looked over everyone...

???:"Hi!" :D

???:Echoes in all of your minds.


Ghostwish:what the ever loving fuck XD

Serafina Cloudrunner:"....... uh."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Hi?"

Alth:The elf blinks, peering curiously, and then rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Alth:"I think ah kin aye sell it."

Kiera:"...if you're quite done with your beauty sleep, we need to be leaving. About five minutes ago, to be precise-like."

Ganti whispers: Make a spotcheck.

Alth:"But it wilnae be as worth as much."

???:"What are you all doing here?"

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Are.... Are you this temple's guardian?"


Roland:"Dunno, that diamond on its forhead says otherwise."

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 » Spot check, add 8 if low light.

Aurixsauriv:"Killing everyone."

Aurixsauriv:"Trying to kill them instead."

Ganti whispers: Nope. You see nothing.

???:The fox settles its gaze on Sera, its eyes screwing up slightly, as if its deep in thought.

???:"...I dunno." :B

Alth:« 1d20+3 = 3 + 3 = 6 » Spot

Serafina Cloudrunner:"....Well then, who are you?"

Alth:reply shall I try again? XD


Kiera:"This is not the time for introductions and guessing games!"


???:"My name is Espada!"


???:Knowledge (Religion) Checks!

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Right -- uh -- Espada."

* Kiera pushes past Alth and heads back into the corridor to make sure nothing is coming this way. :T

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Listen, that sword that was near you -- uhm. It looks a lot like a legendary Fisilian blade. And we think the broodspawn outside want it."

Alth:« 1d20+3 = 16 + 3 = 19 » Spot

Ganti whispers: One more spot check.

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+9 = 12 + 9 = 21 » Add 8 if lowlight.

Espada:No knowledge checks?

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 » Knowledge

Ganti whispers: ... Guess who didn't all go outside~?

Kiera: (( I'm a swashbuckler, not a priest, don't look at me for knowledge (religion) checks. XP ))

Espada:And you get nothing from her name. :B

Kiera:Spot check!
 1d20+1 = 11 + 1 = 12 »

Espada:Espada looks down to the blade, and her eyes light up.

"Ragilronyo!" :D

Serafina Cloudrunner:"-- Espada fox whatever listen we need to get that sword and get out of here, the broodspawn could be here any minute!"

Espada:The fox hops down from the pedestal, takes the hilt in her mouth...

Roland:((Someone REALLY likes Sif.))

Espada:And lifts the massive blade like it weighs nothing.


Serafina Cloudrunner:"... what."


Espada:"...Wait, what did you say?"

Ganti whispers: You get an attack on the broodspawn, by the way. That's what the spot was for.

Broodspawn 1:The thing swings at you with it's Claw! « 1d20+9 = 14 + 9 = 23 ». If it hits, not only does it cut you, you also feel a chill that has nothing to do with the weather sink in « 1d8+9 = 8 + 9 = 17 » Slashing, « 1d6 = 2 » cold damage

Espada:The fox looks over to Sera, its appearance disbelieving.

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Broodspawn!" Sera begins a chant, and a nimbus of silver light appears around her.

Ganti:Against FF, because you didn't make the spot and Sera didn't bother asking more after I told her she made the spot and certain things didn't go all the way outside.

* Kiera staggers backward. "THAT'S WHAT I SAID!"

Espada:"...Broodspawn? In a Temple of Fisala?!"

You whisper to Ganti: Surprise round action taken.

Kiera: (( would've hit anyway, though hey, lowlight y'know. but whatever. :T ))

Espada:The fox's demeanor, which had been quite friendly before, turns positively murderous.

Ganti whispers: what spell was that?

You whisper to Ganti: Light of Lunia. She can't fire it until her next turn.



Alth:« 1d20+4 = 14 + 4 = 18 » Initiative!


« 1d20+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 »

Espada:« 1d20+2 = 17 + 2 = 19 » Init!

