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Saphroneth has connected.

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Saphroneth:Much behter.



Hyuuint:Too many s names :P

Saphroneth:Don't look at me.

Arcalane:Saph, Sharpie, and Sul. :v

Sulucamas:Cry some more? :o

VAE:Yo imad u nomad?

Saphroneth:I thought you meant character names, ah well.

Arcalane:so I suppose now we get to go get the gems and then set off on our NEXT BIG ADVENTURE

Sharpshot4321:If it helps, think of me as a ss name

Arcalane:when RAM and the DM get here :v

Sharpshot4321:afk for a min, shouldn't be too long

Arcalane:gonna grab a drink myself, back in a few


VAE:Flaal's face totally goes "U mad, imad?"

Ganti has connected.

Hyuuint:what map we on?


VAE:= =Icarus

Ganti:Yeah, It's the Icarus.


Mardak:That guy still around?

Sandor Munkas:Yep. For varying definitions of 'guy'.


Mardak:Good blimey *goes more out of sight*

Saphroneth:That Guy, With The Glasses (Sandor)

Behter :They call me Ian. Mongol Ian.

TMG has connected.

Arcalane:hokay, drink obtaaaaaained

  • Arcalane smacks Saph. XP

Ganti:Yo Glitch.

TMG:Hey-ho. Just watcghin.

  • VAE smacks Saph. I almost choked


Saphroneth:Which one did it?

TMG:...what did saph say. xD

Saphroneth:Saphroneth: That Guy, With The Glasses (Sandor) Behter : They call me Ian. Mongol Ian.

VAE:Ian, Mongol Ian


VAE:but I grant you, it's not a hard feat.

VAE:because I'm still hacking out phlegm

Arcalane:You're choking? I thought you were serious.

  • VAE a lynx of nurgle apparently

Ganti:Okay, anyway while I run around and attempt to nail down the date first the good news: I have a small series of encounters for both options now.


Hyuuint:wait, what date?

Arcalane:the in-game date of today



Ganti:... Arc, I appreciate the thought with the logs, but Google apparently brakes them into HTML, which makes them VERY hard to read.

Arcalane:you can download them

Hyuuint:I thought you could open them with options

Arcalane:that should let you read them properly


VAE:the wiki has logs

VAE:formatted ones

Ganti:Yeah. I transfered over to the wiki.

Arcalane:you want the down arrow on the top bar, or go menu -> download

VAE:with the exception of the ones nobody gave me and couldnt't get from anyone?


VAE:couldn't get myself

Arcalane:I have no idea why drive derps about and tries to display them as text documents. probably because it's dumb.

TMG:Google onl;y breaks the HTML logs if you try to put it on Drive.

VAE:because as server host, that's what I'm doing the last few times. And . . . well, who cares? I'm akellonizing them anyways


TMG:how we Akelloners do it is we just upload the HTML logs as email attachments in Drafts,.

VAE:skylands, here

Arcalane:eh, they still work fine if you download 'em.

  • Arcalane shrug

Arcalane:backups can't hurt

  • VAE haz those :3

Audience 3:Shof Lat!

Arcalane:you can even batch download them, it'll compress them into a zip file for you

Arcalane:but anyways, game on

Ganti:Okay, as you've transfered from the Bar/Inn thing back to the icarus, it's still the 19th. Dragons breath is still going on, the locals are busy laughing at the vistitors as they run around attempting not to catch on fire, ERC, ETC.

Hyuuint:wait what?

Arcalane:wait what what? ask more coherent questions!

Hyuuint:Are we being dragon breath'd, or some NPC tourists?

Elisavet Michelakos:You've been offered two potential jobs: One where you attempt to reclaim the monestary of a lost order of Monks that apparently focused on spirits of the earth or something, and the other is going and mapping yet ANOTHER unexplored island.

Arcalane:it's just what they call that particular kind of weather

Ganti:"Dragon's Breath" is the name of the facy type of weather.


Mardak:Hey, see that item? No, no you don't. « 1d20+12 = 3 + 12 = 15 »


Ganti:People not from the sultanate aren't exactly on top of dealing with it most of the time. It's amusing to watch, as it's rarely fatal.

Hyuuint:Sorry, damned mouse

Behter :"Bloody third sons of diseased pigs! Enfiladed moronic artisans who constructed these excuses for arrowheads and sold them as high quality, may they be turned into gelded horses and pushed off a cliff! The wood that grew this material should be burned, then the charcoal turned into inferior gunpowder and used as fuse material to blow up a dungheap! And the feathers, the half-man half-cow who called these feathers useful should be required to mate with the diseased goose that masqueraded as a hawk that provided these feathers and then infested with barnacles!" (Yes, he's angry over failing that craft check last time)

Sandor Munkas:"So. . . anyone actually feels like going to get those jewels, or should we make use of bonehead here?"


VAE:. . . wow

VAE:Saph, you get all my noms for this.

Kiera:Those hordeboys have such amusing and roundabout insults.

RAM has connected.

Elisavet Michelakos:Nothing is known about the island other then it's within the Sultanate's Area of Influence so it's probably going to be warm there. The Monestary was apparently close to a Necromancers Workshop of some type that Bran Did Not Approve of. Those of you with Knowledge(Religion) should roll that now. Or you could ask Imad, who seems to be REALLY ANGRY about it.

Kiera:As for gems- "Mardak and Espada handled things last time, so it's probably best if they deal with things again."

Elisavet Michelakos:Or if you don't like dealing with the undead, go track down Blair. She should know.

Espada:What'd I miss? :.

Mardak:*goes to track down Blair*

Mardak:Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky....« 1d20+12 = 6 + 12 = 18 »

Behter :"Ah, firkask. I'll try later. Where are these places, anyway,."

Espada:Anyone gonna fill in the fox?

Ganti:Okay, as you've transfered from the Bar/Inn thing back to the icarus, it's still the 19th. Dragons breath is still going on, the locals are busy laughing at the vistitors as they run around attempting not to catch on fire, ERC, ETC.

Ganti:You've been offered two potential jobs: One where you attempt to reclaim the monestary of a lost order of Monks that apparently focused on spirits of the earth or something, and the other is going and mapping yet ANOTHER unexplored island.

Ganti:Nothing is known about the island other then it's within the Sultanate's Area of Influence so it's probably going to be warm there. The Monestary was apparently close to a Necromancers Workshop of some type that Bran Did Not Approve of. Those of you with Knowledge(Religion) should roll that now. Or you could ask Imad, who seems to be REALLY ANGRY about it.

Mardak:*Not comin out, sorry foxy. Though, hey, is that a note on your nose?*

Ganti:Or if you don't like dealing with the undead, go track down Blair. She should know.

Hyuuint:or were you meaning OOC fill in?

Espada:OOC, yes.

Ganti: (( Done. ))


Ganti: (( I think. Unless I'm lagging again. ))

Saphroneth:No, you're fine.

Ganti:Okay, good.

Mardak:Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky....« 1d20+12 = 5 + 12 = 17 »

Mardak:"Psst. You Blair?"

Behter :"So, where is this bloody monastry?" « 1d20+11 = 1 + 11 = 12 »

Behter :"And where did that kid go?"

Blair:"Aye. How can I help ye?"

Kiera: (( oi hang on we're missing Meany again ))

Saphroneth:(Yes, that was a Spot of one.)

Blair: (( Ah! ))

Saphroneth:I'm the one with the high Wis and Spot, I should start using it when Mardak tries ghost mode...

Sandor Munkas:"Like I know. Though with the island . . .we're asked to map it, so the fact we haven't got shit on where it actually is kinda comes with the job."

Kiera: (( he's playing Ass Effect 3, hold on ))

Mardak:"Hey ma'am. Refresh the brain pan, what was that undead-making workshop that Bran doesn't like?"

Espada:"Hey, hey Imad! Why are you all 'grrrrrr' and stuff?" :.


VAE:Ass effect

Kiera: (( pinged him on Steam ))

VAE:Why did I not know this one roughly a year ago

Sandor Munkas:"He's a mad Imad."

TMG:what the flip???

TMG:How did Espada's texzt get all scrawly? o.o

Espada:It's always been like that.

TMG:Never saw it until just now.

Flaal:>> @Imad

Espada:Your shitty computer just didn't have the text to read it.

Kiera:Ohh, no, see, the font you use isn't in any version of windows prior to 7.

Espada:Now that you have a non-shitty computer, you can see it.

Espada:Welcomme to the future.


Espada:Population, everyone but you.

Kiera: (( they use the same font for Tateari-speak in Greedverse :E ))



Imad:"Let's just say there are a very, very limited number of necromatic rights that Bran dissaproves of. If that is the workshop I am thinking of the mage there dabbled in all of them."

VAE:I have espada in totally normal font

Espada:That's Segoe Script, I'm using Print.

Kiera: (( close enough ))

Meany has connected.

Kiera: (( I put the font files up on my backup box account, hold on ))

Espada:"Oh, one of those ones."

Behter :"What are we talking here? Creation of abominations that man has not heard of? Because I don't know anything about that, ask an elf."

Sandor Munkas:"Makes me even happier to stay off the place. Even sanctioned necromancers are bad enough when you piss them off, and this one sounds like a bucket of trouble on top."

Kiera: (( ...or I thought I did, hold on :V ))


Hyuuint:shoulda picked a diff time to ask I guess :P

Espada:"I say we go take him out. Fisilia does not approve of it, either." >:|

Sandor Munkas:"Going there might prove very unhealthy, in the same way getting dysentery does. Knee deep in shit and nowhere to go."

Kiera:"Except we have a ship. And a couple of other surprises up our sleeves, if it comes to it."

Kiera:And she isn't talking about sleeve blades.

Espada:"Exactly. Someone's gonna have to deal with him eventually. Why not us?"

Behter :"I am rather attached to my head. And I don't want it to be crudely sewn on, either. So there's that."

Sandor Munkas:"Why not us? Why us, you mean surely."

Espada:"We would be helping Bran. What more reason do you need?"

Sandor Munkas:"The world is full of jobs that pay just as well, but don't involve standing against folk that can make the dead strut about. Never mind the golems that are supposed to be there , too."

Blair:"Och? Th' number ay necromatic rituals th' final keptin disapproves ay? If ye pure techt th' rituals themselves, there s nae mair 'en thee ay them, pure."

Saphroneth:Is that a dialect or a separate language?

Kiera:She just has a thick accent.



Saphroneth:(note sarcasm)


Ganti:This is the internet. There's no such thing as sarcasam.


  • Arcalane beats Meany with the rubber haddock until he gets IC and stops ZONING OUT ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

Saphroneth:But... but... I'm British? Sarcasm is my main communication mechanism.

Mardak:"Supposed to be one specific, nearby. Nasty piece o' work, I hear."

Behter :"Well, anyone think this sounds like a good idea, or a bad one?"

Roland: (( @saph Surrrrre it is. ))

Blair:« 1d20+17 = 17 + 17 = 34 » Knowledge: Religion!


Meany:A discussion on the topic that I am not familiar with.

Meany:Nor have much interest in.

Aurixsauriv:To the deck!

Behter :"I work best against things which bleed. What good is it putting an arrow in the left eye of a skeleton?"

Roland:"Lovely weather today. Eh?"

Espada:"Oh come on, they're not that tough. You just gotta hit them really, really hard."

Hyuuint:type type type everyone else was typing :D

Kiera:Kiera leans back against the door to her room. "Normally I wouldn't be much up for chasing bad news of this kind, but it sounds like we'd be doing everyone a favour. 'sides, the pay doesn't look too shabby."

Flaal:"Imad, do you know if this necromancer is using the remains of the Monastery?"

Sandor Munkas:"But . . . we do have a better job lined up! One that involves neither undead nor golems!"

Kiera:Sideways look at the Captain. "The pay's not too shabby, right?"

  • Blair seems to have remembered something... "'At a body?! Och hen. bad, Huir uv a bad."

Mardak:"Eh really? Please dish.

Elisavet Michelakos:"As this monestary was supposedly learning its Arts from the Earth Elementals, they are supposed to have quite the treasury. We get to keep it if we clear the it out."

Sandor Munkas:"If we do."

Behter :"Well, that'd be no bloody fun. Who could possibly pass up assaulting a building full of undead. It's the most fun thing in the world."

  • Blair looks around then leans in close to Mardak and whispers something.

Aurixsauriv:The lizard and the Morit speak some, checking in on progress, and moving into the diagram for application of the most basic spell of all time: Prestidigitation.

Espada:"Stop being such a coward! This man is performing Heresy against the Gods! It's a privilage to perform such a mission!" >:|

Behter :"About as fun as fighting a last stand against overwhelming odds. And while a last stand gets you into a ballad, it tends to be a dirge."

Kiera:Mild frown. "What, no standing bounties on the guy or anything?"

Espada:"The Church of Bran would be quite pleased, I'm sure."

Sandor Munkas:"Hah, Like you know anything about heresy, or how it gets dealt with."

Elisavet Michelakos:"He's already dead."

Espada:"You have no idea."

Kiera: (( if you're not getting paid at least twice, you're not doing the job properly :v ))

Elisavet Michelakos: (( You're already getting paid twice. Eliasavet is paying you just for being on crew and you get a cut of the loot. ))

Kiera: (( not my point c: ))

Kiera:"So what, we're just mopping up some old lab experiments that didn't know when to quit?"

Mardak:*is listening to the whispers. Actually picked himself up a bit so she is not having to bend so far. Common courtesy*

Roland: (( Speaking of loot, did we get a number for how much the maps we made went for? Or did I just forget? ))

Espada:We did, yes.

Mardak:....."Ah. I getcha. Thanks for the info, dove." And out he slips.

Elisavet Michelakos: (( Yeah, you got paied. ))

Roland: (( k ))

Mardak:See this guy? No ya don't, he ain't there. « 1d20+12 = 6 + 12 = 18 »

Mardak:Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky....« 1d20+12 = 5 + 12 = 17 »

Kiera: (( I have a loot spreadsheet. all it has on it is the gems we haven't collected yet. ))

Behter :« 1d20+11 = 5 + 11 = 16 » spot

Behter :"Eh? No, nothing."

Sandor Munkas:Yeah. Like they'd make a fox an inquisitor. They'd have to be nuts.
. . . They are nuts . . .
If she's one . . .
fuck.. I hope I'm off..

Espada:Sandor hasn't heard yet, has he? :B

Kiera:No, the fox is a commissar. :v

Kiera:And we all know how commissars deal with heresy.


  • Elisavet Michelakos blinks, and checks her pockets. My word that's a lot of notes...

Hyuuint:wiff LICKINGS


Saphroneth:Firing line?


Saphroneth:Isn't she a bit out of date? Shouldn't it be "shield line" or something?

Saphroneth:I mean, "firing line" assumes guns.



VAE:there are guns here


Espada:The guns we have? :B

Saphroneth:But were there when she was last awake?

