You are a rising star of Jan'Kwen's clan and have recieved additional power by your clan leader.

Prerequisites- Cubi level 4, must be a member of clan Jan'Kwen, clan leader must be alive.

Benefits- You add Diplomacy, Speak Language, Sense Motive to your class skills.

You also add the following spells you your spell list.

1- Charm Person

2- Enthrall

3- Glibness

4- Zone of Silence

5- Suggestion, Mass.

6- Charm Monster, Mass

7- Power Word, Blind

8- Demand

9- Wish

Special- If your character is not a spellcaster, they may use the first level spell Charm Person once per day as a spell-like effect. Those who take this feat are subject to clan rules, including absolute pacifism, and a refusal to ignore a plea for help. In order to make use of this feat, the Founder must still be alive, so only campaigns being run before the Founder's death may have have characters with this feat.