Clan FhangurEdit

"Hate, all consuming."


41,000 (At time of death.)




51 members.


Fhangur was possibly the least liked clan in the history of the Cubi race. Fhangur herself was quoted as 'blackening the world with her continued existence.' Having an affinity for hatred, Cubi of this clan would do their best to sow it wherever they were. This was typically done in information manipulation, torture, and tyrannical conquest. Fhangur was, for all of this hate, a close friend of Taun with whom she trade battle strategy quite often. Fhangur did not have such warm feelings, nor such a warm reception from Owona.

Fhangur was a clan of conqueres, who would seize great swathes of land, then opressing their people into hating them. They even did this to other Cubi, enslaving five noble clans and a dozen minor ones to meet this end. All this bad karma came to bite them later, when during the Dragon-Cubi war, Fhangur fell in combat betrayed by Ownona, and to a lesser degree, Taun.

Clan QuirkEdit

All mature Cubi of Fhangur had the power to bypass certain types of mental shielding, allowing them to gather information about their conquests and so make them that much more hated. Their tentacle heads were those of snakes.

Current StatusEdit

Fhangur is little more than a shard of its former self right now. It's population is strictly monitored, as are its activities. Presently, they are a vassal clan serving under Taun.