Roland:also this isn't ic


Saphroneth:Fair enough,

Hyuuint:back to IC

Kiera:Focus, people. We're getting off track again. |D

Hyuuint:captain IC has pulled out a ton of notes from the pockets

Aurixsauriv:Sau looks over at Roland.

Espada:"Wazzat?" :.

Aurixsauriv:"You met the new people yet?" Is Sharp even here?

Kiera:K eyes the notes. Are we talking money-notes or mission-notes? :v

Aurixsauriv:THERE he is.

VAE:and well. Sandor did briefly impersonate an inquisitor when GTFOing from the mess he had made over in the Holy Empire. Makes him sligtly twitchy at their mention.

Behter :"Someone going to tell me where this monastry is? I know a bit about reading terrain, so if we have a map..."

Espada:Captain, you have a curious fox leaning up on you. :B

Roland:"Some of them. Unless you brought the other two for a different reason?"

Aurixsauriv:"Well, there is their stated purposes."

Elisavet Michelakos:"Eh? Yes? Can I help you?"

  • Elisavet Michelakos looks at the newest note. "..."

Espada:"Wazzat?" :.

Aurixsauriv:"But...frankly, having more bodies between us and the sharp metal flying through the air isn't bad." :>

Espada:Looking at the notes. :B

  • Elisavet Michelakos toggles the intercom. "Blair? Could you come here please?"
  • Elisavet Michelakos turns it off.

Roland:"Depends, Both of the new ones look like they are the type to duck."

Sandor Munkas:"Either way, when did the pile of bones start deciding which jobs we're to do ?"

Aurixsauriv:"Hey, Roland, do you know any Transmutations?"

Elisavet Michelakos:"Mardak doesn't like people, apparently. So this is how he's voting."

Behter :"Since nobody but the fox seems to care much."

Behter :"I'm not too bothered. A job's a job, after all."

  • Blair climbs the ladder, pusing pas Sandor. "Aye? Wha' do ye need?"

Roland:"Not off the top of my head."

Sandor Munkas:"A serving of common sense for everyone."

Elisavet Michelakos:"... What's this about a Brain Golem?"

Espada:"A who what?" :.

Sandor Munkas:"The words one doesn't want to hear together before breakfast. Or after breakfast. Years after, even"

Behter :"I hate golems. Too bloody hard to kill. We had to get the artillery up last time..."

Aurixsauriv:"Hmm, drats. Was hoping you could help Morit here out, as Transmutation isn't my specialty either."

Aurixsauriv:"Oh well."


Blair:"... Dornt ask me. aam an engineer, nae a mage."

  • Elisavet Michelakos sighs. "Right."


VAE:would knowledge (arcane) cut that?

Kiera:"A whatnow?"

  • Elisavet Michelakos climbs the latter to the deck and sticks her head out.

Elisavet Michelakos: (( Yes it would. ))

Espada:I don't suppose Knowledge (Planes) has any application here? :B

Saphroneth:My own Knowledge is Geography. I'm hoping to use it at some point, presumably when we get somewhere.

Roland:"I doubt I could teach him regardless. What I do is a lot of... intuition."

Elisavet Michelakos:"Oy! Roland! Saur! What do you know about 'Brain Golems'?"

Sandor Munkas:« 1d20+10 = 5 + 10 = 15 » Knowledge (arcane) What the fuck. ..


Aurixsauriv:Sau cracks open his book.



Ganti whispers: There's no such thing as a Brain Golem.


Hyuuint:I fear this is getting out of hand for an IC misinterpretation from my guy


Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 20 + 11 + 0 = 31 » Knowledge Arcana check!

Sandor Munkas:"Something fucked up, folks."


Aurixsauriv:Critical Nerd.


Sandor Munkas:"Now when I think of it. . .you *can't* make a brain golem."

Sandor Munkas:"The process you use for enchanting the tissues doesn't work on brain and brainstem - you had to *take them out* when using a spine, hell."

Kiera:"Maybe they meant a Brian golem, made from people all named Brian?">/small> she muses out loud.

Sandor Munkas:"Otherwise the shit would just rot in there."

Espada:"That would be amusing."

Ganti whispers: As you're not a necromancer, I'll let that slide. But there is a way to enchant brains. You just don't know what it is.

Sandor Munkas:"Not so amusing when it makes the joints seize up, or worse."

You whisper to Ganti: What do you expect on a roll of 15? He's working off stuff he heard from folks in shady pubs, some of who were.

Aurixsauriv:"Brain Golem: Not possible with current magical knowledge, or strength of elemental binding. Possible alternatives are the Brain In A Jar undead monster; a violent construct designed for to spread misery and to destroy property."

Sandor Munkas:"Sounds like every undead ever."

  • Roland is still humming a tune off and on

Behter :"A... jar? That's supposed to be a useful... what?

Ganti whispers: Aye. As I said, you got a low roll, I'll let that slide.

Behter :"That's the stupidest weapon I've ever heard of. It could be beaten by a ROCK."

Aurixsauriv:"Don't assume things."

Sandor Munkas:"Who knows. Maybe it's a quartz jar."

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+11+mod = 18 + 11 + 0 = 29 » Knowledge Arcana check!

Aurixsauriv:On Brain in a Jar.


Hyuuint:all the knows today

  • Imad laughs. "Oh my. You really don't know much about them, do you?"

Aurixsauriv:I am Nerdier Than Thou.

Roland:"Why are you yelling through the hatch?"

Sandor Munkas:"Nobody asked you, bonestack."

Behter :"Quartz? The stuff that makes up sandstone? It's too cloudy, isn't it?"

Sandor Munkas:"It is, but it's fairly hard."

Aurixsauriv:"Because they keep yelling at me through the hatch."

Aurixsauriv:"And I don't know if it's part of their culture."

Aurixsauriv:"But I don't want to offend, or cut off my lesson with Morit altogether."

  • Roland srugs, then returns to humming

Espada:"Nobody asked you either, scaley." >:|

  • Kiera eyeroll. Some people. :T

Espada:"Different scaley, Sau."

Aurixsauriv:"Actuallly, Espada. The Captain did."

Espada:"Guy with the snake."

Behter :"What? This is my normal voice. You can hear it over crowds, long distances, carousing or a full scale battle."

Sandor Munkas:"Hey! >:|"



Espada:"We asked you." :B

Aurixsauriv:Sau tosses some jerky down the hatch.



Kiera:Foxes. :T

Roland:"... that works?"



Aurixsauriv:"I'm going to start experimenting with different meat types."

Behter :"I can provide horse."

Aurixsauriv:"So far, beef gets the most positive reaction, with lamb and venison being neutral."


VAE:Said behter and packed lasagnas for Tesco

Aurixsauriv:"Here we go, Brain in a jar."

Roland:"Try searing it slightly."

Espada:I like you, Sau.

Kiera:"Now all we need is a bouncy ball or something..."

Espada:When I reattain godhood, you will die last.

Espada:I mean.


Espada:I totally don't intend to smite any of you. >.>


Aurixsauriv:"Created through torture...psychic abilities...insane beyond all reason...enslaves other undead...bounty from the Church of Bran if you can prove it was a Brain-In-A-Jar..."

Behter :"I'm going to mark that down as evidence FOR my culture's interpretation..."

Sandor Munkas:Like I believe that

Espada:You do realize that was not IC, correct?

VAE:I do

VAE:probably should have laid off the italics then

VAE:but . .. I'm gearing up to go boil some tea

VAE:tea is life

Saphroneth:...this is why I'm careful with impersonation, to make sure it is easy to tell. Ah well.

Aurixsauriv:Hey, Espada?

Aurixsauriv:How are you on anise?

Imad: (( Saph, you can't hear Sauri. He's on the deck. ))

Espada:"This is IC. You can tell by the squiggly font."

Aurixsauriv: (( Hatch is open. ))

Saphroneth:Ah, okay.

Espada:This is not, unless I'm performing an action.

Aurixsauriv: (( I'm yelling down it. ))

Mardak:*keeps to his hidey spot till things are decided*

Espada:Anise? :.

Saphroneth:And I can so hear him! I have a +10 Listen and a feat for it.

Aurixsauriv: (( Btw, anise is a spice that is basically catnip for dogs. ))

Imad: (( Okay... That'll get you grabed and dragged back inside by Elisavet. She came up on deck to talk to you. ))


VAE:no squiggly font here

VAE:just regular brown


Espada:Red, actually.

Elisavet Michelakos:"Either use the intercom or come down here and talk to us face to face."

Kiera: (( download the fonts I linked on IRC for next time, V ))

Espada:And that's because you're using a silly OS.

Kiera: (( just look back for the link ))

Aurixsauriv:"What's an intercom?"

Roland:"Did you mean me or sau?" look what you did, now I'm yelling

  • Elisavet Michelakos points to a metal box that has a grill and a few switches. "That's an intercom. It allows communication throughout the ship."

Sandor Munkas:"Neato."

Behter :"Huh. Lot more convenient than shouting."


Espada:"That's cool. Is it on?" :.

Aurixsauriv:Sau pokes the button once.

Aurixsauriv:"Hmm, it lights up, perhaps that indicates activity."

Aurixsauriv:Poke and hold. "Testing testing one two."

Kiera:"They're going to be playing with it all day now."

She shakes her head a little.

Elisavet Michelakos:"Yes it does. Please don't fiddle with it. I'll give you a rundown on how it works LATER."

Espada:Uh oh, the fox is standing up against the wall over it.

Espada:"Yip yip yip!" :D

Aurixsauriv:When suddenly.


Imad:Skeletal hand? Meet Skull.

Behter :"I'm going to go and get some sleep. I'm still getting used to not forced-marching everywhere, uninterrupted sleep is new. I vote for whatever the majority is."

Espada:You'll notice this is the first time Espada has actually vocalized. :B



Espada:Chase chase chase!

Aurixsauriv:And it smells like Anise.

Aurixsauriv:And tastes like it.

Kiera:Totally saw that coming about half an hour ago.

Aurixsauriv:Morit gets A+ on first prestidigitation.



Espada:Ball get!


Roland:so how many need to make reflex checks while espada runs over everyone?

Hyuuint:do foxes chase balls like that in RL?

Meany:Yes, actually.

Espada:This one does.

Saphroneth:Quantum physics. A fox with a ball is neither a wave nor a particle, but a series of impacts.

Meany:Not -as much- but a bit.

Meany:Russian Black Foxes are more doglike.

Meany:And cost you 100k.


Espada:And the Anise does not seem to affect her. :B

Imad:Dunno. Espada's just a hyperactive six-year-old.

Meany:Drats. :B

Sandor Munkas:So this is the crew we're with, Arpad. A munchy fox, a bone sack, a cat, and a bunch of folks from half the known world with different degrees of insanity.

Espada:Magical creature I'm different from your average canid~.

Meany:She's smarter than the average fox.

Meany:A little.


Hyuuint:you forgot the gnome that isn't there.

Saphroneth:Still steals picnic baskets, though. Or, rather, they're "offerings". Retroactively.

Ganti:Okay, so current vote is Monestary: Espada, Sauri, Mardak, Imad.

Saphroneth:Behter abstains, on account of bloody-mindedness and apathy.

  • Kiera doesn't give much of a damn either way as long as both jobs pay well.

Ganti:Island: Sandor, ?

Ganti:Okay, with Kiera and Behter abstaining, and Roland off being Roland, I think Monestary takes it...

Flaal:Looks like it's settled

Sandor Munkas:"Arpad votes the same as me"

Kiera:Familiars totally don't count.

Espada:"You and your snake count as one vote." >:|

Roland:I'd pick monestary if I knew what was going on, but II don't so :P

Audience 3:I vote for the monastery.

Arpad:If only because the undead taste rotten.

Ganti is disconnected.

Roland:ohh dear


Roland:See, look what giving players a vote does to the GM!

Arpad:Shed my arse, I slew the GM with a bad pun


Ganti has connected.


Saphroneth:Wait, did someone vote a camera?

Ganti:Okay, last I saw was Arpad saying "undead taste rotten."

Espada:You missed nothing.

Hyuuint:Holy hector

Saphroneth:Good, that was the last thing apart from discussions of him having killed you with the pun.

Hyuuint:you DID kill him with a pun

Arcalane:Critical pun.

Elisavet Michelakos:"If we're giving your Familiar a vote we're going to have to give Blairs Mechanical Dragon Construct thing a vote, and then her ARMOR'S going to demand a vote and that murdock fellow's constructs are going to demand votes... Best if we just nip that in the bud right now."

Arcalane:Yeah, next thing we know Cthulhu will want a vote.

Arcalane:We don't go in the Mess Hall any more.

Espada:"So, Monestary it is?" :D

Aurixsauriv:Sau polevaults with his staff halfway up the ladder, and scurries back up to the deck.

Elisavet Michelakos:"It is indeed. It's just off a major trade current so we should get there in about three days at most."

Espada:"Awesome! Let's go!"

Aurixsauriv:"Anyway, you can continue to do these effects in any combination for an hour after casting."

Espada:You should notice that Espada is currently carrying a ball in her mouth. :B

Arcalane:Everyone forgot about the gems again.

  • Elisavet Michelakos is ignoring the odditys the giant blue fox spirit gets up to unless it negatively impacts the ship. I stay saner that way.

Aurixsauriv:"A good practice would be using it to clean segments of the ship and layer them with smells, or making small objects to brighten it up. Cleaned and created items don't undo themselves after the hour is up."


Aurixsauriv:"Further, you can use it to warm up leftovers, cool down things that are too hot, so on and so forth."

Espada:"Not yet!" :O

Elisavet Michelakos: (( That was actually included in elisavet's estimite as you're picking them up tommorow. ))

Espada:"We gotta sell the gems first!"

Flaal:RAM, is the srawly text in quotes supposed to be telepathy? :B



Espada:Espada speaks telepathically.

Elisavet Michelakos:"That why I said three days, not two. You should be picking them up tommorrow."

Espada:"Oh." :B

Imad:Skull? Meet wall.

Espada:"Careful, Imad.You're gonna hurt yourself." :.

Kiera:Poor guy.

Sandor Munkas:"How can a pile of bones get any worse, anyways."

Espada:"Well, they could be your bones."

Imad:"I am a fully instated cleric of Bran. I can heal myself as well as all of you."

Espada:"That would be much worse."

Sandor Munkas:". . . I think I'll pass on that."

Imad:"...And just for that I'm holding you down when you make a comment like that to Samara face. He's supposed to show up sometime within the next month, you know."

Espada:"I know!" :D

Elisavet Michelakos:"...."

Hyuuint:sorry I am not doing much IC it seems.

Behter :*pillow over ears* "I thought nothing would be louder than a whole Tyumen celebrating the sack of a town..."

Espada:"I'm so excited!" :D

  • Elisavet Michelakos retreats to the cockpit. I do NOT want to deal with Archmagi at the moment.

Hyuuint:He has....reasons.

Kiera:K just... shakes her head a little more and retreats into her quarters as well. XP

Sandor Munkas:I wonder if that healing of his involves becoming a bone sack like him. /This won't hurt a bit./ they all say..