Roland:Initiative is

29Teeny Rin has received initiative.Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+3 = 15 + 3 = 18 »


Roland:thats wrong

Roland:one moment

Broodspawn 1:« 1d20+0-4 = 5 + 0 - 4 = 1 » This fellow doesn't seem to be doing too well now that he's in the light.

Roland:my init is 15

Roland has received initiative.Roland has received initiative.Kasnok Strautraugvuras has received initiative.Espada has received initiative.Liatai:Kas, Sau?

Kiera: (( aurix and kaz haven't had their inits rolled :x ))

Espada:...Still waiting on people to roll init?

Broodspawn 1: (( Yup. ))

Broodspawn 1 whispers: Book?

You whisper to Ganti: Spell Compendium.

Broodspawn 1 whispers: For Light of Lulina?


Alth:"Bloody hell moggie lassie! Back up!"

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+3+mod = 12 + 3 + 0 = 15 » Dex check!

Broodspawn 1 whispers: *Lunia

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:(Initiative Roll : « 1d20+DexMod = 9 + 3 = 12 »)

You whisper to Ganti: Yep.

You whisper to Ganti: Page 132.

Espada:My turn? >:3

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+3+mod = 13 + 3 + 0 = 16 » Dex check!

Espada has received initiative.Broodspawn 1:Okay, GO.


Broodspawn 1:Or should we leave off here?

Ghostwish:definitely leave off here. |D


Kiera:Fiiiight. XP


Broodspawn 1 whispers: Righto!

Glitch:OK-go? ♫Aw here it goes, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again. Aw here it goes again I shoulda known, shoulda known, shoulda known, shoulda known again. Aw here it goes again.♫

* Glitch does treadmill dance

Espada:The small blue fox thunders past the group, charging straight at the Broodspawn.

Espada:It comes to a halt before the creature, shifting into an aggressive stance...

Aurixsauriv:I sense a character trait to describe my complete inability to follow this plot, or remember NPCs.

Aurixsauriv:Sau has a terrible memory.

Espada:And as she swings, Ragilronyo carves through the wall of the hallway like butter.

Roland:All of my characters suffer the crippling inablity to remember names. Cause I never can.

Ghostwish:Is he still holding the sword in his mouth? XP


Espada:Punishing Stance, MOUNTAIN HAMMER!

Aurixsauriv:Bye the way.


Aurixsauriv:You referred to Espada as a she a while ago.

Aurixsauriv:Might want to fix that.

Espada:Yes, I know I did.

Espada:Espada is a she.

Kiera: (( he's been pretty consistent on that front, silly owl ))

Espada:Now shush so I can type my attack.

Aurixsauriv:A heshe?

Aurixsauriv: (( *brick'd* ))


Liatai:But chocolate is bad for foxes D: *brick'd*

Broodspawn 1: (( ... Tell me when you change that please. ))

Broodspawn 1: (( Last I heard, Espada was male. ))

Espada:« 1d20+13 = 18 + 13 = 31 » for 2d8+6+1d6+2d6 damage, all bypassing any Hardness or DR.

Glitch:lia; Espada is boss, Espada can metabolize theobromine? :B

Espada:« 2d8+6+1d6+2d6 = 10 + 6 + 3 + 9 = 28 » damage, all bypassing any Hardness or DR.

Espada:Until now, I was undecided on male or female for her.

Broodspawn 1:Apparently when the fox says something's going to die, the fox meant it was GOING TO DIE.

Roland:no crap, it had a large greatsword of adamintium.

Espada:As the Broodspawn is carved in twain?

Broodspawn 1:The thing is launched back down the coridor and SPLATTERS against the far wall.

Glitch:Espada went all Tachigami on the broodspawn's shit. :B

Alth:"Bloody hell.."

Broodspawn:« 1d20+0 = 19 + 0 = 19 »

Espada:"Defile Fisala's holy name, and feel my wrath." >:E



Alth has received initiative.* Kiera , meanwhile, is cursing under her breath, switching between languages about every five words. The result is a barrage of hissed profanity that'd melt the ears off a sailor at fifty paces.

