Clan Jan'KwenEdit

“In pursuit of Peace.”


18,000 (At time of death).



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Jan'Kwen was a clan of pacifists, who held to their beliefs so strongly they would not even participate in combat for self-defense. They relied on their words, and the force of their deeds to stave off invasion, and destruction. Cubi of this clan typically became diplomats of such skill that both parties which they were mediating would later wonder how exactly the deal had been struck. Philanthropists on the whole, a saying from their Founder which later passed into proverb, then Clan dogma was “Never ignore a plea for help.”

This proved the Jan'Kwen's undoing, who, during the Dragon-Cubi war, used his linguistics skills to enrage the Dragon Hizell into attacking him, buying enough time for Jin and her Clan to escape the fate of her sisters, at the cost of his own life. The Founder's demise did not result in his clan's downfall, as it had with other victims of Hizell, however. Jan'Kwen, being a pacifist himself, never established a link between himself and his Clan on the soul-to-soul level, or granted them great powers in combat, or magic. As a result, not many in the Clan even felt their Founder's passing, aside from those who were descended from Jan'Kwen directly.

Today, the survivors of the clan serve as negotiators for hire, translators, diplomats, and spiritual advisers.

Clan Quirk:Edit

All members of Jan'Kwen have three eyes, two in the normal configuration, and the third set in the forehead region. This third eye has access to the other types of light that the normal eyes do not, such as infrared, and ultraviolet, as well as the ability to see magic on its most basic level.

Clan Strength:Edit

With virtually no losses during the Dragon-Cubi war, clan Jan'Kwen is doing well under its new management. The clan has significant holdings, including land, patents, and natural resources.