Mardak:See this guy? No ya don't, he ain't there. « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 »

Mardak:Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky....« 1d20+12 = 11 + 12 = 23 »

Aurixsauriv:"For your assignment, you have two days to plan and construct an object created with presidigitation, at least two colors, a separate object smaller than it of one color to compliment the object, and to ensure it is enscribed with your name in the cuniform listed on this page. Feel you're up to that?"

Behter :"Hey, I can hear you, you shorty!"

Morit:"I should be..."

Behter :"You're louder than the fox goddess!"

Mardak:Oops. Luck ran out. Anyways, no matter how he's spotted, he still making a scarper to the cockpit. And in he goes. Seems to be skirting around boney there especially.

Espada:"~Stamp on the ground, jump jump jump jump...~"

  • Imad just watches him go. Doesn't seem to mind the avoidence...

Espada:And now she's doing a funny little dance. :B

Behter :"Nope, nevermind, she's louder again."

Sandor Munkas:Arpad, Arpad, looks like we're in for a time about as interesting as when that store clerk's husband walked up from the cellar...

Elisavet Michelakos:"Oh, hello Mardak. Can I help you with anything?"

Arpad:And lookee what does it all have in common. You being an idiot

Saphroneth:...ponders using "your aunt was a bitch" to see if Espada would take offence or just go "~Yep!".

Flaal:Italo Bros. xD

Sandor Munkas:Shut up or I'll tie you into a pretzel.

Mardak:"Eh, not much, captain-ma'am. Just wonderin when exactly when we be leavin. Cause if there is the times, I gotta get some things done, info gained, tooled fined tuned. The usual stuff."

Elisavet Michelakos:"We should be casting off late tomorrow."

Mardak:"Alright, noted. Mind if I heave ho till then?"

Elisavet Michelakos:"Not at all.

Elisavet Michelakos:"

Mardak:*and he be gone.*

Mardak:Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky....« 1d20+12 = 18 + 12 = 30 »

Mardak:See this guy? No ya don't, he ain't there. « 1d20+12 = 13 + 12 = 25 »

Hyuuint:this time, no one sees >:D

Hyuuint:so no one knows he be gone mwahahahaa

Arcalane:Like anyone is going to notice anyway. :v

Espada:Yes, Italo Brothers. :B

  • Imad walks off into the 'officers lounge'.

Espada:This one is too busy dancing. :B

  • Flaal follows

Hyuuint:but while he is off the ship, the token remains for ooc necessity

Flaal:"Imad, what do you know about the fate of this Monastery?"

Roland: (( hyuu, just stuff him in a bedroom we can't see into them ))

Hyuuint:what one?

Roland: (( don't think it matters long as its empty ))

Hyuuint:one catgirl is in, got it

Imad:"... If it is what I fear, there is a surviving Brain-In-A-Jar. It has no doubt enslaved a few of myfree-willed kin and gathered some mindless zombies. Possibly... given what the necromancer was researching... a swarm."

Sandor Munkas:*rests against the ladder, and settles on keeping sight on the engineer that apparently remained behind*

Sandor Munkas:Not bad for an elf. Not bad.

  • Blair leaves to go do engineering stuff.

Espada:Better not let me hear that. :B

Blair:I have a mecha that can crush you with it's bare hands.

Flaal:"A swarm?"

Sandor Munkas:. . . ah fuck

Flaal:"Of the undead?"

Espada:Plus an elf deity. :B


Imad:"Yes. There are..." « 1d20+8 = 3 + 8 = 11 »

Imad:"Two types that I know of."

  • Flaal listens

Roland: (( been drafted to throw dinner in the over, back in 10 ))

Sandor Munkas:« 1d20+0 = 18 + 0 = 18 » Spot. Is that ball the fox was toying with still around?

Imad:"The Bone Rat Swarm and the Corpse Rat Swarm. They're banned by the Church of Bran as they have no..." He waves his hand vaguely. "... Spark. That which seperates my kin from those that have no will of their own. Even the mindless skeletons and zombies have a minor spark, which can be fanned into a true fire. The Swarms? Don't. They exist only to feed a ravanous hunger that cannot be sated."

Espada:Im mah mouf. :B

Espada:Chew chew gnaw gnaw dance dance.

Behter :« 1d20+ = 20 » fortitude save vs. headache

Saphroneth:Well, that's a waste of a 20.

Saphroneth:(and the plus was four)


Flaal:"They sound more like a weapon."


Sandor Munkas:*Prestidigitation, to try and nick the ball from the fox's mouth* "Lemme borrow that,foxy! We'll play a bit."

Imad:"When combined with the fact that they are a swarm of undead rats, and as such are immune to most weapons... They are often weaponized."

  • Imad nods.

Saphroneth:...raaat kiiing...

Imad:"Yes. They're banned as they have no use OTHER then as a weapon."

Arcalane:At least they're not Sorrow Spiders. Those steal your eyeballs.

Mardak:*into the markets he goes, to places here and there. Hmm...coinpurse...NO! Remember, not the tourists, they help the nearby markets. Hm. Markets....And he goes to see someone....*

Espada:Grrrr. >:3

Espada:You're gonna have to try harder than that to get it. :P

VAE:Actually.. what should be rolled in such case?


Espada:Str, prolly.

Espada:Or Disarm.

Flaal:"But you predict we'll run into one of these Swarms?"

VAE:how's disarm, again?

Saphroneth:Disarm As a melee attack, you may attempt to disarm your opponent.

Saphroneth:Step 1 Attack of Opportunity. You provoke an attack of opportunity from the target you are trying to disarm. (If you have the Improved Disarm feat, you don’t incur an attack of opportunity for making a disarm attempt.) If the defender’s attack of opportunity deals any damage, your disarm attempt fails.

Imad:"That necromancer wasn't killed JUST for making Brain-In-A-Jars. Even if that would have been reason enough."

Saphroneth:Step 2 Opposed Rolls. You and the defender make opposed attack rolls with your respective weapons. The wielder of a two-handed weapon on a disarm attempt gets a +4 bonus on this roll, and the wielder of a light weapon takes a -4 penalty. (An unarmed strike is considered a light weapon, so you always take a penalty when trying to disarm an opponent by using an unarmed strike.) If the combatants are of different sizes, the larger combatant gets a bonus on the attack roll of +4 per difference in size category. If the targeted item isn’t a melee weapon, the defender takes a -4 penalty on the roll.

Sandor Munkas:« 1d20+3 = 10 + 3 = 13 » Disarm attack , for the lulz

Saphroneth:Step 3 Consequences. If you beat the defender, the defender is disarmed. If you attempted the disarm action unarmed, you now have the weapon.

Flaal:"Can these swarms fly?" :P

Sandor Munkas:"Heey, give it here! I can't make it bounce about if you're holding it :3"


Espada:« 1d20+11+4 = 1 + 11 + 4 = 16 » then, since anything I'm carrying in my mouf is two-handed. :B


Imad:"Which is a slight blessing."

Saphroneth:No, it's not a weapon.

Flaal:"Is that why you were disinclined to bring them up to the rest of the crew?"

Saphroneth:So no bonus, a penalty instead.

  • Imad shrugs. "They didn't ask."

Espada:It's a ball, close enough.

Roland: (( the one day of the week that make me do this and its friday... ))



Saphroneth:A ball is a melee weapon now?

Espada:To a Warblade, anything is a melee weapon.

Hyuuint:and foxes have natural proficiency, Ball

Espada:I could use a wooden spoon to destroy a boulder. :P

  • Flaal looks at his hands "How does one defeat one of these Swarms, then? Is it like killing a snake?"

Arcalane:Probably a Simple weapon. :v

Arcalane:Or improvised.

Espada:Either way, it'smoot.

Espada:I rolled a one.

Saphroneth:Oh, missed that, sorry. Derp.

Espada:So, you epically disarm? :.

Saphroneth:Such a large bonus...

Imad:"No. Area of Effects are best."


Imad:"They don't have an actual 'leader' per say. They're something of a hive mind. Made out of a few hundred undead rats."

Sandor Munkas:Yep! The ball flies out of the fox's mouth, and the sorcerer begins to bounce and roll it around without quite touching it. "Here, see if you can get it again! :3"

Imad:"Spells also work. We have two sorcerers and a Wizard. They won't be a threat."

Saphroneth:What book is the Warblade from?


Imad: (( Book of Nine Blades ))

Espada:Tome of Battle; Book of Nine Swords

Espada:"Gimme that ball!" >:O

Saphroneth:Ah, there we go.

Espada:Chase chase!

Arcalane:Please try to avoid knocking over anything important. ._.

Sandor Munkas:Sandor continues to roll it around, dangling it in front of Espada just for the right time to excite her, then moving it elsewhere.


Imad:"Worst comes to worst I AM a Cleric of Bran. This invests in me a certain authority over all forms of undead. Even the Swarms."

Sandor Munkas:Is it oat bran?

Saphroneth:Or, of course, we distract it with horses.

Sandor Munkas:I am a cleric of Bran. This invests me a certain authority over all forms of undead, and the regular passing of stool

Flaal:"Ah, so that's where your confidence comes from"

Espada:"Gimme gimme gimme!" >:O

Aurixsauriv:Back from emergancy noodlemaking for great grandma!

Sandor Munkas:"Gotta grab it yourself" rolls the ball under Espada's body and behind.


Espada:« 1d20+9 = 6 + 9 = 15 » attack roll!

Flaal:"Is your authority enough to let me keep my eyes through this venture?"

Sandor Munkas:« 1d20+3 = 7 + 3 = 10 » Attack roll


Sandor Munkas:Yep, it is yours.

Espada:"MINE!" :D

Imad:"Indeed. Though I may be just ready to venture out of my temple, I can keep the swarm away from us."

Saphroneth:Reflex save vs. hitting ladder?


Espada:Ball get!

Espada:Gnaw gnaw gnaw.

Kiera:Foxes. :T

Espada:Cats :T

Kiera:Are the best. :3

Sandor Munkas:Are the worst.

  • Flaal bows

Kiera:You realize you're insulting your player there, right?

Flaal:"We are truly fortunate to have your assistance in this matter."

Sandor Munkas:He insults me pretty regularly, so it's even.

Imad:"Think nothing of it. We are here to help."

Friea: (( Somewhere where the others can't see her. ))

Arpad:Besides, it's not like cats try to eat him regularly.


Behter :"Do you people not understand the value of SLEEP? I've not had a bed this stable since I was billetted in a town last year!"

Imad:"I have no need for sleep."

  • Kiera is snoring loudly. Silly Behter.

Hyuuint:afk moment

Imad: (( ... This guy's supposed to be TN, but I think I'm playing him more 'Exasperated Good'. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Welcome to my life. ._. ))

Behter :"Eh, no way I'm getting to sleep."

Flaal:TN? ___ Neutral?


Behter :"Where's the firing range?"

Espada:So, we got anything more or are we go for timeskip to mission?

Imad: (( True Neutral. NN. ))

Espada:True Neutral.

Saphroneth:Go ahead and skip.

Ganti:Waiting on Hyuu. He wanted to do a skit with his characters mentor.

Flaal:Ah, Neutral Neutral, gotcha

Saphroneth:I just didn't want to be in a hammock if there was other stuff going on...

Saphroneth:Alright, I'll go shoot some arrows.

Ganti:But other then that, nothing.

Flaal:"Imad, is there anything that must be done so that you can exert your influence while we're afield?"

Behter :« 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » « 12d0+8 = Invalid expression: 12d0+8. » one minute's volley fire.

Saphroneth:...why didn't that work.




Espada:Because you rolled 0-sided dice. :B

Flaal:It's like the sound of one hand clapping

Behter :« 1d20+8 = 9 + 8 = 17 » « 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 » « 1d20+8 = 16 + 8 = 24 » « 1d20+8 = 9 + 8 = 17 » « 1d20+8 = 7 + 8 = 15 » « 1d20+8 = 20 + 8 = 28 » « 1d20+8 = 13 + 8 = 21 » « 1d20+8 = 8 + 8 = 16 » « 1d20+8 = 16 + 8 = 24 » « 1d20+8 = 20 + 8 = 28 » This time with the bow the right way round!



Espada:You can't hear it, but I'm totally clapping one-handed right now.

Espada:It's actually pretty easy.

VAE:. . .

VAE:two 20s there

Behter :"Not too shabby. Nothing for the sergeant to scream at me over... I could hit a horse at 300 feet with all ten of those, given the grouping..."

Roland:... where are you firing? off the side of the ship???


Saphroneth:I had to assume there was SOMEWHERE to practice.

Saphroneth:Basically, firing at the stern rail.

Saphroneth:(well, stern bulkhead)


VAE:Fun if he inflicted critical damage to ship with the crits

Arcalane:That's a rail, I think. Since it's the top deck and all.

Espada:I think the ship's hardness covers the damage he could inflict. :B

Ganti: (( That's the rail, yes. And I'm constructs and items are immune to crits. ))

Ganti: (( and hardness covers everything else. ))

Saphroneth:Well, I'm guessing that there's somewhere to actually shoot, and was using the top deck as proxy. And actually, now I think about it...

Saphroneth:I do 1d8+4 with those arrows, as it happens. Mighty comp longbow.

Arcalane:You could probably set up a couple of crates or barrels as a target dummy or something, I imagine there's some spares.

Roland:also might cut down on shooting civilians when you miss

Saphroneth:Eh, I'll assume there's ten arrows sticking into the gun carriage. Or nine and one that bounced.

Saphroneth:Actually, moment of geek. What kind of lock do those guns have? Match, flint? Quill or firing pan or touch-hole?

Saphroneth:(The most advanced version is a flintlock with gunpowder-impregnated quills sticking out of the touch-hole, so the flintlock sprays sparks on it and it ignites. The gun captain carries the quill reloads.


Meany:DMG doesn't provide match.

Meany:Flint is the earliest firearm available according to Wizurds.

Saphroneth:That's kind of a simplification...

Ganti:Flint. The description I keep throwing around for the setting is "Steampunk".

Saphroneth:Fair enough.

Saphroneth:Hmm, wonder what happens if the broadsides are poorly timed? Setting up a swinging?

Hyuuint:and yet we still keep aiming for the fantasy :p

Arcalane:If we have to use the guns, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Ganti:Saph: Yeah, probably.

Ganti:D&D is NOT geared for steampunk, so I'm having to wing a heck of a lot of stuff.

Saphroneth:Fun, actually - guns used to be fired on the "upward roll" for aiming at rigging or on the downward roll to fire at enemy hull. I'd assume the rigging is almost automatic as a target for airships.

Ganti:I could have just yoinked WoWtech, but that's somehow EVEN WORSE.

Arcalane:Depends on the airship. Ours has dat fancy engine, but not all of 'em do.

Saphroneth:Well, if the balloon pops..

Saphroneth:Sorry, if the gas all escapes, you've had it.

Arcalane:Yup, but sending it down means no loot.