Alth:Alth heads up the corridor, and then crouches down to stay hidden, aiming at the hallway. He's readied an action to sneak attack the first bastard to poke around.


Alth:« 1d20+11 = 12 + 11 = 23 » Hide!

Alth:And done.

RAM:Hi Cocoa! :D

Serafina Cloudrunner has received initiative.Espada:...And I completely forgot the +2 to attack and damage. :B

Alth:As a note, they'll have to be in the square right in front of the corpse. Sneak attacks have to happen within 30 feet.

Broodspawn: (( Gotcha! ))

Broodspawn: (( Lia? Done? ))

Serafina Cloudrunner:Sera runs down the corridor as far as she can get. "Kiera! Fall back, I'll heal you -- or this elf can move his spindle-legged self out of the way --" >:E Readied action, heal Kiera when she comes within touch range.

Serafina Cloudrunner:Done!

Aurixsauriv has received initiative.Kiera: (( 5bux says someone stacks up behind Sera like an idiot and makes that impossible :V ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Hmm. ))

Broodspawn: (( ... Someone see if Rail's still here. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Great grandpa needs help. ))


Espada:Well, I'll work pretty effectively as a shield for her, so she'll be fine either way. :B

Kiera:For now, maybe.

Espada:Just stay behind me. :B

Broodspawn: (( ... How long should we wait on Meany? ))

Kiera: (( not too long :x ))

Roland:was kinda hoping he would skip his turn :/ not like we would move too far

Aurixsauriv: (( Yes, because I can control when my great grandpa needs help. >:/ ))

Roland:not blaming you man

Aurixsauriv: (( It really sounds like you are. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Anyway. ))

Roland::/ Sorry. didn't mean to sound like that

Aurixsauriv:Sau casts Blur on Sera.


Kiera: (( nice move, now I can't get heals! ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Howso? ))

Kiera: (( touch range :| ))

Roland:sera is set to heal her when she gets within touch range


Aurixsauriv:I five foot step and do nothing else.

Aurixsauriv:Move the fuck on.

Roland has received initiative.* Roland looks down the hall, and lets out a very non plused "meh"


Kasnok Strautraugvuras has received initiative.Broodspawn:I don't think Rail's done anything other then suggest killing all magic users and pull off some uncreative 'trolling' on RAM.

Broodspawn:Oh, and insist that someone who runs around killing arcansists no matter what they do is NG.

Aurixsauriv: (( ... ))

Aurixsauriv: (( So you were talking to Kas about that? ))

Aurixsauriv: (( I thought you were talking to me. ))

Broodspawn: (( ... pretty sure I said I was talking to Kas about that. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( You never really specified a subject during any of it, no. ))

Kiera: (( pinged him on IRC again. if he doesn't do anything, just skip him. pretty obvious he's either busy afk, gaming, or just not paying attention for some reason ))

Aurixsauriv: (( And as far as I knew, I was the only NG person in the party. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( I steam pinged him. ))

Broodspawn: (( I think I was lagging really badly then. I know Rail claimed he was a good, and my immeidate responce was 'Yeah, no. Your first responce to the first HINT of arcan magic is KILL IT. CN at best'. Which I condenced to "Yeah, NO. CN at best." ))

Broodspawn: (( *arcane ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Rail never responded to that, though. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( It was kinda the last input we got from him. ))

Ghostwish:We may have lost him.


Broodspawn: (( I was lagging. BADLY. So while it may have been an immediate responce on my end, it probably didn't show up then at yours. ))


Kiera: (( gerronwivit, or we'll die of hypothermia before this fight is over ))


Kasnok Strautraugvuras:The magic hating beserker acts like a magic hating beserker and rushes fowards to engage the enemies.

Ganti:And his RAGE! Macro is broken.

Roland:sounds just like him.

Ganti:So done.

Kiera has received initiative.Kiera has received initiative.* Kiera staggers back past the apparently hidden elf. How does he hide in a corridor? Nobody knows.



Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d8+2 = 8 + 2 = 10 » healing!

