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Clan-favored feats are ways for 'cubi with living clan leaders to tap into their clan's power more, giving them access to abilities and magical skills they may have not possessed before.

Prerequisites - 'Cubi level 4, must be a member of the specific clan, clan leader must be alive.

Benefits - You may add 3 skills (specific to the clan -- see the specific feat descriptions for further information) to your list of class skills. In addition, if you are a spellcaster, you may add certain spells to your spell list (also clan-specific). If you are not a spellcaster, you may use the level 1 spell on your clan's spell list once per day as a spell-like ability.

Special - In order to keep the benefits of these feats, you must obey clan rules. For example, if a Dimanika-clan member kills a being or creature, he or she will lose access to his/her spells gained from this feat. To regain the abilities, you must recieve an atonement spell from a member of your clan (or a member of an allied clan).

Specific Feats

Clan Jin - Dawn Star

Clan Piflak - Piflak Prodigy

Clan Kish'Ta - Born Terror

Clan Quoar - Bard's Touch

Clan Nact'Larn - Natural Seductress

Clan Zezzuva - Favored Twin

Clan Cyra - Child of Winter's Touch

Clan Dimanika - Orange Duck

Clan Taun - Honored Protector

Clan Owona - Shadow Warrior

Clan Fa'Lina - Rising Star

Clan Seme - Dream Restorer

Clans Without Living Clan Leaders/Future Clan Leaders

This list includes non-canon clans such as Daryil, and clans that are known to have expired leaders, such as Siar.

Clan Siar - Schadenfreude Expert

Clan Daryil - Member of the Lollypop Guild

Clan Hrienth - Moonchild

Clan Jyraneth - Red Prince/Princess

Clan Kamei'Sin - Living Dichotomy

Clan Jan'Kwen - Mediator

Clan Fhangur - Dark Pariah