Arcalane:So you don't want to do that.

Arcalane:We had this discussion looooong before you joined. :3

Espada:So, are we waiting on anything, or can we timeskip to mission time?

  • Mardak goes about, slipping from alleyway to alleyway, thumbing his nose at the back of a few particular shopkeeps, before tumblinging into a hidden alcove by the *name of shop removed*. He looks about, knocking on a beam then a nearby glass bottle, then the beam again, three times on a nearby rat who squeaks in protest...then....

Friea: (( Most of them are gasbags yes. And they've... Go poke Girl Geinus. Look at Wulfenbach's airships. ))

VAE:Depends. IThere can be situations where you do want to take a ship down

Saphroneth:Yeah, that's my thought.

Arcalane:Well yes. But most of the time you want loot. Anyway.

Saphroneth:Anyway. Timeskip?

Saphroneth:Oh, wait, scene apparently.

Friea:"Get in here Mardak! And stop doing that rediculous knock. You know it's pointless!"

Mardak:"Hah, sorry ma'am, couldn't help." And with that, he hops inside, and grins. "How's the doings, ma'am?"

  • Friea is an old female elf. Still has nimble fingers though. She speaks with a definite Sultanate accent... "Not bad. Ever since you gave Old Goatface a taste of his own medicene things have been calming down. The heat on me has died off a fair bit... mostly because you directed it all to yourself! Honestly. Too selfless for your own good."

Hyuuint:folks, sorry if this ends in boredom...I just figured it'd be better for the ooc folks to witness char stuff?

Meany:It's cool.

Meany:I'm a bit stressing out and trying to calm down. ^^;


Meany:Tea is good for the calm.

Mardak:"Ah you know me. Can't help it till I do all the right, ya know. Though, blimey, didn't figure Ole Goaty would be so hard up about 3 months blackmail disappearing."

  • Friea arches an eyebrow. "Are you STILL effecting that accent? You're amoung friends here. Not outsiders. Drop it."

Friea: (( *affecting? ))


Saphroneth:Second one.

Friea: (( Poke? :30 lagcheck? ))

Arcalane: (( ff, afk a few. ))

Mardak:"Oop. Right, get too used to it sometimes, ya know?" He clears his throat and mouths a bit before going back to his original Sultanate accent as well. Well, almost Sultanate. It's off a bit. "Anyways, I got a bit of news, and a bit of news"

Saphroneth:...should we answer the lagcheck? I got it a few minutes ago, but busy.

Friea:"If this is about you finding 'decent' employment with the Icarus, good on you. Captain Elisavet is a good woman, if a bit spoiled. Also, Captain Huseyin sends his regards. That blackmail you got contained a significant amout of Old Goatface's hold on him so he can now start doing his job again."

Friea: (( Please do. ))


Friea: (( :34 at :34. Not lagging. ))

Mardak:"Oh, well, good for him, explains why the gard weren't looking TOO hard....and damnit, is there ever a time I might get the best of ya?" Smirks...then it slides off his face. "Maybe with this then. First job, and apparrently...." His voice grows very icy "We might be running into them Brain-in-a-Jar freaks."


  • Friea stops and stiffens. "... Well. I must admit I wasn't expecting THAT. You'd best be careful. They can take over your mind, you know. Take it from me... that's NOT something you want to have happen. Vile things... do you have any backup other then the rest of the Icarus crew? Cleric at least?"

Mardak:"Some undead person-thing with some name of Imad." Tone alone makes it apparent he doesn't care for him

  • Friea cringes slightly. "Ah. That's... problematic. On one hand, the Church of Bran knows some secrets about how to dispose of those... things... so they won't come back. On the other, undead are more vunerable to them... You'd best watch your back."

Mardak:"Always." Sighs. "Well, I have a day to get prepared, any bits or bobs you suggest I acquire?"

  • Friea sighs and mutters under her breath. "Especially given what happened to your parents.."

Espada:Don't forget meeee!

Mardak:"Also, any tips or tricks about clericy fox beings from ages ago that seem to be hyper bouncy?"

Friea:"Hm. Depends on what it's managed to enslave as it's minions. Your skill at cutting throats won't do you any good against it and it's favored pawns..." She blinks. "Hyper bouncy clericy fox things?" Well that's some obvious confusion on her part.

Arcalane: (( go go gadget backscroll! ))

Mardak:"Yep. Pretty much sums her up."


Espada:With big swords!

Espada:Don't forget the sword!

Espada:It's, like, three times your height and weight. :P

Friea:"... I must admit this is the first time I've heard of anything like that... Treat her like any other spirit is my first response. Be polite, be respectful to a point, and stay out of her way as best you can."

Sharpshot4321:hes a halfling, its 4 times his height

Sharpshot4321:or gnome


Sharpshot4321:or something short

Espada:Close enough.

Mardak:"OK. Hrm. Any other tips you can impart on me, hm?"

Friea:"Holy water and wands of Cure Wounds. Undead don't react well to things empowered with 'positive' energy. Utter misnomer that is, but I can't think of a better name."

Mardak:"Right. Will have to get some of those....I forget, anyone owe any favors?"

Friea:"None off the top of my head... Wait... No. You wouldn't like it there, and she's gone anyway."

  • Friea sighs and shakes her head. "Hard to believe it's only been twenty years..."

Sharpshot4321:like an eyeblink that is


Mardak:"Ah. Right. Her. Hm." Frowns. "Well, I will think of something." Gives a bow...then a hug. Clears his throat, and that cockney accent is back. "You watch yer back, ya hear? I got some building up to manage." And with that he heads out the door, with another stupid knock before leaving.

Friea:"... Honestly. I don't know whether to hug him or strangle him most days."

Espada:Twenty years? They have time incriments that small?

Hyuuint:and I think I'm done. Sorry if that was too much :P

VAE:really , the problem was the wait for you, not the actual RPing you did



Hyuuint:things went fubar here at home :P

Ganti:Okay, timeskip to the Gems, or just assume they get picked up and timeskip to the monestary?

  • VAE fired up his pokemon save, anyways
  • Sharpshot4321 is DFing

Saphroneth:I'm getting some insults ready to use on my materials suppliers, but I can just dump those in a few seconds once they're ready.

Espada:I say skip to monestary.

Saphroneth:(No in-game effect, just a rant and "replacements" for the materials)

Arcalane:To ze monastery!

Ganti:I'm inclined to say just skip to monestary...

Saphroneth:Me too.

Sharpshot4321:to the bloodbath!


Aurixsauriv:Words words words, teach teach teach, wizards wizards wizards, COMMUNITY.

Espada:...Unless people want to buy stuff with loot income now that we've sold the gems?


Aurixsauriv:Because actuallly intruding on your rp seemed in poor taste.


Ganti:Okay, that's one for the monestary, one for Cog Tinrunner showing up and killing Roland... Okay, that's a majority for the monestary.


VAE:Owl, that was hillarious


Behter :Negotiating with suppliers:

Arcalane:How much did the cutting cost? 300 or so?

Behter :"I want to know, was your grandmother of the third generation the only member of your family with anything resembling intelligent thought, or was she as moronic as the rest of your ancestors? You call this good arrow-wood? There is a knot right in the middle of this shaft! Not that I expect you see it, because the many diseases your father obtained from the animals he dallied with before your mother have probably sent you blind! I want to get replacements in good ash wood! Clothyard length if they're an inch, you understand, or I'll take the break and fix it by ramming it through each of your pig-descended ears!"

Meany:Four million hipster souls.

Behter :" This isn't steel! It's cast iron, too brittle to make good arrowheads! This one broke when I tried to attach it to the haft! You think that would go through chain mail? It wouldn't go through wicker! You have good wrought iron? That's a start! Now, where's the steel, or shall I just use bone arrows made from your teeth?"

Meany:Start harvesting.

Behter :" What is this rubbish you call feathers? These things were attached to a bird? It must have been ashamed! I hardly think that an arrow needs to be made with down feathers and the hair that fell into the batch when you scratched your nose in confusion over what to do with the sack! Where's the eagle feathers I ordered?"


Saphroneth:(since I didn't fail the craft check badly enough, no materials were actually ruined... this just seemed characterful)

Ganti:Arc, it cost 10% of the price of the end product. Which you claim is on your loot spreadsheet.

VAE:Saph, another nom for that. It is made of epicness

Arcalane:well the total value is 1,137. 1,100+24+24+13.

Arcalane:wait, 12+12, not 24+24

Ganti:So it costs about 113.

Arcalane:party membersssss...

Hyuuint:so how much does everyone (possibly not Mardak) gain?

Arcalane:how many of us are there? six? seven? eight?


Saphroneth:I am party-cus!

Arcalane:I count seven not including familiars or Imad.

Hyuuint:so including gnomey?


VAE:but honestly, probably makes most sense to split that treasure among those who have been there when getting it

Arcalane:oh, not counting Mard.

Arcalane:yeah but two of those have since -left-

Saphroneth:Hmm... three days travel, right? I'll make three non-MW arrow craft checks, then.

Arcalane:three, in fact

Arcalane:the gems were from our first mission, so only... Sau, Roland, and K would be seeing any profit. and maybe Murdock.

Ganti:Yeah. It would basically be Kiera, Roland, and Sau.

Arcalane:which would work out to « 1024/3 = 1024 / 3 = 341.3333333333333333333333333333333 »

Meany:My my.

Meany:That's three first level spells.

Meany:Mind if I research light of mecuria?

Meany:Or rather, get a scroll and research it.

Arcalane:your call, G. we can split it between us three or the current officer team.

Ganti:The payment for that mission was 18,290 GP, by the way. I don't know if you distributed that.

Arcalane:yeah that worked out to about 3k a piece

Meany:I already spent a k of it on something, then.

Arcalane:...we can't have, since I only have a bit over 1k

Meany:Not sure what it was.

Behter :« 1d20+9 = 20 + 9 = 29 » against DC 15... I think.

Behter :« 1d20+9 = 16 + 9 = 25 » against DC 15

Behter :« 1d20+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 » against DC 15

Arcalane:let me do a quick logcheck

Espada:I didn't get that money.


Sharpshot4321:all I got was my monthly paycheck

Saphroneth:Two success, one fail. Total of 81 gp of arrows made.

Arcalane:youuu never mentioned 18,290 at any point


Sharpshot4321:I believe thats the money made from the maps we were making while exploring?


Meany:La moolah.

Ganti:Huh. I could have SWORN I mentioned that...

Ganti:Yeah, that was the map+bonus from sultan for letting him know about a potential plague.

Meany:See, this is why you always have a slave in the basement to remind you of these things.

Saphroneth:So... the Mongol locked himself in his room for three days, and emerged with over 1500 arrows.


Ganti:Congratulations. You'll never need to make any again.

Sharpshot4321:damn it man, stop taking apart the furniture to make your arrows!

Saphroneth:...that's a little over 100kg of them. I'm probably buried in them.

Arcalane:right, so who gets a piece of that? just people from that mission, sooooo... 'spada, Roland, Sau, K, Alth, Kas, Sera?

Behter :"Er... help?"

Espada:Kas and Sera no longer exist, so they don't.

Sandor Munkas:*prestidigitation haul arrows away*

Ganti:Yeah, sounds about right.

Aurixsauriv:Immediete assistance!

Arcalane:Behter's gonna be bow-legged trying to carry all those arrows.

Sandor Munkas:"The fuck did you do there.."

Arcalane:RAM: neither does Alth :v

Saphroneth:A flood of arrows pours out of the door

Sandor Munkas:"Conjuration gone wrong?"

Imad:".... My word."

Espada:And Alth, yeah.

  • Roland will stand there and laugh at this whole situation

Behter :"It's a hobby, okay?"

Arcalane:He's opened a portal to the elemental plane of arrows!

Behter :"I may have got carried away... anywhere to put these?"

Aurixsauriv:"Stop gabbing and help us move these- avalanche!"

Roland: (( he should just open one to the plane of coal. Never run out of power! ))

Arcalane:okay so we're assuming Alth didn't care because drunk, Kas got arrested before he could get paid, and Sera ran off for her business likewise. sooo... « 18,290/4 = Invalid expression: 18,290/4. »

Aurixsauriv:And the short lizard is burried in sudden arrows.

Elisavet Michelakos:"... worst comes to worst Blair could use some as fuel..."

Arcalane:that is-- oh, I see

Arcalane:« 18290/4 = 18290 / 4 = 4572.5 »

Espada:"I got it." :B

Espada:And Espada power-lifts ALL THE ARROWS.

Aurixsauriv:One arm is out of the avalanche, clawing at the floor.

Aurixsauriv:Suddenly Espada.


Roland:thats GP right arc?

Aurixsauriv: (( No, it's EP. ))

Arcalane:4,572.5gp each for 'spada, Roland, 'Sau, and Kiera. |D

Mardak:*No undead in sight? Goes to help!*

Ganti:Yes that's GP.

Sandor Munkas:"Uff.. how do you grab them like that?"

Roland:whats the ratio of silver to GP?

Sandor Munkas:"Seriously, that fox is better at it with her paws than me with magic."


Sandor Munkas:"She should be a dedicated arrow-hauler."

Arcalane:10sp = 1gp?



Espada:"I'm stronger than I look." :P

Behter :"Well, so much for my ammunition worries... I think I have enough quivers for several dozen shots per excursion.

  • Espada can has almost 5k munnies!

Flaal:what is this, a conga line?

Aurixsauriv:« 2051.6+4572.5 = 2051.6 + 4572.5 = 6624.1 »

Arcalane:« 1309.97+4572.5+341.3 = 1309.97 + 4572.5 + 341.3 = 6223.77 »

Espada:Espada then proceeds to lift Sandor and Sau as well.

Saphroneth:Hey, look, enough for a Hwacha.

  • Arcalane puts accounting away for now

Kiera: (( back IC~ ))


Espada:Hmm, now what to buy...

Ganti:Map avalible. "Old Desert Temple".

Saphroneth:Time to goto?


Aurixsauriv:Spell Compendium spells allowed?

Ganti:It's technically a monestary but whatever. It was a temple when I first designed it.




Kiera:Oh god I can't see anything.

VAE:People get molesternated inside

Ganti:What do you want.

Aurixsauriv:Then 50 gp on scrolls of light of lunia.

Aurixsauriv:And let's hope I can make a dc 16 spellcraft check...

Ganti:So peeps... Light?


Kiera:Aha, flare! Fshh~

Saphroneth:Everburning torch.

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+14+mod = 19 + 14 + 0 = 33 » Spellcraft check!

VAE:Fuck you with a sun rod.


VAE:Not a bad one

Aurixsauriv:I get light of lunia in my spellbook!

Aurixsauriv:-100 to scribe it.

Mardak:See this guy? No ya don't, he ain't there. « 1d20+12 = 1 + 12 = 13 »

Mardak:(oh this is not a good day)

Behter :"Watch that first step."

  • VAE sees nuthing


Ganti:Hang on... Let me check to make sure that it's a wizard spell...