Kiera:Oh, and she hisses, at Sera, mostly so as not to alarm the others... (Halfling)


Ganti: (( Path Rangers get that level of HAX. "In favored terrain, may hide at any time, even when in plain sight". ))

Kiera:Aaand done.

* Serafina Cloudrunner nods gravely. "(Stay back. We just need to get you to some sunlight. Just try not to draw more of their fire.)" (Halfling)

Espada has received initiative.Serafina Cloudrunner:"(I have a scroll that'll help if the sky doesn't clear when we're exfiltrating.)"

Espada:"ANOTHER ONE!" >:E

Kiera: (( back in a minute or two, need a drink ))

Espada:Espada moves into range, and once again swings her massive blade!

Meany:You see what you've done, Ghost.

Meany:You made Arc break out the maximum-vodka.


Espada:Punishing Stance, normal attack, recovering spent maneuvers!

Espada:« 1d20+13+2 = 6 + 13 + 2 = 21 » for {2d8+1d6+6+2] damage!


Espada:« 2d8+1d6+6+2 = 15 + 5 + 6 + 2 = 28 » damage!

Broodspawn:It's still standing, but barely!


Espada:End turn!

Drayco:Having fun with Steam and calling Rail.

Broodspawn:On Espada!

Broodspawn:The thing swings at you with it's Claw! « 1d20+9 = 13 + 9 = 22 ». If it hits, not only does it cut you, you also feel a chill that has nothing to do with the weather sink in « 1d8+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 » Slashing, « 1d6 = 3 » cold damage

Espada:Wall of Blades!

Espada:« 1d20+13+2 = 11 + 13 + 2 = 26 »!

Kiera: (( back ))

Broodspawn:Well! It's now missing a claw.

Espada:As the Broodspawn swings its claws, Espada brings Ragilronyo up, and promptly removes the beast's claw!

Drayco:Not getting a response...

Alth has received initiative.Alth:"Hello, darlin'!"

Alth:« 1d20+8 = 10 + 8 = 18 » Musket roll for « 1d12 = 7 » damage!

Broodspawn:The beast learches backwards and collapses.

Alth:"G'night, sweetie."

Espada:"DIE FOUL BEAST!" >:O

Serafina Cloudrunner:"See any more up there?"


Espada:I have no light I can't see shit.

Roland:((What is a MAN?))


Kiera: (( Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a saviour such as you. ))

Kiera: (( now, back on topic ))

Espada:So, what is everyone's light set for?

Broodspawn:And combat over!

* Kiera leans against the wall as the others clear a path, getting her breath back.

"Don't worry, I'll... manage for now."

Ghostwish:nom and close down? x.x

Serafina Cloudrunner has received initiative.Kiera: (( pretty sure Sera is the only one of us carrying a light ))

Broodspawn:Sure thing! Noms?

Espada:"...I need a light, I can't see."

RAM:Sera for angry little halfling. :B

Serafina Cloudrunner:"All right, but be careful." The halfling darts forward, holding up a glowing hand.

Ghostwish:Nomming sera for "YOU EEEEDIOTS/ren"

Ghostwish:Nomming Foxy-poo for entrance. :3

Ghostwish:Nomming kas for MUST DESTROY MAGIC


Serafina Cloudrunner:End turn!

RAM:Roland and Alth for "Disregard fox, acquire loot."

Liatai:Seconding "Disregard fox, acquire loot." :B

Espada:"...Looks clear."

Serafina Cloudrunner:"Looks doesn't always mean is." Sera sniffs.

Kiera:Mmm, smell that blood in the air. Good thing we're not underwater or sharks would be going crazy~

Espada:"Yes, I know. I'm just saying, looks clear."

Ganti:Noms, Peeps. Noms.

Ghostwish:nomming Kiera for GOOD LORDS GET ON WITH IT

Ganti:Also, someone is going to have to send me a log, I lost mine.

Ghostwish:nomming Sera for trying to distract the gib mouth.