Sandor Munkas:"So, here we are. If anything bad happens, bonesack is the one responsible."

Ganti:It is indeed.

Espada:Durnit, having trouble finding Belt of Giant's Strength.

Roland:"Good to know you have your priorities straight. Assign blame, then fuck up."

Imad: (( DMG. ))

Espada:Oh, there it is.

Espada:Only available in +4 and +6. >:.

Sandor Munkas:"Well, I assigned blame. .. so I guess it's up to you to do the fucking up. Seems like you have experience, too."

Imad: (( Just take Gauntlets of Oger Strength and say it's a belt of giant Strength. ))

Imad: (( *Ogre ))

Saphroneth:Pawgloves of Ogre Strength?

Flaal:"Imad, what must be done to ensure that you can maintain your influence throughout this venture?"


Aurixsauriv:We're already there?

Kiera: (( yeah, all the enhancement stuff like that has the same basic cost judging by the MIC. 4k for +2, 16k for +4, 36k for +6.... ))

Saphroneth:We used the transporter.

Saphroneth:Yep, that's basic.

Aurixsauriv:I wanted to buy some gear with my new 6k gold.

Aurixsauriv:Oh well.

VAE:Final Fantasy style airdrop?

Saphroneth:We're doing it ad hoc.

Imad:"It is best that I do not stand in the front of the party as my longspear requires a certain amount of distance between me and the foes.


Espada:Yeah, I think I'll get that. I can start enchanting my own weapon in a couple levels. :B

Roland:scotty was on break, so we got Ron the teleporter

Espada:+2 Str get!

Saphroneth:I'm assuming we teleported down because to fly takes too much of the budget. Or is that Star Trek?

Sandor Munkas:"Isn't this lovely. He drags us here, then attempts to use our arses as his convenient meatshield."

Imad:We teleported because timeskip.

Behter :"Why is everyone around the scout? I work best in skirmish position."

Imad:"I would like to point out that YOU were the only one arguing against coming here..."

Roland:"You can always turn back, I hear pirates like to strand people who refuse to do the job they are paid for."

Espada:Espada makes a quick trip to the market, and when she returns she's wearing some fancy new pawgloves. :B

Sandor Munkas:"If you don't like it, I'll gladly swap"

Ganti:Look, I'm making some guesses as to who goes where. If you don't like it, alter it.

Sandor Munkas:*to Behter*


Espada:The door is to the east. :B

Saphroneth:I just thought I'd use it as character stuff, because, well.

  • Kiera shakes her head. Oh dear.

Behter :Listen « 1d20+10 = 4 + 10 = 14 »

Espada:Espada draws her ECKSBAWXHUEG SWORD and takes up position at the front.

Sandor Munkas:0_0 How does she carry that

Espada:She told you, she's stronger than she looks. :B

Arpad:In her mouth, blind face

Kiera:Likewise, K readies her bastard sword, hefting it with quite casual ease.

Aurixsauriv:Well, I'm still picking spells.


Aurixsauriv:Imma be quiet.

Behter :Also, Wilderness Lore / Survival - any tracks? « 1d20+10 = 12 + 10 = 22 »

Espada:My light load is 173 pounds, without taking quadruped into account. :B

Ganti:Okay... I'll assume that discussion was on the ship. You eventually reach a lonely building, little more then a one room shack, standing in the middle of the desert that Elisavet says is the right place.

Sandor Munkas:I didn't mean . . .just shut up

Espada:"...Is this it? I was expecting more."

Ganti:It's very old and made out of stone.


Roland:"Did you know? Opening doors reveals more of the place!"

Ganti:It looks somewhat worn and battered. There's one door in. I assume you open it?

Behter :"Like I'm opening a door without checking first. This is my field..." (yes, if there's no information to get from listening or from checking for tracks)

Espada:I guess not. :B

Kiera:"Could be locked. Mardak?"

Aurixsauriv:Sau cracks open his book and starts flipping pages.

Behter :"Looks fine... right, I'll see if it's locked."

Aurixsauriv:"Hmm, since we're facing undead, I have a spell that hurts them more than most."

Aurixsauriv:"It lasts about forty minutes, should I cast it now, or wait?"

Mardak:*goes to check out the lock*

Hyuuint:first time playing a rogue, check would be...?

Espada:"I suggest you wait for now."

Saphroneth:Open Lock.

Sandor Munkas:"Well. If you cast it now, the worst thing that'll happen is we'll have a calm forty minutes ahead of us."

Espada:Well, first you check if it's locked.

Meany:Also Search for traps.


Espada:If it is, you use Open Locks.

Sandor Munkas:"If you don't... the worst thing is a faceful of bonesack's comrades as soon as we open the door, with you unable to do squat."

Mardak:*checks for any traps* « 1d20+10 = 10 + 10 = 20 »

Behter :*nocks an arrow into the bowstring, ready to fire if necessary*

Hyuuint:and open lock is "what" exactly?"

Roland:open lock? the skill?

Aurixsauriv:Sau looks over his book at Sandor. Saying nothing.

Saphroneth:It's a skill.

Ganti:Dex based skill.

Hyuuint:holy crap

Hyuuint:I didn't even SEE that till now

Flaal:(( Newbie question: How does running away work? :P ))


RAM:By which you mean.

Aurixsauriv:Rogue didn't put points in Open Lock.


RAM:You have 0 ranks in it.


Saphroneth:I outrun you.



Roland:So now we get a rouge who opens all locks with bash

Hyuuint:I thought that was sleight of hand....

Saphroneth:(+10 speed thanks to class, and horses add more)

Behter :"You want I should get a horse to kick it down?"

Espada:"Wedon't need a horse."

Hyuuint:*can't possibly be any redder than he is right now*

Roland:"A horse?"

Ganti:Withdraw action or run action. One means you move away from the foe without taking AoO's, the other means you move a long distance.

Espada:"If all else fails, I can make rubble out of the door."

Saphroneth:There's no check per se to run away, you just... move.

Ganti: (( And no-one has TRIED the door yet? ))

Sandor Munkas:". . .how? Foxes can't kick.."

Espada:"Wanna bet?"

Saphroneth:Well, the rogue apparently can't tell if the door is locked or not, with his 0 ranks.


Mardak:*gives a shrug, and just tries opening it. Simple routes and all*

VAE:"Try pulling the handle"


Ganti:I'm entierly willing to let him swap out slight of hand for open lock.

Saphroneth:Or any other skill? He's a Rogue, he has lost.

VAE:Slight of hand


Espada:I think it's hilarious.

Espada:A rogue that can't pick locks. :B

VAE:Your hand is really really good at taking offense

Ganti:And it's not locked. Swings right open. The building has another door in the back of it.

Saphroneth:"Well, they were a trusting lot... they actually just didn't lock doors...!

Roland:I really am surprised nobody has done a rogue that opens all locks with bash

Behter :"How long did it take you to work that out? Were you born in a barn?"

Meany:"I have an open lock point...but my tools are strange."

Behter :"I mean, I was born on a PLAIN, and I know that doors open at one edge."

Meany:"What are they?"

Sandor Munkas:"Well.. or someone visited already, and didn't make it back."

Meany:"This block of plastic explosive. :|"

Behter :"No tracks."

Meany:"...I should be running, huh."


Behter :"This place hasn't been disturbed in decades."

Sandor Munkas:"No wonder."

Kiera:"Let's hope nobody's home, then."

Saphroneth:Open Lock The character can open locks more quickly than normal. Open lock as… DC Modifier Move-equivalent action +20 Free action +50

Sandor Munkas:"That. Finally a sane word today."

Saphroneth:(Yes, it is rules-legal for someone to Open Lock with a swift kick, albeit very tricky...)

Espada:"Alright, in we go!"

  • Espada takes point!

Ganti:It has not. Full of dust. It's dim inside, but you can see the sockets for torches.

Roland:"... is this not near some undead rat factory? I don't think rats use the front door."

Aurixsauriv:Can we move now?

Behter :"So? This place hasn't seen anyone going in, which is the point. Anyway, I'll take second."

Espada:"Come on guys, we have heretics to kill!"

Ganti:You run into the other door as it hasn't been opened. Maybe you should try that.

Sandor Munkas:"Undead . .. rat .. . factory"

Espada:Open open open the door with foxeh paws.

Aurixsauriv:"They're only heretics if they follow the same religion as you, Espada."

Arpad:"Why undead."

Aurixsauriv:"Otherwise they're heathens."

Ganti: (( Sharp, you didn't hear that conversation. ))

Saphroneth:Technically untrue - they're only heretics if they follow the same GOD/S.

Espada:"Naw, they're heretics in the eyes of Bran. Good friend of mine."

Aurixsauriv:Sharp hasn't said anything in like an hour dude.

Roland:((right right))

Roland:... what?

Aurixsauriv:"What Bran believes and what is fact are two different things, I'm afraid."

  • Kiera follows a short way behind Espada, making sure the group doesn't get split up too much. :x

Aurixsauriv:"It might be a language thing, though."

Ganti:Okay, that explains why there's no indication of this monestary above ground...

Ganti:Long, narrow stairs leading down.

Roland:((Can meany not see me?))

Espada:"Bran considers them heretics, and that's good enough for me."

Espada:"Going down?" :3

Kiera:"Connected to Earth Elementals... of course they'd build it underground." :T

Ganti:Bran does not consider them heritics. He consideres them people who have to die.

Sandor Munkas:He's the friggin' god of undead. I'd be surprised if he didn't consider everyone people that have to die

Aurixsauriv:"When was the last time you actually talked to Bran?"

Espada:Close enough.

Aurixsauriv:"I imagine he'd have lots to say."

Espada:"Umm...around four thousand years ago?"

Kiera: (( of course he would, he's a giant ham ))

Behter :"Sounds like there's air down there. Breeze, I think."

Kiera: (( or that was the jist I got from the infopage :v ))


Behter :"Means there's another way in..."

Kiera:"...something might have tunnelled in from elsewhere whilst the place was abandoned.."

Ganti: (( Ayup. He is one. No clue if I can pull off playing one, but hey. Deity. He doesn't have to show up ever. ))

Aurixsauriv:"You know, by that light, those of us of different faiths are heretics to you too."

Aurixsauriv:Uh uh.

Aurixsauriv:Squishy wizard ain't getting no closer to the front.

Aurixsauriv:You assholes move in front of me.

Ganti: (( Um. :42 lagcheck? ))

Sandor Munkas:"That was real clever to tell her."


Sandor Munkas:"Real clever."


Aurixsauriv: (( :42 ))

Ganti:Okay, I'm not lagging.

Saphroneth:I suppose... we open this door too?

Roland:"Good to know hes half your hight but has twice your balls."

Sandor Munkas:"What's next, seasoning us with bacon grease?"

Aurixsauriv:I did have Grease prepared.

Aurixsauriv:But not today.

Ganti:Okay... You're opening the door then?

Kiera:Good. The last thing we need is musical numbers in the middle of battle. Open ze door!

Sandor Munkas:"Balls isn't what keeps you alive, wits are."

Aurixsauriv:People with 15+ ac in front of the wizard, please.

Roland:but I just finished putting points into perform: musical!


Espada:"Nah, that's completely different. Just because you believe in a different god doesn't make you a heretic. These guys have committed blasphemy against Bran himself. Thus, heretics."

Bone Rat Swarm:Hello Lunch.

Aurixsauriv:"Except if they don't worship Bran, they have no problem with offending him."


Espada:"See! that's heresy!"

Kiera:Rats. I hate rats. DX

Arpad:Those . . . don't look quite as tasty as I thought they would.

Aurixsauriv:Init, or can I cast?

Behter :Er... do we get spot checks for surprise round, or..?

Bone Rat Swarm:Over six hundred tiny heads swing towards the door as one when the door opens. Initiative!

Arpad:What the fuck, you're a cat

Roland:Initiative is


Espada:« 1d20+2 = 14 + 2 = 16 » Initiative!


« 1d20+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 »

Behter :« 1d20+7 = 2 + 7 = 9 » init

Sandor Munkas:« 1d20+3 = 16 + 3 = 19 » Initiative

Aurixsauriv:« 1d20+3+mod = 7 + 3 + 0 = 10 » Dex check!

Kiera:They're all bones!

Saphroneth:So much for my massive modifier.

Bone Rat Swarm:Swarm. Never flat footed or suprised.

Saphroneth:Fair enough.

Bone Rat Swarm:« 1d20+3 = 13 + 3 = 16 » « 1d20+3 = 16 + 3 = 19 »

Hyuuint:sorry, bro needed me for official things.

Hyuuint:also, I suck as a rogue maker XD

Kiera:Set yo' inits, people.

Saphroneth:My Maptool keeps throwing bizarre errors. If I crash, don't be surprised, and I'll be back sharpish.

Espada:There we go!

Espada:I couldn't set init for a while there.

Bone Rat Swarm: (( Yeah, I forgot to add you to init. ))

Roland: (( sul, do you know how to do init? ))

Bone Rat Swarm: (( My bad. ))

Saphroneth:Right click on token in init window, and choose Set.

Hyuuint:er, I missed it, MAP?

Flaal:(( I do not, sadly ))

Bone Rat Swarm: (( Old Desert Temple. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( Old Desert Temple. ))

Roland: (( he hasn't rolled it, unless he has his roll as GM sight only ))

Saphroneth:Like I say. Find your token in the init window, right click, and "Set Init"

Mardak:And here goes the rogue, ready to scrap! « 1d20+4 = 16 + 4 = 20 »

Saphroneth:If you can't see the init window, open it from the "window" dropdown menu.

Saphroneth:Oh, and init rolls tend to be 1d20+dex mod.

Ganti:« 1d20+3 = 3 + 3 = 6 » for flaal

Meany:Hyuu has done this before.

Flaal:(( thanks! ))

Meany:He was just a barbarian last time.

Kiera:Imad needs init. :v

Saphroneth:Just checking... wasn't sure which bit was the problem.

Meany:Oh, you meant Sul?

Hyuuint:may I swap my sleight for my locks?

Meany:Yeah he needs all da helpz.

VAE:Imad got no init, innit?

Ganti:Yeah, go for it.

  • Meany stomps on Sul's foot. Pours helpz down his throat when he shouts.

Flaal:(( >:/))

Imad:« 1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12 » Init!

Kiera:Also does Arpad get his own init or just go on Sandor's turn? :x

Behter :"Okay. Should I summon a horse to distract it, or clear the tunnel for more people to come through?"

VAE:I think he goes on Sandor's turn

Mardak has received initiative.Ganti:Familiars have the same init as their masters.

VAE:Given that at the moment, he can't do much but jut out of his pocket anyways . ..

Kiera: (( then you probably want to remove him from the init list, as he's sitting in dead last :x ))

VAE:who added him?

  • Arcalane points at GM.


  • Ganti had to mass add you lot.

Roland: (( I've always wondered this. Can you switch posititons with an ally within your move range? ))

Saphroneth:You can move past allies, I think.

Saphroneth:(without AOO)

Ganti:Not in combat unless you ready an action to do so. You can move past them, however.

Saphroneth:I mean, it's a ten foot wide tunnel...

  • Mardak gives a dirisive snort, before picking out a potion from his pocket...And swigs it. Lets see them deal with him now. (Swig of Hide from Undead Potion, 10 minutes. Imad, make a will save of 11)

Roland: (( i men't more in the lines of getting our bow shooter out of the melee spot ))

VAE:Imad gonna be mad

Imad:« 1d20+6 = 16 + 6 = 22 » Willsave

Hyuuint:If those things are unintelligent, they can't see/hear/smell SQUAT of that rogue

Saphroneth:I'm versatile. I need open ground anyways, so I'll head S and E into open terrain.

Hyuuint:Undead cannot see, hear, or smell the warded creatures. Even extraordinary or supernatural sensory capabilities, such as blindsense, blindsight, scent, and tremorsense, cannot detect or locate warded creatures.

Behter :"Well, this is bloody familiar. Right at the sharp end."

Saphroneth:Is that turn?

Bone Rat Swarm:The absurd numbers of tiny, tiny skeletons don't seem to notice one of their prey dissapearing.

Espada:"Oh come on, it's only a few hundred rats."

Espada:"That's not so bad."

Roland:"Your not immortal anymore. They can chew you."

Aurixsauriv:"Less talking."

Ganti: (( I need to check the 'swarm' subtype again, but I think it's something like 600 of them. I MIGHT be wrong and it could be 6 THOUSAND. ))

Aurixsauriv:"More pest control."

Ganti:Hyuu? Done?

Kiera: (( THIS IS NOT WAR, THIS IS PEST CONTROL (/daleks) ))

Saphroneth:Fortunately I am neither left handed nor flat footed.

Saphroneth:(Uncanny Dodge...)

Kiera: (( ground control to major Hyuuiiiiiint ))

Espada:I have Uncanny Dodge, too!

Saphroneth:Assume yes.

Espada:Hell, I get it even before rogues do!

Saphroneth:And that makes Espada and Behter good front liners, actually...

VAE:But Behter is better.

Roland: (( what size are rats? ))

Saphroneth:(I get it at 2nd level, I think... yep.)

Saphroneth:The swarm counts as one creature.

Sandor has received initiative.Ganti: (( Small enough that weapons only deal half damage to a swarm of them. ))

Roland: (( I know, but the google i got says the number of the swarm depends on the size of the creature the swarm is made of ))

Espada:First level for me!

Sandor:"Let them come a bit closer.. then.. hee.." The sorcerer seems somewhat excited.

Sandor:Delaying until after rats' turn

Hyuuint:Was gonna have my guy move 20 ft forward, before BROTHER CALLED ME AGAIN


Roland: (( a Tiny swarm is made of 300 ))

Meany:You could always hang up? :V

Ganti:So there's 600 of these things.


Hyuuint:and make him lose the chance to get a new car that won't break down?

Roland: (( yep ))

Saphroneth:Hey, I remember this conversation about phone calls.

Saphroneth:Only, it was VAE, and it was three years ago, and it was IRL.

Hyuuint:Can I do a retroactive move?

Saphroneth:And it was 4th ed.

Bone Rat Swarm: (( Techincally, this is a swarm that's twice the size of standard ones. Which is why there's two tokens of it. ))

Saphroneth:Sandor is delaying.

Bone Rat Swarm:Lapkat.

Saphroneth:(So it is now Swarm 1's turn)

Hyuuint:blast. darn brother making me lose moving time XD

Espada:So, is it two swarms or one swarm?

Bone Rat Swarm:The swarm scurrys forwards, not making all that much progress because it's rear members keep climbing OVER it's leading members and pushing them back.

Behter :"Oh, good. They are slow."

Bone Rat Swarm 1:And this one follows right after.

Espada has received initiative.Kiera:Ah, Sandor was holding.

VAE:is fine

Espada:"In the name of Bran and Fisilia, I shall smite thee!" >:O

VAE:delaying after Espada, actually


VAE:at the very least.

VAE:swarms are unexpectedly slow

Sandor:Eyes closed, Sandor crosses his arms on his shoulders, and proceeds to mumble in a sibilant language. His face is getting red and sweaty, and there's a faint aura of light around him.

Saphroneth:Well, these ones are.

Meany:Silly Espada.

Saphroneth:And I think it's still Espada's turn.

Meany:She don't got no Smite Evil class.

Saphroneth:Who knows.


Meany:...Speaking of, why didn't she take a level of paladin for Smite Evil? :V

Bone Rat Swarm 1: (( Oh, sorry. Ah well. ))

Hyuuint:cause she would have been mode locked into Paladin

Meany:Oh right.

Meany:That silly restriction.

Espada:Espada charges forward, her blade dragging a massive furrow in the ground. When she reaches the first swarm, she swings upward, tearing chunks out of the stone below! « 1d20+15 = 6 + 15 = 21 » for « 2d8+1d6+2d6+9 = 9 + 5 + 3 + 9 = 26 » Mountain Hammer strike, while in Punishing Stance! All damage overcomes hardness and all DR!

Espada:That's Rat Swarm.

Hyuuint:which one?

Espada:The one without a number.

Meany:No Number.

Behter :"...huh. Looks like a giant terrier going to town on some small rats."

Behter :"But with a sword."

Arcalane:So you're saying she's terrierfying?


Ganti:Well, she manages to brush away about half of them...

Saphroneth:Yes, I am.

Aurixsauriv:I cast Disintigrate on Arc for that pun.

Espada:And that's how you smite without the Smite Evil feature.

Arcalane:more like Disingratiate.



Hyuuint:arc stop it XD

Espada:End turn~

Ganti is disconnected.

Saphroneth:Hmm. Is arc tan?

VAE:Hmm. Disintegrate = get rid of the Hellsings?

Saphroneth:If Arc is tan, then we can work out what Disintegrate would do.

Arcalane:I think our puns killed the DM again.

Hyuuint:OUR puns??

Saphroneth:If Arc has a tan, and is arctan, then since dis-integrate is differentiate he becomes 1/(X^2+1) +c

Arcalane:I'm quite pale, actually.

Arcalane:Though not deathly so.

Ganti has connected.

Saphroneth:Would "sin" or "cos" describe you better?

Arcalane:Not in ways one discusses in public.

VAE:what about sec?


Saphroneth:Don't know d/dx of arcsec offhand.

VAE:or if he feels hyperbolic tonight . . .

Saphroneth:Anyway. What did you miss, Ganti?

Ganti:How should I know what I missed? Did you get my report on espadas attack?


Arcalane:That was the last line we saw from you.

Espada has received initiative.Espada:I get to go again?! :D

Saphroneth:So, Espada has ended turn, and it's now Sandor.

Sandor has received initiative.Ganti:Unless he's still holding.

Sandor:The sorcerers' eyes open, a slightly insane expression on his face, and he advances forwards.

Arpad:Sure it's a good idea?


He spreads his hands forwards in an arc, and a shower of flames flies towards the rats.

Sandor:Scorching Ray

Bone Rat Swarm:One of the little bastards ATE it.

Sandor:« 1d20+5 = 14 + 5 = 19 » Rat Swarm « 4d6 = 16 »


Sandor:Ranged touch


Aurixsauriv:Did you just try to team kill.



Aurixsauriv:okay good.

VAE:This isn't area of efect

Bone Rat Swarm:Yum. Spicy. I want that one for myself.

Saphroneth:It's a ray, yeah,.

Aurixsauriv:For a second there.

Hyuuint:uh guys, rats don't seem to be reacting right


Aurixsauriv: (( Just a bit of trivia, VAE has the highest number of team kills I've ever seen. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( :V ))

Sandor:« 1d20+5 = 13 + 5 = 18 » Rat swarm 1 « 4d6 = 19 »

Mardak:"Did that thing just eat a beam of pure heat?"

VAE:Spreadin' the love.


Bone Rat Swarm:Yes. Yes it did. that a double-ray one, then.

VAE:Scorching ray gets more beams with levels

Saphroneth:And did that actually happen? Nullified spell?

Espada:"Uh, I don't think fire is the way to go here."

Bone Rat Swarm: (( You did NOT get to cast two rays. You're only level 4. It takes a level 7 caster to cast two rays from one spell. ))

VAE:It says, additional ray for every four levels

Saphroneth:...oh, VAE.

VAE:Level 7 caster would cast / three


Saphroneth:That is how that kind of calculation works.

Arcalane:Every four -beyond third-

  • VAE headdesks

VAE:Scratch the second one, then

Saphroneth:You blast your enemies with fiery rays. You may fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of three rays at 11th level).

Sandor:When I get pissed off, I see double.


Sandor:Regardless, the sorcerer snaps out of the fire-induced euphoria and . . ."Wat. How. They're still there."

Bone Rat Swarm:Oh, wait. That one that ate the scorching ray? Caught fire. It doesn't seem to mind though... Nor does it seem to be effecting the others.

Behter :"Well, that's not bloody normal."

Espada:"...That smells really really bad."


Mardak:"Oy, magislinger, do us all a doosy and don't make any more flamer rats!"


Kiera:Augh, flaming skeletal rats! As if normal skeletal rats weren't bad enough, now one of them is on fire!

Kiera:That's like flaming zombies!

VAE:Also owl.

Aurixsauriv:Would you -shut up-?

Roland:well, if its on fire atleast its a light source now :P

Aurixsauriv:You have a big ass sword.

Aurixsauriv:-Hit them with it.-

Kiera:It's not my turn yet.

VAE:Given that my teamkill count is almost one, you must have seen some very nonbelligerent teams

Aurixsauriv: (( Not for lack of trying. ))

VAE:(Gnogglebolt almost bought it during clusterfuck, but still, almost only)

Aurixsauriv: (( I do count the drow. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( So you know. ))

Behter :*Everburning torch tucked into the jerkin. It looks like his beard is on fire. Heatless flames!*

Aurixsauriv:"Was that poetry?"

Roland: (( did you really just set your beard on fire? ))

VAE:Heatless flames, dummy

Saphroneth:No. Just what he's doing to still have light when he's using both hands for the bow.

Saphroneth:Everburning Torches have "Continual Flame" on them.

  • Imad stomps forwards, brushing past Kiera... and smacks Sandor on the back of the head as he passes. "What the hell were you thinking? Did being granted magic remove your brain?! It's a damn swarm. Single target effects do NOTHING to it. I swear. Imperials." He then brandishes his holy symbol « 1d20+3+2 = 6 + 3 + 2 = 11 » and a flare of power emits from it... « 2d3+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » turning check.

Roland: (( heatless or not, he set his beard on fire. ))


Saphroneth:No, it doesn't actually spread.

Saphroneth:It's just a magical "illusion of fire" that gives real light.

Bone Rat Swarm:They recoil very breifly, then go right back to what they were doing. Which is apparently arguing over who gets to eat the fire throwing idiot.

Kiera: (( focus people, combat takes long enough as-is without all these side distractions XP ))

Saphroneth:Er... arrows work on these things, right?

Saphroneth:I assume so.

Hyuuint:I assume not

Imad:"... I must have annoyed Bran lately."

Hyuuint:Single target thing, remember?

Sandor:"Fuck you too, bonehead."

Ganti: (( They do half damage. Then DR/5 bludgeoning gets applied. ))

Sandor:"Fire is fire."

Espada:Which is why you use Mountain Hammer. :B

Imad:"... And this is why we like to insist on making sorcers actually learn how thier abilitys WORK."

Espada:Extra damage, and it overcomes all forms of DR.

VAE:at least the dr got bypassed by magicz

Roland: (( all damage gets halfed? Thought it was just slashing and piercing. ))

Saphroneth:...bloody hell. Time for the quarterstaff.

Aurixsauriv has received initiative.Sandor:"I'm happy enough that it works."

Ganti:No, the magic quite literaly did nothing to the swarm.


Imad:Oh my. Angry skeleton.


Imad: (( Meany poke. Your turn. ))


VAE:Imad, u mad, bro?

Kiera: (( I nudged him on Steam, but he might be afk. ))

Arcalane:umad, bro?

  • Imad is letting out an impressive string of words...

Saphroneth:Can swarms be flanked?

VAE:Imad swears mad but Behter does it better.

Saphroneth:Gah, no.

Imad: (( No. ))



Aurixsauriv:My reading of light of lunia leads me to believe I cannot cast and actually use it in one turn.


VAE:you cannot

VAE:I use it with Miron a lot as a vessel for Fell Drain, see

VAE:two bolts for price of one

Saphroneth:Deh crap. I basically have no options to do feasible damage to this thing. I would be better served summoning horses and telling them to attack.


Roland: (( then buy a melee weapon of some sort next time we are in town :P ))

Saphroneth:I do!


VAE:heh. For the scorching ray , the effect was probably like "You decisively immolated a rat. Unfortunately, there's 483 more of those to go"

Saphroneth:It's just that one of them is a spear, which will do half damage and be DRed into nothing, and the other is a quarterstaff.

Saphroneth:Quarterstaffs are not all that.

Saphroneth:The third is a sabre. Which will also do half damage.

Hyuuint:COMBAT! XD

Aurixsauriv:Sau makes two points in the air, which light up with blue energy. A circle of blue energy forms as they rotate, which is then filled up with a diagram, all about the size of his hands put together.

Aurixsauriv:Which then spasms, and launches two blue bolts of energy at Swarm 0.

Arcalane:Is dat sum magic missile?

Aurixsauriv:« 1d4+1 = 4 + 1 = 5 » « 1d4+1 = 3 + 1 = 4 » >:U



Saphroneth:Single target?

Bone Rat Swarm:Congratulations. You've knoced two rats into their componet parts. Too bad they just put themselves back together again.


Saphroneth:Doesn't anyone have Burning Hands?

Aurixsauriv:I'm a low level support caster, with no noteworthy buffs yet.

Aurixsauriv:BITE ME, RATS.

Espada:Not even force damage works? :.


Saphroneth:It's a single target effect.


Espada:Oh yeah.

VAE:Dummy sorc here has burning hands

VAE:and will use next turn :3

Hyuuint:in other words, 2 more rats :P

Imad:"Oh for crying out loud... I would have thought the wizard woud have known better! It's a SWARM."

Espada:Can someone else hurry up and start contributing to the fight, please?

Behter has received initiative.VAE:Behter does it better.

Aurixsauriv:"I have no other options at the moment."

VAE:Sounds like an advertisement jingle

Espada:"Uh, I dunno if any of you have noticed, but none of your attacks are doing anything."

Behter :"Bloody beast!"

Aurixsauriv:"I did not plan for a swarm, neither do any of my support spells help against it."

Sandor:"Look at him smarty mac bonepants."

Behter :Summon Horse (Light Horse, via Mount)

Imad:Hey, not my fault that I rolled crappy on my turn attempt.

Sandor:"Doesn't do shit, but oh is he the wise."