Liatai:Espada for "Hi! :D"

Arcalane:can do

Liatai:Alth for Book Grafitti. :B

Liatai:Alth also for Grab The Owl and Run!

Sharpshot4321:Sau for havin a proper reaction to Sera


Espada:...I can read what he wrote, if you ask. :B

Ghostwish:SUDDENLY, WHAT ALTH WROTE:Sharpshot4321:Sera for being her angry self.

Ghostwish:A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing. Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to the earth, spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth of noble natures, of the gloomy days, of all the unhealthy and o'er-darkened ways made for our searching: yes, in spite of all, Some shape of beauty moves away the pall from our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon, trees old and young, sprouting a shady boon for simple sheep; and such are daffodils with the green world they live in; and clear rills that for themselves a cooling covert make 'gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake, rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms: And such too is the grandeur of the dooms we have imagined for the mighty dead; All lovely tales that we have heard or read: An endless fountain of immortal drink, pouring unto us from the heaven's brink.

Liatai:Roland for "Hold it, I'm not sticking my neck out for you again without pay."

Sharpshot4321:Alth for the owl grabbing

Liatai:Roland also for appropriately snarky responses. :B "How do you live with yourselves?" "One day at a time."

Liatai:Kiera for Discretion.

Sharpshot4321:2nd that

Liatai:Sau for Not Talking To You.

RAM:Aur for "I refuse to speak to you until you start acting like a proper lady." >:|


Aurixsauriv:The appropriate response too someone admitting ignorance about something you know by default due to geography and interaction with people who do know is not to shout at them about how stupid they must be.

Aurixsauriv:That tends to get you pushed down stairs when you're locked in a wheelchair.



RAM:Seems like a legit response to me.

* Arcalane read it as SCIENCE!, to be honest.

Ganti:Anything else?

Meany:I'm sorry, I got nothing.

Meany:I have an uncomfortable thing I gotta do when this is done at some point.


Alth: (( dick stuck in the ceiling fan again huh. ))

Meany:Convince great grandpa to put on a new diaper, and get new sheets on his bed.

Sharpshot4321:Hope your ear gets better soon

Serafina Cloudrunner:You wanna be king wizard, you should know who the king wizards are! Idiot. >| (Sera is not the most worldly nor charismatic of souls. ^^; Hasn't yet adapted to the notion that knowledge she takes for granted isn't for some.)

Aurixsauriv:I don't wanna be king wizard.

Aurixsauriv:I'm the only wizard I know!

Ganti:Going once...

Arcalane:Leave the charismatising to the person with 19 CHA, Sera. >_>

Ganti:Going Twice...

RAM:I've got nothing more.

Liatai:Oh, one more.

Liatai:Blair for BIG BADA BOOM. :B

Liatai:Okay I'm done. :3

Liatai:(And I apologize for Sera's behavior. ^^; )

Serafina Cloudrunner:FUCK YOU TOO PLAYER.

Ganti:... And GONE! This sessions Noms: Kas:1 Sau: 3 Sera: 3 Roland: 4 Alth: 5 Kiera: 3 &#16;Espada: 2 Blair: GM noms: RAM, for putting up with Skylands chronic doing nothing.

Sharpshot4321:by the end of this game we will have as many NPC noms as player XD

RAM:She's an angry little Halfling.

Liatai:Any EXP?

Ganti:AP: Kasnok:22 Sau: 19 Sera: 22 Roland:15 Althilmil:27 Kiera: 12 Espada:3 Blair: 3 Gomez?: 1 Gonzolez?!: 1 Dr. Seamus:6

RAM:Oh, and I need the total EXP count so I can update my sheet. :B

Ganti:And yes, you get some EXP. I lost my calculator when I had to shut down firefox to prevent lag...

Arcalane:At last count, I had 6,300 current.


Meany:You know.

* Ganti thinks it was around 2 or 3 hundred EXP...

Meany:I wonder if we'll still have these spats.

Meany:When Sera can cast one-shot kills from the cleric list.


Meany:And Sau has a winter wolf familiar.