Saphroneth:Any horse tokens?

Kiera:"Wish Murdock was still around, I bet he'd have a good gadget for this." XP

Espada:"Pot, kettle, black."

Aurixsauriv:Seriously, I'm considering abandoning this set up.

Aurixsauriv:Support casting for a party that is -constantly- changing?

Aurixsauriv:Ha ha no.

Roland: (( too bad, i really like sau as a character. ))

Espada:That was talking to you, Sandor.

Imad: (( Somewher in there theres a horse token... ))

Hyuuint:meany will play a horse.

Hyuuint:Makes sense

Aurixsauriv:I am keeping the char, but not the stated objective of 'support' caster.




VAE:oh Bast

Aurixsauriv:If this party lasts more than one dungeon.


VAE:he's going with the horsing

Behter :Points. "Bloody well attack it!"


Saphroneth:« 1d20 = 11 » « 1d20 = 15 » hooves, for « 1d4+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » each on the charge.

VAE:oh Bast my sides

Saphroneth:« 1d3+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 »

Saphroneth:11 or 15 hit?

Ganti:Fifteen hits. Barely.

Saphroneth:Should have rolled them in order... 5 damage, then.

Ganti:That's bludgeoning, right?


VAE:bludgeoning, what else

Saphroneth:Yeah, it's unarmed melee so yes.

Saphroneth:And that's turn.

Hyuuint:squished rats?

Behter :"Bloody hell, this is the best option I've got..."

Bone Rat Swarm 1: (( Okay, granted you ownership of the horse. You can now fiddle with it on your own. ))


Saphroneth:Roland turn now.

Kiera:"This plan involves far too much horsing around."

Roland: (( its a standard action to change weapons ya? ))

Sandor:"Let's see if it sticks"

Bone Rat Swarm 1:The swarm is disrupted a little by the charge but refomrs quickly. On the other hand, thats about 300 rats that AREN'T paying attention to you.

Saphroneth:Move, I think.

Kiera: (( run forward and use your acid line thingy or something DX ))

Hyuuint:no, but they ARE focused on the horse...I have a bad feeling for that horse

Aurixsauriv:It's a construct.

Aurixsauriv:It doesn't even really exist.

Aurixsauriv:And don't any of you tell him different.

Aurixsauriv:He'll get PETA in here.

Saphroneth:Okay, I can drop them at will now.

Hyuuint:how is it my guy has so much HP compared to half the party?

Saphroneth:And it is Roland's turn.

Roland has received initiative.Saphroneth:...what the hell is your Con?

Kiera:I have LA1, everyone else is squishyclasses except Espada.

Ganti: (( I think 18ish. Gnomes get +2 con anyway. ))

Aurixsauriv: (( ...Wait. ))


Saphroneth:That explains it.

Aurixsauriv: (( Couldn't you have bought off your LA by now? ))

Aurixsauriv: (( It happens at lvl 4 for +1s... ))

Kiera: (( yes, and I'm still technically level 3. or something. the buyoff mechanics give me a headache. XP ))

Roland: (( I don't see any way of hitting both of them in a line. Anyone see a way or shall I just proceed? ))

Aurixsauriv: (( I know that feel bro. ))

Saphroneth:Go for it.

Saphroneth:You can't enfilade, you can't enfilade.

Ganti:Just go for it.

Roland:pulls his cloak wide open as a great burst of noxious smelling liquid spews forth in a line, burning and melting everything it touches.


Acid damage to all entities in the line, Reflex DC 15 to half.

Ganti:... Sharp? Linetool is your friend.

Roland: (( is not familier with such... ))


VAE:. . .


Saphroneth:Sorry, got the erase button wrong.

Ganti:Okay, top bar should have a bunch of tools. Third from left is 'template tools'. The one that looks like a childs representation of a staircase is the line tool.

Bone Rat Swarm 1:« 1d20+4 = 15 + 4 = 19 » Reflex!

Ganti:Well, they managed to avoid the worst of it, but that's still a nice line of them melted.

Roland:"That work for you cleric?"

Behter :"My normal approach is useless here!"

Mardak:"Cor, what a stench..."

Imad:"It does indeed!"

Roland:end turn

Kiera has received initiative.Meany:The party, on Swarms:

Sandor:"Neato. . . .Oil of vitriol.. but there's other stuff in there, innit?"

Imad:"I find it best not to ask."

Sandor:"Then don't, bonebag."

Roland: (( are you asking me what was in that attack? ))

Kiera:"Something tells me a gun isn't going to do a whole lot... neither will my swords, for that matter." Displeased kitty. :T She moves forward next to Imad and readies up for whatever madness happens next.


Espada:"Will you stop bickering with the Cleric already?!" >:|

Kiera:Making a point not to stand on the acidburnt tiles in front of Roland, for that matter. :v

Roland:"Give me a couple thousand gold and I'll tell you."

Kiera:Flaal, you're up.

Sandor:"Hah, good try."


  • Imad grits his teeth and goes back to ignoring the imperial.

Meany:Is there a vbl point.

Meany:By Sau?

Flaal has received initiative.Meany:SUL.





Flaal:Do I/we have to worry about that line of acid?

Imad: (( There shouldn't be one... ))

Saphroneth:No, it's instant.

Meany:There is.


Roland: (( no, it has no lasting effects. they are just RPing ))

Kiera: (( ^ ))

Imad:Okay, Sul? Your turn.

Flaal:yes yes

Imad: (( And ther isn't a VBL point there. ))

Imad: (( And no, it has no lasting effects. ))

Flaal:Can I just take up a defensive position?

VAE:you can

Imad: (( No, there is no VBL point there. I have NO idea why it is acting like that. ))

Imad: (( Ayup. Fighting defensively? +AC. Can't remember how much. ))

VAE:So, U Mad?


Flaal:HOw do I relinquish initiative?

Imad: (( Done? ))

Mardak has received initiative.Roland: (( GM does that ))

Flaal:thanks :P

Imad: (( You tell me you're done. ))

Flaal:(( And thank you ALL for your patience! ))

Roland: (( ^ ))

  • Mardak scurries up a bit, pondering just what the 'eck he is gonna do to help.

Sandor:"Mind going a few feet to the left, foxy? The horse doesn't matter, comes from thin air, but wouldn't want you grilled."

Mardak:*done for now, no ranged or such on me*

Kiera:Kentucky-fried Foxgoddess would probably taste terrible. :x

Saphroneth:Even with special spices?

Hyuuint:especially with

Sandor:It's a godly taste


Sandor:divine, even

Hyuuint:the gods do not approve of being spiced without their express permissions.

Bone Rat Swarm:Kentucky fried foxgoddes? I don't mind if I do!

Roland:I hear that sword melted down makes the most expensive kind of flavor


Saphroneth:No, that's Great Wyrm Gold Dragon gall bladder.

Bone Rat Swarm:Chomp chomp chomp. Oh god, they're climbing all over you and ripping out chuncks of your flesh. Take « 1d6 = 6 » damage.

Saphroneth:You need to pay for an army to get it, and another one to protect you...

Bone Rat Swarm:No save. Ignores armor.

Meany:according to my vision there is -something- blocking vision at that point.

Kiera: (( it's just you, Meany ))

Ganti:That's cause you're in lowlight mode when the light has moved off to the sides.

Ganti:So that point there? It's where the light doesn't reach.

Saphroneth:Gah, my instance didn't like THAT.

Bone Rat Swarm 1:Chomp chomp chomp. That's some tasty horseflesh. « 1d6 = 5 »

Espada:"Ow ow ow, I can't even parry this!"

Arcalane:If it's spewing errors, you're probably running the wrong java version. :x


Arcalane:JAVA. Not Maptool.

Saphroneth:Oh, right.

  • Arcalane moves this talk to IRC preemptively.

Saphroneth:No, I closed in case it was memory.

Arcalane:and I was going to move talk there so we didn't clog things up here

Bone Rat Swarm 1: (( JAVA. If maptool was the wrong version it would throw up 'this map is a b.8whatever exlusive. You're using b.8mccrappy. Please upgrade. ))

Espada has received initiative.Arcalane: (( get back on IRC and I'll explain it there so we can focus on combat here ))

Bone Rat Swarm 1:Oh right. Espada? Make a Fort save.


Saphroneth:Right, I'll disconnect to update. I'll be back when it's done... and I mean I closed the IRC and my web browser for extra RAM availability.



Saphroneth:« 1d20 = 3 » for the horse's fort. Add whatever number needed.

Arcalane: (( SO I CAN -EXPLAIN- ))

Arcalane: (( before you do anything ridiculous ))

Arcalane: (( please :| ))

Roland: (( ^ ))

Bone Rat Swarm: (( Don't do that. Go to IRC. ))

Roland: (( ^ sooo much ))

VAE:my guess is Saph is using Java 7 not Java 6Java 7 + maptool = the lighting code flips the fuck out

VAE:rhat was Arc


Arcalane: (( RAM just pinged out on IRC, I think his net died ))

Saphroneth:Okay, restarting the firefox...

VAE:should I kick him?

RAM is disconnected.

Espada:« 1d20+6 = 11 + 6 = 17 »

Hyuuint:espada has fort 6 it seems

Espada:Espada's fine.

RAM has connected.

Ganti:Oh, there you are.


VAE:Espada failed fort save, and is now superdead

Ganti:Your turn. Espada just barely passed a fortsave.

Ganti:.... Was it an automatic rejoin?

RAM:Fort save?

Hyuuint:poison flaming undead rats

Ganti:You're in the middle of a Bone Rat Swarm. You hade to make one.


Saphroneth is disconnected.

Roland:"Keep spread so the rats can't overwhelm us all at once."

Imad:"... I should probably try that again.


Ganti:Ram... Your turn. What's espada doing?

Espada:Oh, my turn again?

VAE:also, she's fine where she is, at the moment, unless you want to move her.

Espada:"Ow ow ow. Fine. You wanna play like that? Gnaw on THIS!"

  • VAE suggests behind swarm, to.

Espada:Espada shifts slightly, before turning and attacking once more!

Espada:Espada swings Ragilronyo, and the keen of eye can see her fur stiffen and harden. « 1d20+15 = 17 + 15 = 32 » for « 2d8+9 = 11 + 9 = 20 » damage! If it hits, Espada gains DR 5/Adamantine for one round!

Flaal:Does that movement trigger an attack of opportunity?

Espada:No, 5 foot step.,


Bone Rat Swarm:No, swarm. They don't have attacks... EXCEPT EATING THEIR FOES ALIVE!

Espada:Try eating me now, bitch!

Saphroneth has connected.

Bone Rat Swarm:Which requires them to be in the same square as an openent.

Bone Rat Swarm: (( Done? ))


Saphroneth is disconnected.

Bone Rat Swarm: (( ... Ram, you done? ))

Espada:Oh yeah, done.

Sandor has received initiative.Sandor:"Well, watch this, wiseass."

Sandor:The sorcerer crosses his palms, and pushes forwards, a gust of flame erupting towards the rats.

Sandor:Burning hands « 4d4 = 10 », and if there's a spell save DC it's gotta be 14

Bone Rat Swarm:« 1d20+4 = 1 + 4 = 5 » « 1d20+4 = 8 + 4 = 12 »

Hyuuint:yay dead rats

Bone Rat Swarm:They burn nicely now that you're targeting areas instead of individuals.

VAE:They did before, too. One of them XD

Arcalane:All one XP

Bone Rat Swarm 1:These fellows don't do so quite as much.

VAE:End turn

Bone Rat Swarm 1: (( ... Hang on, I need to double check DR. ))

VAE:Dr/bludgeoning means it goes to magic

Arcalane:If it's fire, that counts as energy/magic, mm.

Bone Rat Swarm 1:Yeah. That's what I wasn't sure of.

  • Imad brandishes his holy symbol again! « 1d20+3+2 = 2 + 3 + 2 = 7 » Turning check! « 2d6+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » turning damage.

Imad:"... I must have REALLY offended Bran somehow."


Aurixsauriv has received initiative.Kiera:"You're probably holding it upside down or something."

Roland:"Maybe he just hates someone in our group?"

Saphroneth has connected.

Bone Rat Swarm 1:Oh, right. I forgot this fellow. Chomp Chomp Chomp. « 1d6 = 5 » damage.

Meany:Let's see.

Saphroneth:Gah, more errors...

Meany:You're using Java 6, right?

Saphroneth:Don't know if the reboot took, I missed closing an instance.

Saphroneth:One more try.

Saphroneth is disconnected. no AOEs.



Behter has received initiative.Ganti:All behter can do is the horse... which is currently doing it's level best to indicate that while it may be summoned, it's very, very, realistic... as is it's blood and vomit.

Kiera: (( Saph is still wrangling with javavavava ))

Saphroneth has connected.

VAE:Saphroneth: Oh, if my turn comes up, here's my instructions: Move S 10 feet Summon Horse (Light Horse, via Mount) "And you as well!" « 1d20-2 = 5 - 2 = 3 » « 1d20-2 = 7 - 2 = 5 » hooves, for « 1d4+1 = 3 + 1 = 4 » each. (if the old one's still operable) « 1d20 = 12 » « 1d20 = 3 » hooves, for « 1d4+3 = 4 + 3 = 7 » each on the charge.

VAE:that's from skyp

Ganti:None of those hit, and even if they did they' wouldn't do damage.

Saphroneth:Yeah, that is correct. Looks like I might need to reboot to get it propery working... I'll do that later.

Saphroneth:Anyway. It's my best option, and at least it's funny.

Ganti:Besides, that horse is currently suffering from 'distraction'... which is why it's throwing up. That's some REALLY realistic horse vomit.

Saphroneth:They don't do that.

Hyuuint:horses can't vomit

  • Ganti knows nothing about horses... and does not care to learn.

Hyuuint:Kinda like rats can't.



  • Ganti does not care.



Roland has received initiative.Roland:congrats. the disease is so horrible it causes the impossible. the horse is vomiting.

Ganti:Your turn sharp.

Hyuuint:like the baked bads


Roland:i never got a straight answer, is it a standard action to change weapons?

Ganti:No. It's a move action.

Hyuuint:free action while moving if you have +1 BAB or more

Saphroneth:Ooh, nifty.

Roland:that true GM?

Kiera: (( it's a move action to sheath a weapon as well, though ))

Kiera: (( so if you're swapping.. ))

Ganti:You don't have +1 BAB.

Ganti:So you need to burn a move action.

Saphroneth:Anyway. Ganti, I formally ask that until my Java stops throwing bitchfits we have no more of the lighting rules. We have enough sources of light it should be fine.

Hyuuint:level four, no BAB?

Hyuuint:how is that possible? Even most magic classes have BAB


Roland:I'm not level 4

Saphroneth:Everyone has BAB +1 by level 2, actually.

VAE:. . .



VAE:I mean, how

VAE:unless he has fucktons of LA

Aurixsauriv: (( Issa sekrit. ))

Saphroneth:What class ARE you?

Ganti:He does.

VAE:he should have +2 or so

Hyuuint:explains low HP

Ganti:He's got MASSIVE amounts of La.+3.

Meany:Is he going to be using the buyoff?

VAE:.. . then he's level 1

Meany:Sharp? :V

Ganti:He'd better be.

Roland:then I move up, and sheath my current weapon

Roland:end turn

Kiera has received initiative.Kiera:ohi

Meany:ECL 4, you're at +2 la. 6, you're at +1.

Kiera:I'm just going to stay here because swords and mobs of bonerats just don't mix, kthx.

Meany:I don't have +3's level for reduction.

Meany:Let me check.

Roland: (( and yes, I am using the buy off the second im the right level to do so ))

Ganti: (( He needs to be level NINE! ))

Kiera: (( +3 can buy off at 9, 15, and 18 ))

Kiera: (( ouchie ))


Roland: (( its a long road ahead for me. But its one I will tread ))

Ganti:Arc? I missed if you were done.

VAE:what's Roland again?


VAE:Some sort of undead?

Kiera:I direct you to my previous IC line.

Kiera:Flaal, you're up.


Roland:nobody knows


Flaal has received initiative.Hyuuint:why does Flaal look like a random guy from the net?

Flaal:(( cause I'm BORING ;) ))

Ganti:Becuase that's where his token came from.

Roland:probably because the picture is from a random guy on the net :D

Flaal:(( I'll be honest. I don't know how to format the roll for a flurry of blows. ))


Ganti:And there's NO WAY you're boring. You're an adventuer. You become interesting right fast.

Aurixsauriv:I know.

Aurixsauriv:But I signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Aurixsauriv:And Ro's lawyers will straight up kill me if I break it.

Aurixsauriv:... help. :C

Mardak:I can take care of lawyers :D

  • Flaal attacks the swarm with a flurry of blows

Roland:It would be a soul binding contract, but I need a few more levels before I can get a demon to write one up for me

Flaal:1d20 + 5


Hyuuint:need brackets

Saphroneth:Square brackets.


Flaal:« 1d20+5 = 10 + 5 = 15 »

Flaal:« 1d20+5 = 14 + 5 = 19 »

Flaal:Bless you all xB

Ganti:Okay, both hit.

Ganti:Which is 1d8+2




Saphroneth:Square brackets again!


Flaal:« 1d8+2 = 7 + 2 = 9 »

Flaal:« 1d8+2 = 2 + 2 = 4 »

  • Flaal springs away


Ganti:You hit the thing like a hurricane and disconnected bones go flying everywhere!

Flaal:(( Goddammit. Thanks all ))


Saphroneth:You are already bones.

Mardak:"Good riddance to bad rats." Sighs "Pity I usually like rats. Pet ones can be cute.

Ganti:Okay! Combat over.

Kiera:Whew. :x

Flaal has received initiative.Flaal has received initiative.Espada:"See? That wasn't so bad."

Mardak has received initiative.Meany:Hey, Saph and Sul.

  • Meany throws popcorn at.


Roland:"I'm more of a Pengolin man myself."


  • Mardak immediately sets to minor scouting and checking for traps. 20s all around as he checks every square inch.

Sandor:"Bloody rats..."

Meany:Listing your hp as a fraction x/y is helpful for the healers. Not necessary but helpful.

Hyuuint:provided he has the time, in which case, ignore line if not so

Meany:Something to consider.

Saphroneth:I'm on full.



Saphroneth:And point taken.

VAE:write it as 32/32 hen

Imad:No, he doesn't have time. But I can make some generic rolls for it!

Saphroneth:Already done.

  • Imad stalks over to espada. "You've been hurt. Let me take a look at that."

Behter :"Bloody hell... okay, what's left of those horses... sod over somewhere and rest a bit. You're coming with us as cannon fodder."

Mardak:Them tieving skills come in handy as he looks for anything valuable in the area, indicated or general. « 1d20+10 = 16 + 10 = 26 »

Sandor:"Rat fodder, no?"

Sandor:"There are no cannons here I hope"

Behter :"General term."

Kiera:Lookin' north, lookin' south...

Behter :Survival (track) « 1d20+10 = 12 + 10 = 22 »

Mardak:Them thieving skills come in handy as he looks for anything valuable in the area, indicated or general. « 1d20+10 = 1 + 10 = 11 »

Espada:Can has pizza!

Mardak:ooooh that sucks

Saphroneth:No they don't.

  • Imad mutters under his breath and a soft white glows envelops his hands, which he touches to espada! You'e cured for « 1d8+3 = 8 + 3 = 11 » damage.


Flaal:(( noice! ))

Mardak:"HEY I found a...rock! A weird looking rock. Eh, just a rock." Tosses it behind, and hits a rat skull

Meany:I think there is a problem with vision?

  • Imad shakes his hands, a thin film of smoke coming off them.

Espada:"I'm okay, but thanks!"

Meany:Because I can see a bit of an enemy token.

Meany:Waaay to the south. :x



Ganti:... Did I disconnect again?

VAE:dire maggot

Saphroneth:No, you are connected.

Roland:does this place count as a dungeon?



Ganti is disconnected.



Arcalane:Closing on six hours. :v

Hyuuint:well, considering glitches and all (not the player), think this will be called for night?

Flaal:(( More newbie questions: Was there a way to see HP for those rats? ))


Hyuuint:not for us


VAE:and . .yeah, we shuld call it a night, I say

Hyuuint:Heal check MIGHT give us an idea during the fight, but the DC for that is staggering, usually.

RAM:Yeah, sounds good. I has friend over!

Hyuuint:General idea is sometimes brought upon by injuries.

Roland:so we wait for ganti then noms?

VAE:And usually

VAE:you don't care that much :3

Hyuuint:Unless the enemy is stubborn, super badass, or mechanical

Ganti has connected.

VAE:poundi t until it dies


Meany:VAE: That's what you and Glitch say.



Flaal:(( thanks all ))


Meany:VAE and Glitch's feelings.

VAE:I wouldn't have expected Glitch to, though.

Saphroneth:Right, shall we go for that as a break point? End of encounter?

Ganti:Okay, I did not see any replys to Imad's lines.

Saphroneth:I whisphered you everything after Imad healed.

Meany:Imad had lines?



VAE:"Let us make sweet hatred together, just you and me"

Ganti:... Okay, I saw a single one word line from meany. Sound off people.





Arcalane:Last thing we saw from Imad was him shaking his hands off.


Saphroneth:Didn't the whisper work?

Meany:He's lagging.


Saphroneth:Ah, right.

Ganti:Okay, yeah. Night. You all get 500 EXP.

Hyuuint:Flaal: Last Minute Whirl!
Espada: BALLLLL; Crush YOU!; apy Happy Bouncy
Behter: Waxing Lyrical; CURSE YOU!; My tools, they are useless!; Arrow overload
Roland: I am...not level 4
Sandor: The things I go through; FIRE didn't work???
Imad: Taking names in stride; I know the feel, Sandor; I pissed off my god
Kiera: Deadpan deadpanned; Money works
Aurix: MAGIC....failed me; MAGIC...talking; What weird people I am with.


Ganti:Nasty suckers, weren't they?

Ganti:And Saph, thanks.


VAE:Nomming Behter for epic curses, and horsefighting

Arcalane:swarms: never again, please. :v

VAE:nomming Roland for "Sekkrit recipe"

  • Ganti thinks he's lagging again, but whatever.

Meany:At least not when my wiz has no burning hands.

Saphroneth:The entire rant about what works and doesn't... and also BALL!

Arcalane:seconding Behter's insult tirades, and Espada/Sandor for BALL!


VAE:Nomming Sau for bitchy wizard.

Meany:Espada for Ball.

Meany:Sandor and Espada for Ball fight.

VAE:nomming Imad for "I think Bran turned away from me"

Saphroneth:Also, Flaal for "You have not used enough punch"

Saphroneth:"I have used enough punch"



Hyuuint:*puppydog eyes for char?* XP

Meany:Beh for "I need a wife" grade crafting.

  • Ganti must admit to being annoyed by his copy of maptools WIERD disconnects... that might be hughsnet. :53 at :55.

Meany:I...can't remember him doing anything. ^^;

Meany:I'm sorry.

Saphroneth:Acid line?

VAE:well, he did dunk an invisibility to undead potion

Arcalane:« 7720+500 = 7720 + 500 = 8220 »

VAE:maybe Meany is undead

Ganti:I keep sending lines, but I don't get any...

Meany:Oh right.

Hyuuint:char development at least? XD

Saphroneth:Oh, yeah, that's right. Oh, the whole "accent" thing was funny... as well as the occasional 1.

VAE:acid line was Roland

Meany:Mandark for Roguish Developments.

Meany:And yes.

Meany:I am calling him Mandark.


Meany:Bwa haha. Bwa haha haha.

Saphroneth:Anything for my only tactical option? "Horse, attack!"

Mardak:Hahaha hahaha hahahaha-hahaha

VAE:I nommed it Saph

Saphroneth:Ah, yeah, missed that.

VAE:VAE: Nomming Behter for epic curses, and horsefighting Arcalane: swarms: never again, please. :v

Mardak:saph=who IC?


VAE:Who gets better

Saphroneth:You're the only other one with the orange text...

Saphroneth:Surely you can tell.

Flaal:Espada for a heroic charge, Roland for being a flasher with a stream of acid, Behter for Horsefighting, Sandor for all that fire

Saphroneth:Yeah, the charge was pretty cool.

Sandor:What can I say.
Fire is hot.

Saphroneth:(What did the final damage to the first one?)

VAE:Sandor's burning hands


Arcalane:Yeah, 'spada smashed it twice, then the firewave melted the rest.

VAE:he went "Look at how it's done, bonebag" and then melted them

VAE:one of the rare cases when such a boast works :3

Saphroneth:And everyone who was involved in "search, search, track, open lock, can't open lock... it's unlocked.

Arcalane:poor Imad. hemad.

Flaal:4ever mad

Arcalane:"You're probably holding it upside down or something. :T"

Hyuuint:ganti, I get the feeling the name choice was a semi-bad one :P

  • Arcalane roughly paraphrases self

Arcalane:I don't think he's even there. or seeing ANY of this. poor guy.

Saphroneth:Well, he'll get the log.

VAE:Mad nomad imad?

Flaal:Umad's a slick name is you don't say it you-mad :P

Arcalane:I'd probably nominate him if he actually started cursing at the symbol and trying percussive maintenance on it or something XP




Ganti:Anything else?

VAE:How does the symbol of Bran looks anyways?

VAE:Like oats?

Arcalane:are you finally getting lines, Ganti?

Arcalane::01 lagcheck for Ganti

Meany:"If I'm as evil as you say I am, then let God strike me down where I stand."


Saphroneth:What did Aurix do?


Hyuuint:he was himself.

Saphroneth:Oh, good point! That perfectly timed 20.

Saphroneth:Was he the one who ranted about single target spells and then used Magic Missile?



Ganti:Yeah, I seem to be trapped behind something like five miniutes of lag.


Saphroneth:"Practice what you preach"?

Arcalane:good lord

VAE:he used .. what was it

VAE:Light of Lunia

Meany:He never said anything about single target spells.

Ganti:And you know the sad thing? The Swarms were the LOWEST CR in the dungeon.

Arcalane:no that was magic missile, I asked as much

Meany:I used magic missile.

Meany:And again.

Saphroneth:So sue me, I have no access to the logs.

Meany:Never said anything on single target spells. :P

Saphroneth:Well, this one.


  • VAE sues

Meany:VAE, you're a socialist, I'm a capitalist.

Saphroneth:"Maybe it will work if *I* do it!"

VAE:Oh right

Meany:Who can afford the greatest number of high quality lawyers?


  • VAE calls in the people's militia
  • Meany calls in Israel.

VAE:Who cares about sueing. Just shoot him without trial.

Saphroneth:The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

Sharpshot4321:Then telemarketers

Meany:I very much doubt you can kill all the Israel.

Ganti:Admittedly, the others don't have as much bulshit "I ignore EVERYTHING!" going for them, but...

Ganti::01 at :04.

Saphroneth:I suspect that might be it for noms?




VAE:RIAA before telemarketers


Ganti:So with my cap of three noms per person... everyone hit three noms. This sessions Noms: Sau: 3 Roland: 1 Kiera: 2 Espada: 3 Sandor: 2 Flaal: 1 Mardak: 2 Bether: 3 Blair: Imad: 3 GM noms: Mardak, for coming up with a decent way for me to tie together some more backstory.

Meany:If everyone hit three noms.

Meany:Why did Ro only get one.


Meany:and Ki two.


Ganti:Imad was the one who ranted about single target spells... then had his god turn his back on him.

Sharpshot4321:I'm not a person, silly. Im a monster. Rawr.

Hyuuint:4 AP, cool

Saphroneth:Oh, actually, did someone mention the "you will die last", or was that OOC?


Arcalane:that was OOC

VAE:and espada


Ganti:So. Good game all. I'm going to save the file then shut down here.

RAM:Verrah good!

Sharpshot4321:don't think he got your question meany

Arcalane:I'm with Meany. how did everyone get three, considering not everyone got three going by that? :v

VAE:. .. wat

  • VAE doesn't understand

Arcalane:he said everyone hit three. but not everyone is listed as getting 3.

Sharpshot4321:Ganti said everyone got 3, but me and arc did not get 3

VAE:everyone hit three what

Saphroneth:PErhaps ask in IRC at a later time?

Arcalane:three noms

VAE:This sessions Noms: Sau: 3 Roland: 1 Kiera: 2 Espada: 3 Sandor: 2 Flaal: 1 Mardak: 2 Bether: 3 Blair: Imad: 3 GM noms: Mardak, for coming up with a decent way for me to tie together some more backstory.


VAE:this is the relevant bit

Arcalane:So with my cap of three noms per person... everyone hit three noms. This sessions Noms: Sau: 3 Roland: 1 Kiera: 2 Espada: 3 Sandor: 2 Flaal: 1 Mardak: 2 Bether: 3 Blair: Imad: 3 GM noms: Mardak, for coming up with a decent way for me to tie together some more backstory.

VAE:Clearly , go with the numbers

VAE:I think Ganti was just ... being tonguetied there


VAE:trying to say something and fucking up

Ganti:Yeah, I probably screwed up the nomcount. So most people got 3 noms.

Arcalane:3 noms for everyone!

VAE:. . . wait

VAE:so two or three ?

Ganti:But whatever. Campaign file saved. Swarms nasty for you, amusing for me. :04 at :09.

Hyuuint:0 for all! Wait....


VAE:okay, fuck you all, I'm bringing this baby DOWN

Flaal:A good time for all. ;)

  • Ganti looks forwards to you encountering the ZOMBIES. They don't play by standard zombe rules...

Ganti is disconnected.



Sharpshot4321 is disconnected.

Saphroneth:Why do none of the enemies suffer critical hits or precision damage?

You have disconnected.