Arcalane:You're assuming we all live that long.

Sharpshot4321:depends on who wins initiative

Liatai:Sera only has a CL of 1. :B


Liatai:Unless she's healing.

Ganti:Hang on a second...

Ghostwish:away I go. :3

Ganti:You gain 350 EXP for those two broodspawn. They also went down WAY easy.

Espada:And the Mouther? :.

Ganti:Should I up the difficulty next time?

Ghostwish:Yesh please

Meany:So tired.

Ganti:230 from the mouther.

Espada:And yus, moar challenge!

Ghostwish is disconnected.

Meany:Still gonna play some LoK:Defiance.

Arcalane:Take in mind that thing took out about two thirds of my health in one hit.

Espada:Moar EXP!

Meany:And wait for great grandpa to wake up.

Espada:You're also a squooshy.

Arcalane:Increasing the challenge for the melee types massively increases the threat to the squishier party members. :T

RAM:That's why you're not supposed to be up front. :B

Arcalane:Up until you showed, I had 2nd highest HP in the party, so not really. :T

Ganti:That wasn't even it's full attack. Nor did it use what is it's REAL threat (Which I must admit I've toned down a lot.)

Meany:And your warblade-ness means you can kill al day.

Meany:I can kill for what.

Meany:Five minutes.



Arcalane:there are ways to make combat more interesting and more challenging without resorting to potential-one-shot fake-difficulty scenarios

Ganti:Good game gang. We were actually getting somewhere!

Arcalane:just throwin' that out there

RAM:So, total EXP count, 6880?


Ganti:And again, someone's going to have to send me the log...

Arcalane:don't worry, I'll upload it to my acct in a minute

* RAM updates.

* Ganti suddenly headdesks. Damnit! I forgot to apply the terain modifiers!


Liatai:I'll put the log on the Swap.

Arcalane:I uploaded my attack macro templates as well

Meany:I'm gonna explode now.



Meany is disconnected.

RAM:But yeah, much fun.

RAM:Glad I finally got to join! :D

Ganti:It would have made it MUCH harder. DC 15 blance checks every round in combat. And the broodspawn get to ignore them!

Glitch:And will see you tomorrow for Akellon, Ram? :.

Kiera:Balance check! « 1d20+9 = 12 + 9 = 21 »

Kiera:Balance check! « 1d20+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 »


RAM:The start of it. Christmas party tomorrow at 1800.

Ganti:Okay, not so hard on Kira.

Espada:« 1d20+9 = 14 + 9 = 23 » Balance Check~!

Ganti:... Or Espada.

Sharpshot4321:« 1d20+3 = 14 + 3 = 17 »

Arcalane:I think Kaz might do okay too

Ganti:But it still would have made it trickier. I hope.

Arcalane:relatively speaking

Kasnok Strautraugvuras:(Balance Check : « 1d20+Balance+DexMod = 14 + 0 + 3 = 17 »)

Arcalane:huh, guess not

Arcalane:woulda thought he'd have balance points

Serafina Cloudrunner:« 1d20+2+4 = 20 + 2 + 4 = 26 »

Arcalane:jumps like a flea, can't stand up straight on ice. XP

* Serafina Cloudrunner skates angrily. >|(

Glitch:those are just lucky--REALLY lucky--rolls. :B

Sharpshot4321:mostly the mages and kas will be hindered by that

Ganti:Okay, remembered to save the campaign file.

Ganti:And now I'm off. Later!

Espada:Espada is kinda geared towards fighting the Broodspawn, so, yeah. :B

Ganti is disconnected.

Sharpshot4321:I might have to talk with rail about his macro

Sharpshot4321:cause I believe he is using my trick for a toggle

Arcalane:what probably happened is his macro #s got jumbled and now it's checking the wrong macro # or whatever



Arcalane is disconnected.

Sharpshot4321:it part of it can be set to read name instead of number

Sharpshot4321:bye bye

Sharpshot4321 is disconnected.

RAM:See y'all on the chat!

RAM is disconnected.

You have disconnected.